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  1. It's not even the Russia thing to me. I grew up around conservatives and I respect conservatives. I even identify with them on a lot of issues. It's how the identify with him that bothers me. He's not one of them and never has been. I can't wrap my brain around how they came to this point. I'm still stuck on.....Trump? Donald Trump? How the **** did y'all get here? I've only had W, Obama and Trump in my life after 18. This **** is different. I don't understand what the **** is happening here.
  2. I'm going to have to kind of disagree with you here on a semi-related note. This morning you said I should be terrified by ESPN over reacting and pulling Robert Lee off of that minor broadcast. I'm gonna focus on that word terrified to make my next point. When the POTUS is slow to call out hate groups by name that "terrifies" me. When the POTUS just tells blatant lies like "CNN is turning their cameras off right now" that "terrified" me. When the POTUS does the things this dude has done it's a reflection of what's going on with the other side of the spectrum of where the left is screwing up. I'm not understanding why I'm supposed to be "terrified" by ESPN being a representation of the left going wrong while the actual POTUS is a representation of the right going wrong. Why am I supposed to be "terrified" of ESPN doing what they did and what it represents while just rolling with the punches when the POTUS is the flip side of that coin?
  3. Wonder why Marla's posts still show up in that thread but not the Trump presidency thread. **** you DNC.
  4. That's because you're a team player, man.
  5. If there's two things I'm proud of on here it's cat down the mountain melted theater butter and Denver being called a hippie.
  6. Soccer is tearing this country apart.
  7. Translation: In brotherhood y'all shut the **** up about politics in TATF.
  8. At the end of the day beyond what I agreed or disagreed with.... I don't understand why he would even bring up Charlottesville. The story had passed. He literally just gave the storyline a few more days of life all by himself. It just makes no sense. The lines he left out are going to be a story tomorrow and he's the only one to blame for that.
  9. This is going to play well with his base. He just doesn't seem to understand that his base isn't what got him elected. Keep going to war with your own party. History said the Republican nominee was going to win the presidency but a lot of people, me included, ignored that because of Trump. Keep ignoring history Trump and Trump supporters. You're going to lose seats in the house. How many is on y'all and him. Keep feeding him and see what happens.
  10. Wonder why he left out the "very fine people" line when recounting what he said? Hmm.....
  11. I don't think he understands how the cameras work.
  12. " I don't do twitter storms".
  13. It's not as dumb as it sounds.....kinda. It was a University of Virginia game and it kinda sounds like dude wanted out of that game himself. Still dumb but not as dumb as it sounds right off the bat.
  14. Pulling up old tweets?