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  1. I think they're doing that with more than just memes bro.
  2. The one that heard where the President told a Congress person to go back where they came from if they hate America so much. Or the one that heard where Red & Black said you aren't really in the "America Club" until the third generation or so. I'm sure it's been discussed on those message boards you spoke on before.
  3. That I'm spinning through space on a big *** rock and nobody knows for sure what the purpose of it all is?
  4. I also love the underlying message here. We have no issues with legal immigration in fact we welcome it. I mean we aren't going to think of you as "Real Americans" and we definitely don't think you have a spot in our government but we are totally for legal immigration. You just gotta know your role second class American.
  5. I always thought it was if you see a problem in America you do something to solve it. One of the ways to do that was if you see a problem in the government you yourself become part of the government by getting elected and be the change you want to see. It's kinda been how this thing works for the last couple hundred+ years. Until now apparently? Telling a Congress person to love it or leave it is peak conservative dumb***ness.
  6. Door Gunner the second generation American and the son of a first generation American who ended up as a POW whom Trump mocked? That guy?
  7. A Trump supporter saying this.... I don't have the words.
  8. I noticed today though that the media isn't dancing around this one. Even NPR calls them 'Trumps racist tweets' when talking about it. Nobody is dancing around what they are.
  9. Holy **** though. Hmfic has essentially admitted it was at least some degree of racist and said Trump shouldn't have said it. What's happening here?
  10. Hahahaha. Not racist....but more racist.
  11. 2nd generation American. Not a real American.
  12. Ahh sweet! A chain email!!! Also you are the one who said it homie.