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  1. In general that's been my experience pretty much everywhere.
  2. First day of virtual schooling went off fairly smooth. The emails are pretty funny though. Things we learned: 1. There are times when your child isn't muted when answering questions and so on. The background noise can be heard by the entire class so we ask that everyone uses appropriate language during these times. I'd love to hear the stories behind that one and what classes full of 7 year olds heard.
  3. Been a weird week on ABF. I believe there might be some truth to the theory that we've all started cycling at the same time.
  4. Pure football member group. Give me a little while to get through this morning rush at work and I'll see you up.
  5. I don't know....I don't even know if it can be fixed. But actively rooting for things to get worse quicker is just a bridge too far for me. And if that's really where you are it changes any convo doesn't it? I mean it's a rather extreme position in my eyes.
  6. The same way I despise folks telling me.....ehhhh it can't really get better for y'all. Sorry.
  7. And I absolutely standby what I said. A rich boy telling me and mine it has to get way way way worse for me and mine while not having skin in the game for it to get better......and then almost actively rooting for it by my interpretation......I'll despise that every single day.
  8. Well like I said just a post above.......that's not what BO was arguing. He posted the article where a Biden presidency is actually potentially a plus for accelerationists......and he literally said just today his ultimate goal is to prevent bloodshed for the societal change that is coming and kicking the can down the road just makes it worse If kicking the can makes it worse.......what's the other option?
  9. So at this point we've reached the part of the discussion where you don't address any actual points.
  10. So my point would be you followed that up by saying I hope he gets elected because that leads to Cotton and Crenshaw, and then you said your ultimate goal is to prevent bloodshed because societal change is coming in the next thirty years and kicking the can down the road makes it worse..... You want it to get worse as quickly as possible. Kicking the can down the road just makes it worse. Your words. How else am I supposed to interpret all those posts combined together?
  11. I'd also add if my boy comes to me, he's 13, and said the same thing......I'd support it all day even if it was some horrible person. I'd have discussions because he's thirteen, he's forming his own opinions all day everyday and in that stage where adults are just ******** who don't get it. My eight year old though........y'all (we) can wait.
  12. Maybe there's a cultural difference, and I suspect there might be, but my daughter (8 years old) hates Trump, and it's not because if anything I've exposed her too. I try to shelter her from dumb *** politics. I am obsessed with my politics not influencing my kids......but they have the internet. I dread the day they find this place.
  13. The cutting of funding to the CDC, the actual pulling out of an epidemiologist in China who was on the ground where we knew the next one would come from, the "Ahhh it's just gonna go away in January through March attitude, the literal firing of the pandemic response team that Obama put in place, the federal pressure against anyone who shut down, and finally the pressure of cutting funding on any state who doesn't offer face to face learning now.
  14. I have literally said they all failed us. Like word for word I said that. I did what you asked for.....quoted you and everything. I said yep....governors and mayors failed us. I said that. That thing you're asking for.......did it already. Are we ready to move on to the next part of the convo where I can explain where he failed us? Because it seems like you're behind.
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