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  1. I absolutely don't question which one has the higher pain tolerance anymore. I seent it.
  2. We don't even watch college ball but she understood the sacrifice those poor men were making as they transported her to the hospital. They were so convinced because of how she was so cheerful and joking that she hadn't snapped her **** and yet her **** was snapped....gansta....I'd be like **** your game give me the drugs *****. Now.
  3. The Buffalo Bills made it to four consecutive Super Bowls..........which no other team in history has done.........and then they lost all four. This isn't even a question. To have your hopes risen that far four years in a row and to have them crushed that many times consecutively. FFS70 would be like **** the rest......I'm done and there would even be a thread. I understand why they get really drunk and hurt themselves before the game. The only pro fans I feel sympathy for.
  4. I know I've said it before but my wife is the most gangster person I know. Two times in my life has a person told me in the calmest voice ever "No, somethings broken. First time, we're both hanging upside down in a souped up go-kart that flipped and when I ask if she is okay she says "No, I'm pretty sure my arm is broken because it moved the wrong way when I went to move it back" in the calmest ******* voice ever. Snapped her humerus at a diagonal level that required I cant remember how many screws and a plate. Car accident, she calls me and tells me she was in a car accident, I said are you okay, she says "No, something is wrong with my shoulder and I can't lift my right arm up beyond shoulder level, I think I broke something." in the calmest ******* voice ever. She was ******* apologizing to the EMT's on the ride to the hospital because they were missing the UGA game and joking with them.......and they were convinced that she hadn't broken anything. She had snapped the **** out of her collarbone. I've never broken a bone but it feels like the kind of thing you would know. I'm gonna be yelling OH MY GOD ITS BROKEN and yelling at the emt's GIVE ME THE MORPHINE!!!!!!!!! and everyone around me is gonna think yeah he broke something. Anyways thats why my kids live in fear of catching mamas bionic side. Half of her right arm is made of metal.
  5. My wife was injured in an auto accident and had to take a fairly significant FMLA leave, and we received a once over on who could and could not talk about her injury (it was a surgically repaired collarbone break which was pretty **** obvious) so I gained what little knowledge I have there. That little bit is quite a bit more than most folks from what I can tell though.
  6. I'm not gonna claim I have/had a full understanding of it but even I knew it wasn't something me or some other random person could violate. In my brain its always been kinda tied with attorney-client privilege.
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