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  1. Words of advice: You are never so poor that you can't afford the good toilet paper.
  2. Lovely family.
  3. To be fair Silentbob may be out there furious about Trump's traveling. I doubt that's the case but it's a possibility. He was fairly consistent most of the time.
  4. Man.....they keep on racking up for @silentbob1272 "Still tons of travel expenses to transport Bush and his entourage back and forth for no other reason than Bush's enjoyment\ peace of mind at being at his ranch rather than in D.C."
  5. Boy..... @silentbob1272 has a ******* doozy in there. "I think what everyone is missing (intentionally or not) is the importance of perception. What the president does in his spare time matters to many, and Obama just doesn't give a s**t about that one way or the other. You can make just as many pro arguments for that philosophy as against, but I think that is what get some on here (and don't kid yourself, all around the country) fired up regarding the many lavish vacations and their accompanying expense in such a tough economic time for the country. Paraphrase Uncle Ben's (Spiderman not the rice) words to Obama..."Just because you can go on vacation doesn't mean you always should". Nothing wrong with wanting or even expecting the president to lead by example. That said, I don't care either way, but I get the point."
  6. What we should all learn from today is there's no way to challenge strangers to a fight over the internet without looking like a *****. It's impossible. And that's not a shot's just the truth.
  7. Meet me at Zoo Atlanta....Cheetah exhibit. **** is going down.
  8. That's why you throw bows. Problem solved.
  9. What in the **** is ******* wrong with these people?
  10. How in the **** could that even be racist? Am I missing something?
  11. CWC labs tests foods and supplements. The natural jump is to conspiracy theories and gun's just the natural progression of things you sheeple.
  12. I think the biggest way you can identify that he has a credibility problem is that literally no supporter came in and defended him until General Kelly spoke. There were no loud voices saying he'd never do that. Nobody here was saying "He'd never say that". They avoided the convo like the plague. I had a few go into spin mode in my corner of the world but the vocal ones here today.......they sure were silent yesterday because even they had doubts. That says a lot.
  13. It's not even that hard to imagine.