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  1. Dammit...I tried to be a touch snarky with the "sad" at the end.
  2. The media sucks ***. I 100% wish they would stop running sensationalist headlines and do a better job of sourcing their stories. If they publish a fake story they deserve all the backlash they get. Now if a man who constantly speaks about fake news repeats something on the "fake news" which seems to indicate that he is under investigation while simultaneously having access to information to whether or not that "fake news" is true..well he deserves even more **** for doing so if that's what we're going for. Literally all he had to do was make one phone call if what you say is true..but nope...straight to Twitter to spread fake news. That's literally what happened in the scenario you are putting forward. A man who had access to world class Intel and absolute definitive Intel on the story he was talking about chose to go to Twitter before fact checking what he was about to say to the entire world. Either way we go about this it's a horrible look for Trump. Either he's under investigation or he tweeted "fake news" when the truth was one phone call away. Sad!
  3. That's troublesome no matter how you (not you) spin it.
  4. How many memes and pics does it take to get your account locked?
  5. How is WaPo keeping Amazon from having to pay internet taxes?
  6. I just want to know who calls WaPo the guardian of Amazon and what exactly they are guarding it from. Are there dragons and ****?
  7. I think it was more of a shot at WaPo and he just threw all of Jeff Bezos companies in there together. What I'm trying to figure out is if he was threatening to impose an internet tax or if he doesn't know that there aren't internet taxes.
  8. For the record I was saying maybe the article was correct on decoding what the **** he just said. I'm still kinda confused.
  9. Maybe this is correct. Who the **** knows...
  10. What the **** does any of that mean?
  11. To be fair we haven't done that for quite a while. You listen to a politician and then you have to try to figure out what the **** is actually going on.
  12. As it stands it is still absolute **** and they have tried rushing it through. Trump had a freaking party in the Rose Garden in celebration of the first **** version of the bill.... They (Republicans) are doing the same thing Democrats did with Obamacare except they've taken it to the next level. It's **** and it's okay to say so. After 7 years of bitching they weren't ready and Trump doesn't have a ******* clue when it comes to healthcare. That's just the facts. Who knew healthcare could be so complicated?
  13. It's a weird *** thread but it's the formatting that gets me. Can you do that on accident?
  14. This thread never gets old.
  15. Well they're willing to do more than me...
  16. I was going more for two crazy people arguing with each other but that'll work too.
  17. There is a lot of potential entertainment there for sure.
  18. But you said good guys in white hat and Trump was wearing a white hat....I'm not following...
  19. The Syrian group? I thought Maga hats were red?
  20. Sure thing, big man.
  21. And now Marla is hitting on 89. **** is getting weird.
  22. Well ABF is even weirder than normal today...