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  1. I listened to an interview with him earlier today on NPR. I don't know much about the guy besides the quick backstory they gave on him but he comes off as someone who has a bright future if he pursues it.
  2. I'm not gonna be making calls on any election ever again. Not primaries, not the general, and I **** sure ain't making any calls this far out.
  3. And the guy who said Trump would never win the Republican nomination in the primaries. Said he'd eat his shorts if he did I believe.
  4. I love that the one review of those pants is from "Richard"
  5. Now I will absolutely say this is the one part that I have enjoyed about what y'all post. We need a dude who gets paid to **** talk. Also the **** talking between the whatever the **** they're called in whatever the **** you call it..... We need to step our game up. Cspan would actually be watchable and entertaining. Can't believe the English our better **** talkers. This can't stand.
  6. I keep up with brexit because of the potential international impact but that's about it. Also by keep up I mean I just read a bunch of **** that confuses me even further.
  7. I'm seriously concerned for those of you who know this much about English politics. Keeping up with American politics is depressing enough but y'all are like **** yeah..... Let me get some more of this from another country that may even be in a weirder place than us. I feel like if I actually understood Brexit and English politics better I'd just end up more depressed.
  8. Also I guess I have some bath sheets but I've always just called them one of those big *** towels.
  9. Big muffs, bath sheets, gay Twitter.... Just another day on abf
  10. I'm no economist but retail sales sliding in December of all months seems like a blinking neon red light. Is that in comparison to the previous December or the previous month? Either way it doesn't sound good.
  11. There is just no way Smitty is a good broadcaster. No way. And I love the guy.