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  1. I said it in the Trump thread and I'll say it here because cooler manufacturers are now political. I've had enough of 2018.
  2. But at some level we have to give WFW his props for picking up the FB memes posting that we've been missing since Snake took off.
  3. Tatf:
  4. Something about this bothers me. I'm not sure what but it just seems like Renato is taking it too far to me. Just seems inappropriate somehow.
  5. I've been trying to figure out it there's some deeper meaning behind this but are we talking about Kevin Gates here?
  6. Oh I know. The dude I know who was so proud of his Yeti also has Glock tattooed on his forearm. Drake nailed it earlier too. He also drives a truck where his car note exceeds my house note. Yeti may be banking on them being dumb mother****ers though. They're probably right.
  7. I'm just gonna stick to my Walmart brand *** Ozark cup that performs just as well if not better than the $22 more expensive Yeti tumbler to go along with my Coleman Cooler. Just saved about $400 and I didn't even put a sticker on the back of my SUV.
  8. You mean..... Rand Paul it?
  9. It's a ******* cooler though. A cooler. A device that was invented to keep things cold. I mean at least watches or other forms of Jewelry actually look nice. It's just a box designed to keep things cold. My Whirlpool will kick it's ***.
  10. He stands by the principle of appearing to be principled while just putting on a show.
  11. I don't understand their customers myself. I mean I get your point, I really do. But what kind of dumb **** slaps a cooler sticker on his back window? It's a ******* cooler.
  12. He does it every single time. No, this can't happen. I'm going to protest this to bring attention to myself but we all know I'm going to vote yes at the end of the day. Seriously who didn't know he would vote to confirm Pompeo or the tax bill. He makes noise and he'll vote no until it actually comes down to his vote actually mattering. Every. Single. Time.
  13. I feel like I've had enough 2018.
  14. The rednecks around here are going to lose their **** over this.