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  1. I'm glad to see that the board has evolved on this issue judging by the responses in this thread. It was a lot different back in the late nineties when my younger brother came out to the surprise of absolutely no one. I got into so many fights with people that would harass him all the time way back when.
  2. Sigh....if you feel the need to take a shot at me feel free to do it in the other forum WFW. No need to bring it here. Now let's address what you said. Actually I would say my favorite part of this thread besides the freshwater/mountains versus ocean debate is Steve's guitars. I would also point out that this is an anonymous forum and nobody besides just a very select few know who I actually am and no I don't announce it on other forms of social media. As far as the neighbors are as follows...a city detective, a county sheriff and a retiree who does nothing but sit on his front porch every hour of every single day. I get to hear about the Jehovah's witnesses that came to my house even when I'm not there. Also my niece and her boyfriend are house/dog sitting and I do have an alarm system. So if someone can make it by the gauntlet of my neighbors, the alarm system, three large dogs, and then my niece and her gun nut boyfriend.....well I'd say they earned it. I couldn't even be angry because that would be **** impressive. Talk about your love for fishing or move along you grumpy old *******.
  3. Don't tell everyone else but I may be using a bit of hyperbole as a comedic device when talking about my hate of the beach. Ironically that same grandfather that had the 20 acres in Ellijay also had a beach house in the Charleston area. It was eventually mowed down by one of the Hurricanes and he just never rebuilt it and sold the property. It had gotten to being too much of a hassle anyways according to him.
  4. I think that plays a large part in it for me too. I didn't serve but I grew up in Beaufort, SC and Cherry Point, NC before I moved to Georgia. I did the beach thing. My grandfathers 20 acres in Ellijay were always more fun to me. There was an abandoned gold mine, a crystal clear lake which was fed by underground springs, and a small cabin with mountain views....I'll take that any day of the week.
  5. This is one of those situations where I have to keep my joy to myself because she passed that **** onto my little man too. My daughter would be hanging her head out the window screaming to the heavens if I let her. We bought Dramamine just because of that bridge today for those two. I almost feel bad for finding a small bit of enjoyment out of that....... almost... If it makes y'all feel any better my wife will find just as much enjoyment making me go out in the ocean where I will most assuredly be taken out by a ******* man of war. If I do happen to be sent to other side by a **** jellyfish....y'all talk me up just a little bit on here please.
  6. Dude...if you only knew how big of a topic of discussion that has been in my house. My wife hates bridges but yet she wants to go to Charleston/Mount Pleasant to visit my sister. Bridges don't bother me but I'm not a big fan of beaches. That **** near three mile cable suspended bridge we have to cross to get from Charleston to my sister's..... that's my sweet revenge this trip. I'm not even lying to you when I say it's going to be one of my favorite parts of this trip.
  7. There is not a chance in **** that Trump ever wrote, typed, or has ever said that. That's way too deep for him. Even the Trump supporters among us would agree.
  8. Taft in a nutshell...
  9. We can judge his singing though....right?
  10. You too!
  11. Well....I like rivers.
  12. Me too! Except I leave Monday.