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  1. I feel like I should have known about "Violent Bob Ross" before now.
  2. No. You literally said the velocity of the bullet that entered a man's chest was non-lethal. You seriously called a modern bullet that is just a bit faster than a musketball was by most experts guess.......non lethal. Nobody here is gonna call a .357 non-lethal because it'd be ******* stupid. At the range it had to happen it's absolutely and completely ******* lethal. Calling a knife non-lethal is completely ******* stupid. Because people having been killing people with metal weapons since we discovered metal. You literally came in with the dumb*** argument where you called a weapon that killed more Americans than any other weapon in history non-lethal.......while simultaneously calling a knife non-lethal. It was a bad argument from the beginning.
  3. You are the one saying the velocity directly represents it feels like you should present the velocity where a bullet becomes lethal versus non-lethal? I mean common sense and history says bullets and sharp metal objects have always been lethal but you drew a line because they only became lethal with "assault weapons" so it feels like your question to answer. Or you said some dumb ****. Either or situation.
  4. What was the velocity of said bullet?
  5. Which weapon do you consider non lethal? The gun or the knife? Because I got some bad news about either one
  6. How does a dude manage to cut off your ear, gouge out your eye and cut off your nose and throw your *** over a wall....all that being after he was shot when your homies are there to stop him? I also like the part at the end where it says he died of natural causes. Well no ****...... everything else was scared to do it.
  7. Exactly. Her acting was that good they need to give her that **** too.
  8. I've made fun of some Maddow segments but she put Maddow to shame. Maddow has never delivered on that level.
  9. I feel like she deserves a Grammy to be honest. Dog she was into that character. She was that character.
  10. I gotta be real. If I'm at a place where the goal is other dudes pinning me down or otherwise immobilizing me.....I'm walking out the door if they say we go by prison rules here.
  11. So Trump and Giuliani were fighting corruption by stopping anti-corruption efforts to make it easier to find the corruption. It all makes sense now.
  12. Literally everyone here called it out, said it was stupid and that there was not a single good reason to do it. HM and Trout actually led the charge on that one. I honestly can't remember a single person here who didn't think it was shady.