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  1. You should probably go read more than the headlines from whatever sources you're getting that info from that spun the story that way.
  2. All of this is so dumb but I especially like Now we can buy more jet fighters. That's exactly what we need.
  3. I feel like you are making that argument from a New Englander point of view. England was taxing their citizens to pay for their wars and I so feel that. Once they couldn't pay those bills from their own citizens taxes they started looking elsewhere.... and here we be.
  4. I'm sure it's a point that has been discussed over and over but..... Are we really that much different than the England we revolted against?
  5. He has surrounded himself with folks who don't care. We (non rich folks) are supposed to be "Patriots" and pay more for everyday goods. It's the American way. It'll trickle down. Blue collar people have to suffer for the rich folks to gain but they'll give it to us in the end. It'll all work out.
  6. Captain Bone Spurs says....
  7. I really want someone to make the argument that this parade is worth that 100 million.
  8. The headline sounds bad...... but honestly I'd be more shocked if you told me they weren't. I guarantee you we have all kinds of simulations designed around attacking them.
  9. According to the article that was after he received refugee status. The AL Quaida ties before is the more disturbing part. Headline is pretty misleading. How in the **** is the FBI getting witness accounts I wonder. Are these other people who came over who knew him or are we flying FBI agents halfway across the world?
  10. He went through a two year vetting process, got the refugee status, and then after that he killed a cop. After being the key word. It's just not a good case to make the argument you were going for with what that article says.
  11. That seems like a dumb case to make this argument with.
  12. I don't think anyone here will ever question who you're going to vote for.
  13. Since this thread had wandered into a general kind of thread. What kind of person do we want to be a cop nowadays? How do we draw in those kinds of people? What kind of person can meet the worst of us everyday and not change the way they interact with the public in general? How do you get beyond the thin blue line mentality in an atmosphere like the one that exists nowadays?