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  1. You caught me before the edit but it's specifically about their PAC.
  2. I think she has a point to an extent. The NRA is about to get paid. Specifically the PAC.
  3. You meant....."You obviously haven't read that one poll out of thousands that is an obvious outlier but it supports what I want to be true."
  4. That's absolutely pathetic.
  5. But this does mean some cop was able to answer the what did you do at work question with.....same ol same ol, just cooking up some crack.
  6. That would require the parents themselves being able to do so and I'm not too confident in that nowadays.
  7. And Roger Stone was heavily involved in Israel's reelection campaign. That's a weird *** county.
  8. Really interesting read on Scott Israel and Broward county in general. Never thought I'd see Roger Stone pop up in this story.
  9. She's ******* invisible. She's the perfect weapon. If every school had one of these.....
  10. Man y'all can do the same old arguing any day. Which teachers y'all trusting to pack and why? The three I chose... One of them was almost an Olympic level athlete so I assume she can deal with stress and training. Plus some gifted physical abilities. The second one was a college level athlete who came from a family who I knew were avid hunters. So I'm assuming a familiarity with guns and an ability to learn from training. The third well she was a fairly well known Marine biologist who has been put into pretty stressful situations and well.....she didn't die. It also kinda helps that I know she received extensive training in small arms because she went into some really rough places during her younger years. Any convo is better than the same ol same ol.
  11. You know what.....Mr. Drake was exactly the kind of dude who would wear boat shoes....... Last I heard he was the athletic director around here. He was the assistant principal back in my day though. What you know about Walter @mdrake34?
  12. Mr. Drake, Mrs. Skelton, and Mrs. Heaberlin...........I think they might possibly be able to do it. Maybe it's unrelated but they all three hated me with a passion......hmmm..... Edit: I'd have to add in the ROTC teachers I think.
  13. I think I had some teachers along the way who truly cared for their kids.....but active shooter coming through the door they're going to react correctly.... that's tough. And I'm only narrowing the bar down to that exact moment..... I think I could come up with at least three based off of my really tiny amount of knowledge of them as people. It's even kind of weird this many years later to try to picture most of them as "people" who exist outside of school and my family is loaded with teachers.
  14. I was specifically referencing School Resource Officers (SRO's)....I'd have a much harder time narrowing down actual teachers that I'd trust based off of my superficial knowledge of them.