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  1. I took care of it fellas. They'll never see through my genius cover. Rage on.
  2. Aliens religion and country music.......**** of a combo.
  3. I standby every word I said homie. Do you deny it? Really?
  4. I'm just over here making myself sad watching Chris Cornell music videos. The way he could put his pain in his voice.......
  5. Wait.....what really happened to Seth Rich?
  6. It's already been quoted and I'm already having to realize I'm more closely aligned with Tucker Carlson than most elected officials.... That aside Trump already gave more weapons to Saudi Arabia than anyone in history and said they'd just have to pay us for what we do...... He wants war, just with someone else playing the front runner. Pompeo is still sitting there.
  7. The resist sticker.....sho nuff......nobody cares.
  8. I'm not gonna drive a Prius decorated with Star Wars and Resist stickers. Lock me up.
  9. The fact that it is from a vet makes it all the worse. My God look at those politicians being crazy. Acting all out of normal. That's silly. What about those ones who have aided killing half a million civilians? I mean that's just business as usual. They act professionally when needed. That's what couj
  10. Our politics end up in entire countries suffering from bombs being dropped on them for an entire decade. But yeah....chutes and ladders. Cool perspective.
  11. I'm curious....did you look into that story like you do the ones in the Kaepernick thread? You're always careful to respond in that one.
  12. Kinda seems like him saying Bolton was too weak for him was a point worth criticizing on top of the instability. I mean he literally said Bolton was holding him back.
  13. Kinda feels like we don't know ****. I'm guessing historically speaking that applies after two weeks year in and year out.
  14. I know that story sounds fake as **** but I swear to y'all I was sitting in a parking lot at 7:30 with big ******* motorcycle cop and some old lady in a nissan cube. And I swear I was sitting there when he asked big *** dude if he could give me a warning.
  15. It was seriously a young black dude. He even knew what I did by the name of the company displayed on the name of my truck. He either has family in the industry or he has done it himself. Nobody knows what I do by name. I swear to God it's true but I started my day off in a parking in an empty parking lot where the ******* PTC motorcycle cops had pulled someone over. Just straight ********. Big big big *** white dude on a bike. When I got "pulled over" I was actually driving passed them while they were sitting on the side of the road. They never moved, just flashed the lights and pointed at me. I immediately recognized the ******* officer. I literally had to bust out a U-turn and park in the island 10-15 feet across from them. Young dude approached my vehicle, said what I did for a living, walked back across the street, ran my license, and asked big ******* if it was cool if he gave me a warning. Big ******* officer said it's up to you, your discretion. Cool officer came across the two lanes and said hey man here is a warning. Saved me 500 bucks.
  16. I feel like you are missing my theme I'm going for here. I can't say no to a taco. There are no bad tacos. Therefore I'm going to refrain from answering because I'd be sinning upon myself.
  17. But really......thank you Mr. Cool officer. My bad.
  18. I will go into the seediest of places for a good taco. I will literally risk my life for a good taco. I just can't say no.
  19. Saying no to that question feels like I am sinning upon myself so I'm going to refrain from answering.
  20. I was doing 43. I had to go home the back way due to an accident and I completely forgot the school was there. But man...they could have ****** me over bad on that one.