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  1. I'm fully aware of trying to play up to the "normal" folks. Populism and all that. That being said can you imagine Ted Cruz coming off as one of us like this? If that's what O'Rourke is going for.... he's nailing it.
  2. Ted Cruz looks like he's losing there. On top of that..... If there's a state in the union that should resent a man kissing the *** of a man who took a shot at your dad, your wife and even your children.... I mean it's gotta be Texas.
  3. Just actually talk about the issues, any of them really, let me see what you stand for. Where it is that you are coming from and where you want to go. Don't just hit on talking points that the main stream media loves to talk about. Give me the details. Then also realize that's possibly a losing strategy because a significant portion of America is all about those talking points!!!! Merica!!!
  4. So.... following the Republican playbook?
  5. Honestly as far as I can tell politicians just do most of the dumb **** right out in the open. Most folks just don't seem to care as long as their backs are getting scratched.
  6. I just can't imagine looking at the Democrats and thinking they'd be able to pull off any complex plot....or a simple one.
  7. I'm telling y'all I think there's half a chance he's Trump. It's not sgrray chance, not even s goooy chance, but a chance nonetheless.
  8. Just quote BO and his tweet from earlier. That **** was heartbreaking.
  9. You get to that 45 second mark or so and it's an oh **** moment. Just..... ****.
  10. They kinda did. That's the hold up. The ties between the ten or so accounts and the pattern of behavior and what the account tied to those ten or so accounts does now......I wouldn't have banned em off of what was there but they'd be on notice.
  11. So I got bored and went back into mod mode cross checking IP's and so on. I don't want to get into the details but it's an obvious pattern down to the emails you used and the posts you've made under all the alts. It's a pattern that reaches back almost a decade and it's blatantly obvious. Just stop. Don't get the subforum killed over your ********.