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  1. Brother man you loved to use the it's the economy stupid line a lot. Republicans would be winning errything if Trump didn't have Twitter and have stupid summits. If he literally just shut up they would be killing it.
  2. This is some deep ****.
  3. I'm not looking for a purist. A purist from either side is my worst nightmare. I just think there's a change going down and a centrist isn't the answer. I just know we need real change and not some ******** slogan. A lot of people won't like it but it is what we need on so many fronts Can you give me an example in modern history that supports the incremental change you are talking about? Centrist policy at the time that led to the country being better off. Honest question.
  4. This is me being ignorant.... But how much further would we be down the road if Trump wasn't a moron? Think of what he could have accomplished by now. How much he could have got done. He's not exactly level headed. How he could have changed the direction of this country. That doesn't exist on the other side? Let's face it, he has cut his own legs out from under himself at every opportunity. If he wasn't a moron his approval ratings would be scary and what he could do would be even more terrifying. He doesn't start ringing alarms for you that now is the time?
  5. I don't feel that that is what I said at all. Certainly not what I intended. What I mean by what I said is centrist policies have gotten us nowhere. The current policies need to be radically changed on multiple fronts. They aren't working. We need radical change. We've been headed in a bad direction since before I was born. I think where we disagree is how those policies need to be implemented. I feel like you're wanting them to be incremental and I don't feel like that's gonna work in today's political climate.
  6. Oh well you kind of addressed my previous post. Competence and level-headedness can absolutely be part of the program but I think people are ready for actual change, and radical change at that. We can argue over the semantics of what radical change means but Hickenlooper just sounds like a centrist to me. I don't even mean his policies either, I mean his talk. I just don't identify with him from the admittedly little bit I've seen. This is where I feel like you're applying too much science to it. We elected Trump to be POTUS. There is an emotional aspect at play here. Part of it is anger and resentment towards the government. I just feel like it's going to take someone with a little more fire and "radical" ideas to fire up independents. We're all tired of the same old same old and Hickenlooper comes off as that to me. All anecdotal of course.
  7. Without diving too deep into the issues can he drive those points home though? Can he appeal to the voters on an emotional level? There is an art to politics. It's not all science. Emotions really do play an important part. Can he appeal at that kind of level? I only watched that one speech with Kasich and I wasn't exactly drawn in.
  8. Fair enough to a degree. I'm just sitting here flapping in the wind just waiting on someone, anyone to fight for things that actually have an impact on my everyday life. I just don't trust democrats to pick up that mantle and run with it. Also still feel like they could have a stronger national message beyond Trump sucks.
  9. ******* liberal.... Wait....
  10. I mean he was very powerful in what he said.... I believe him.
  11. I get what you're saying here to an extent and obviously the midterms should be geared towards each individual state and their constituents but there's a golden opportunity to at least attempt to form a larger message overall. A goal. A plan. They are dropping the ball at every single turn. What do Dems stand for right now? Please tell me.
  12. If I have to look for your messaging, you're doing your messaging wrong.
  13. There really are some interesting discussions to be had but folks like that always get in the way. I can deal with snark or even condescension if you actually bring something worth discussing but that's just not what happens with certain people. Edit: not sure what happened but I'm just gonna leave it like that. Like I'm taking a shot at Trout.
  14. I know dem feels bro. They're totally gonna **** this up though.
  15. There needs to be this turning point where we move beyond the Trump supporters. They aren't turning. They aren't changing their minds. They are too far down that road to turn back. Dems need to move on to finding a message that actually works. Actually helping the people that Trump promised he would. It's laid out there for em..... which is why they won't.