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  1. You'll never respond because you got your feelings hurt back in May when I called you a Moron......but here's your shot. I honestly hope for a well thought out response that doesn't include Obama or Hillary in it. If you have one .....let's have it. There's a discussion to be had here.
  2. Honestly.... it's literally we gotta get out of the Middle East so I'm gonna pull these 50 or so strategically placed spec ops folks who were there to prevent attacks on certain positions just because they are there. You then follow that up by sending 1800 folks to the Middle East but the caveat is literally......they are paying for this though. It's different. That's why I resent the 'you folks are becoming neocons' point. I Having 50 special forces guys in certain positions just to prevent Turkey from doing what they're doing now.....It feels like common sense. Pulling them now made absolutely zero sense. And then you add in that he followed that up by sending 1800 other folks to Saudi Arabia..... Honestly I felt like we had a much bigger moral obligation to the folks in Syria considering that we played a major part in prolonging and escalating that war. I don't care who did it. It was one thing when we started rejecting the refugees, no matter how immoral it was, but when we pulled out the few folks who were literally just there to keep them from bombing our allies because they knew we were there. That's me calling it coward **** @JDaveG That's not me supporting neocon ****.
  3. So ignoring the moral implications. Trump has really went about this thing so so stupidly. Ukraine thing blows up. He realizes he isn't controlling the narrative. He pulls folks out of Syria to distract from it and in doing so pisses off everyone. He follows up his we gotta get out of the Middle East speech by sending more troops to the Middle East and brags on them being Mercs basically. He then follows that up by imposing sanctions on the people he moved out of the way for while knowing what they were gonna do. I know we're all numb to it by now.......but this is all ******* insane.
  4. Us living in the worst/dumbest timeline has been confirmed. I'm not religious but this feels like it should have been in the Bible as a sign.
  5. It's cool that we are mercing our military out to folks like this and the President brags about it.
  6. Don't feel bad. PG is gonna post it any minute now.
  7. Because like WFW said after he was fed the point by Trump......Fox is going liberal on us by showing demonstrable proof that Trump just lies all the time.
  8. Helpful's Mmmhmm or mmm-hmm or even mmm hmm. Hmm mmm is just weird and unnatural sounding..
  9. Calling the Kurds being slaughtered and ISIS reforming a "first world problem" seems pretty cool too.
  10. I feel like I should have known about "Violent Bob Ross" before now.
  11. No. You literally said the velocity of the bullet that entered a man's chest was non-lethal. You seriously called a modern bullet that is just a bit faster than a musketball was by most experts guess.......non lethal. Nobody here is gonna call a .357 non-lethal because it'd be ******* stupid. At the range it had to happen it's absolutely and completely ******* lethal. Calling a knife non-lethal is completely ******* stupid. Because people having been killing people with metal weapons since we discovered metal. You literally came in with the dumb*** argument where you called a weapon that killed more Americans than any other weapon in history non-lethal.......while simultaneously calling a knife non-lethal. It was a bad argument from the beginning.
  12. You are the one saying the velocity directly represents it feels like you should present the velocity where a bullet becomes lethal versus non-lethal? I mean common sense and history says bullets and sharp metal objects have always been lethal but you drew a line because they only became lethal with "assault weapons" so it feels like your question to answer. Or you said some dumb ****. Either or situation.