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  1. I've admittedly been a little in an out but that seemed like sloppy football.
  2. That seems kinda rude.
  3. Thank God. The starter is back in.
  4. We have to be the only team to where the fans are like.... Oh ****, they put the backup QB in.
  5. And yes.......yes it is.
  6. That it what it looked like?
  7. Trufant with an interception.......what?
  8. If Matt Ryan couldn't pick up a football I'd be worried as all ****. That's kind of an important part of playing QB.
  9. Thought this was gonna be a poster leaving the board kinda thread.
  10. You're a Falcons fan. Karma knows and has visited you before. Maybe it's all your fault actually. What kinda **** have you done?
  11. I couldn't help but notice you went with a plural there.
  12. I just ain't gonna say anything that is just begging for karma to pay a visit to us.
  13. You need more fiber in your diet if that's what you think being on the toilet looks like.