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  1. So ....what if I gave you a pandemic where 500,000 Americans died and the Republican President suggested shooting up disinfectants and incited a riot where the people he invited stormed the capitol after losing the election... I mean......Bipartisanship has to rule the day. See how ******* stupid that sounds?
  2. Imagine a scenario where a bunch of leftists or Antifa members storm the capitol and Republicans gain no political advantage over that while taking over all three levels of the federal government. We all know that scenario doesn't exist in reality. They gain seats by just making up **** and sticking to their guns. They would have passed so much **** by now and 10 dems would have signed on and Republicans would have already killed the filibuster just in case they didn't. A lot of people busted their ***** and a lot of people made a decision they weren't comfortabl
  3. And here is the downfall of every Dem put into words. It's a nice way of saying they're cowards incapable of leadership. They'll chop down the leaders among them because of polls.
  4. I could have sworn he said it was a high school thing today on 92.9 but I was in and out of the truck.
  5. https://www.google.com/amp/s/breakingdefense.com/2021/04/why-biden-white-house-lifted-arms-sales-freeze-to-uae-ksa/amp/ “First, there is the question of the nature of the arms, how and what purpose do they serve,” Yasmine Farouk, a Middle East expert at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace told me in an interview. “Second, the U.S. continues to systematically state its commitment to the defense of Saudi Arabia so I don’t think arms transfers in general will completely stop, not only for political, security and strategic reasons, but also for economic re
  6. I am so shocked. Just......no way. We would have to be the baddies for this to be true. I'm just thankful that President Biden took such a strong stance on this and assured it would never happen again by letting them off the hook and not really doing anything but scowling in public. True bipartisanship is when he approved basically the same weapon sales to Saudi Arabia.
  7. You're right......that's all he has. You understand people are watching this though, right? Like the incredibly ignorant of Barry Sanders and what he was stuff you've said......folks are seeing it. There's this level of insane takes that we've all seen and then you are running right by that and claiming I have the most insane take. You don't have to do this.
  8. Defensice players were looking at Vick and they still couldn't stop him. What the **** do you think every team that lined up against Detroit for Barry Sanders entire career were keyed in on? His great quarterbacks?
  9. You gotta know when to take the L. Anybody here who has watched football for more than ten years knows that you're taking the L here. You're caught up on this agenda that is either proving that you actually are....or you are making yourself sound ignorant about what Barry Sanders was.......and anything else you say is just gonna prove it even further.
  10. At any given time there are only 32 NFL head coaches in the world and only a limited number of those positions come open every year. If my ultimate goal is to become a head coach I'm going to take that position every single time. If the one happens to be where an owner may talk a little too much but he puts his money where his mouth is amd doesn't really cross the line all that much versus what other head coachs have to deal with........every single time I'd do it.
  11. Unfortunately this mistake is gonna have to be deducted from your mod pay.
  12. Barry had to break ankles every touch because the defense knew he was coming because he carried Detroit for his entire career. He was breaking ankles behind the line of scrimmage for most of his career. Barry Sanders was fast through the hole but............ Been here a long time but that's gonna eventually land in the top five most insane things I've seen on here once I process it completely.
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