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  1. On a completely unrelated and lighter note I got adventurous and tried goat stew at one of the local Jamaican restaurants tonight. Won't do that again. That **** just isn't good. Like at all.
  2. That Trump actually cares about veterans at any level would be my guess. I mean he insulted every prisoner of war in our entire history and then went on to make Veterans day about him. I don't think the responses to you were fair but I also don't think enough people are able to see beyond the thin facade that Trump puts forward. I mean he literally insulted every prisoner of war in our entire history with his "I prefer my heroes not to get captured" line. He doesn't catch enough **** from vets over that one.
  3. Of course he is. He's gonna sign up for whatever Trump does or says though.
  4. I've had about ten responses I had to edit because I said too much. The fact that this thread exists speaks volumes to those who know though.
  5. Larry hasn't censored out love no.
  6. **** the mods.
  7. Wrong thread brother man.
  8. How in the **** are these people in power such absolutely abysmal liars?
  9. Praising violence for the win!!!
  10. But have you met a Canadian? Do you know how nice a high Canadian would be?
  11. You see how much happier people are where weed is legal? This could be us but the local government keeps playing.