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  1. Navy party.
  2. Quoted from a Fox News article "The comparison to King was curious, as the legendary boxing promoter is a staunch Republican and Trump supporter whose similarities to Ball are not readily apparent." Hmmmmmm.....
  3. Glad to see he's still railing against big pharma.
  4. I've tried to find so many ways to tell y'all who it was but if I'd freak y'all out. It was one of the weirdest posters we've ever had.
  5. So......I've struggled with whether or not I should say something or could do so ethically but as a guy who modded this joint I can pretty confidently say we have had a poster who posted from an FBI building. Admins can track an IP to the local server and even narrow the IP down to the actual city you're posting from. I tracked a poster who kept posting from a very specific .gov IP address and the city he was posting from. I'm already on another list for doing so.....but I figured y'all would want to know. Y'all are going down with me. FTR, I banned the FBI dude. Honest to god.....he violated board rules.
  6. Dude...phantom,double, and quadruple posts are all the rage right now.
  7. I really wish I would have been more creative with my screen name. The FBI is gonna track me down in no time.
  8. This seems kind of ironic.
  9. This is the kind of racist advice I'm looking for. That's pretty much what I thought. It's the price that got me.
  10. So...**** Vicious. Bros.....I need some racist stereotype advice. I found a bad *** Japanese restaurant that is almost too good to be true. For lunch today I bought a steak hibachi bento box that had 2 Shrimp Tempuras, 2 steamed shrimp dumplings, a California roll, and steak and rice with vegetables for $10.95. It was freaking delicious. It's a new joint too. Owners moved here from New York. Here's the catch.....literally right beside a new pet store. Does the stereotype reach across all Asian cultures?
  11. Bro.....I can go 100% off of what has come out of Moore's mouth to know he's a creepster. Same with Trump. I don't need the media for all that. You go ahead and go into weird conspiracy world. I'll actually listen to what comes directly out of people's mouths and form my opinion. And even then I'll look for opposing opinions because I'm aware of my own bias. You should probably try that some time. Literally 60 seconds of research could have saved you some embarrassment. But that begs the question......why didn't you do that 60 seconds of research? It's almost like you aren't being objective and you're automatically running with the first thing that fits your worldview no matter the source.
  12. If the twins turn out to be boys I suggest they name them Russell and Aaron. Matt has experience at being Russell and Aaron's daddy.
  13. Where we're at is seriously ****** up. The POTUS just endorsed a dude who said "I never dated a girl without her mothers permission" referring to dating teenagers while he was in his early to mid thirties. I know we've discussed it ad nauseam but......we can't become numb to how ****** up all of this is. We're in such a bad place. It's seriously depressing.
  14. You're still up and Trump is still guess not.
  15. Nah....let's talk about actual **** that we know for a fact that is happening or has happened. Roy Moore. Thoughts?
  16. I'm concerned about sick political ****s too. People like Roy Moore. People who hung out with Epstein concern me too. Can you imagine someone who has hung out with Epstein saying "I heard Epstein loves beautiful women like me and I heard he likes them young"? What kinda sick ****
  17. The secret Mars colony inhabited by slave children Nasa had kidnapped......your thoughts. Come on man.
  18. What are your thoughts on the Mars colony inhabited by slave children that Nasa had kidnapped?
  19. What I appreciate about how slick Trump is.... He essentially endorsed a pedophile today to throw us off the trail that he's after all the pedophiles. I mean, he's even done some things himself in the past that were creepy as **** involving teens or children. He's operating on a whole other level.
  20. Guy who joined up after bdog28.
  21. Wait....I was incorrect about the Steele dude saying Nasa is attempting to colonize Mars. He says that Nasa has already colonized Mars with slave children they had kidnapped. Just had to clear that up so the guy didn't sound crazy or anything.
  22. I mean we crack jokes on those Alabama folks all day long different would it be with a lot of these Southern Baptists here in Ga? This is so ****** up.
  23. Marines invading the CIA. Linking up Hal Turner. Linking up something that says Hugh Hefner is a pimp for a CIA child sex trafficking ring. Posting a video of a guy who goes on infowars and says kids are being kidnapped to colonize mars. This has to be trolling, right?
  24. You mean the guy who went on Infowars and said that children were being kidnapped to colonize Mars? That Robert David Steele?
  25. I found one of your people @Falconsfan567.