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  1. I've been in this gig for about 13 years. Never had to call someone and say sorry y'all are on your own tonight because I don't have the gas. Life is full of new experiences.
  2. I'm on call tonight and I literally just had to call a dude and say "Sorry homie, I don't have the gas to get there. Best of luck though."
  3. I'm gonna get up at 6, give it until about 8 while watching gasbuddy, and if it ain't happened by then I'm gonna clock out and enjoy the rest of my day while turning the work phone off and not giving a single **** what happens after that. Work and a gas shortage aren't gonna have a single thing to do with me after I clock out. Did that today and it ain't happening tomorrow. Once I clock out tomorrow I don't give a single **** about gas.
  4. Also if I see another person filling up a gas can after sitting in line for thirty minutes I'm gonna be the person being filmed and its just not worth all that. Basically......I'm off tomorrow.
  5. Honestly I've already accepted it. I'm just gonna enjoy my unexpected while not being sick days off. I'm definitely not gonna sit in those lines again where I have to visually see that civilized society is a thinly veiled mirage. Costco kept that **** in line but the Pit Stop just let them folks run wild and there were like five times before they told me they ran out that I thought I was gonna have to yell "World Star" before **** got real.
  6. My manager is good dude but I have never wanted to slap a dude harder than I have him these last couple of days. Email from yesterday: "If you see a gas station that has gas stop in and get gas. If you don't, get gas tomorrow." Oh **** problem solved yall!!!!! Message today: If you run out of gas call the fleet management company and they will bring you gas. Enough to get to ******* where? The ******* gas station that doesn't have any ******* gas?
  7. For the record though I'm as far north as my groups territory goes and the folks in bum **** nowhere are doing great. Just pouring gas out in the streets while I'm having to be all strategic with my ventures out into the world to get gas. I'm two sitting in line and the attendant walks the forty cars away to say "ain't happening bro" and two failed trips because gas buddy tracker said they had gas but they didn't trips out. I'm down to 30 miles in the tank and only 5 gas stations I can go to and come back if it fails. I'm cutting it down to th
  8. If I pulled up and they only had 87 its be a god**** miracle right now.
  9. I only graze through Newnan since the new job but I'd accept this trade.
  10. I just want gas. I'll take whatever. Y'all are basically talking about different types of bread in front of a starving man.
  11. I've been so close so many times and then just bailed out and went to a family in this areas house that is just absolutely ridiculous. Makes the news every year. I was actually thinking the same thing while we were there though.
  12. The butterfly house at Callaway is essentually a green house and that is the only time I have had an issue wearing a mask. It ******* sucked.
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