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  1. Woo.... that's an unfortunate name considering current news headlines. If a conservative asks you to go into his tree house do not go folks. Do. Not. Go.
  2. My daughter is an absolutely horrible loser, like beating the **** out of a bird feeder at 4 years old because she lost a race to my son who is three years older and be whiny for the rest of the day kinda loser. I'm teaching her to be better. It's tied to Cam, a divisional rival now though. I love that part of her though.
  3. It's been both awesome and depressing to watch my sweet little girl turn into me. Mostly awesome though. I spend at least 30 minutes a day working on bounce passes with her at her demand. She practices dribbling that **** ball to an excruciating point though. It's her life. I imagine it's what my parents went through with me and my baseball obsession before football. The sarcasm is a challenge because I'm usually stifling a laugh while the wife is all mad. It's quality sarcasm and I have to respect it at some level though. She's has to be god given and who am I to not appreciate that?
  4. You really should. She asks everyday what the children got from her and all I can say is that my boy looks just like her with a squared up jaw. They've taught me so much about myself by being just like me and I have no clue how she has done it for so long. Pray for her. She's obviously an angel who crossed god in some way.
  5. It would suck for Cam to throw to a spot instead of a player based off of his read of the defense and what they were doing too. They both have their faults. Anybody arguing that Cam can't make throws that Ryan can't is off their rocker though. I won't argue specific plays though.
  6. Roy Moore wasn't in his thirties until the late seventies. I mean, I was born in 83 but were 30 something's trying to hit on teens back then? It's certainly not what I recall reading.
  7. 11 years here soon, a week from today actually.....and she's still trying too. Though I think it's just a matter of habit at this point because she knows a losing battle when she sees one.
  8. Oh... she's broken you to some degree.
  9. Nah....there are degrees to the brokenness. Some can step back and see the flaws while seeing the strengths while also seeing a glimmer of hope. Others...... everything sucks and we're the worst team in football despite being in the hunt. It works vice versa too. The ultimate homers are broken in their own way.
  10. All lying deep state plants. Next question.
  11. I don't post up here often very much anymore. I don't know if you've been broken or not.
  12. I mean if you were trying to stir **** up and get another conversation started that was better than the current **** I get it. **** I even appreciate it. If not, I really don't. Cam is a **** QB on his worst days and a freak on his best. Too much inconsistency in between for him to ever be a great though. I've seen this show before. And I'm one of the guys who actually likes the guy off the field.
  13. I mean and you know I love you @Vandy this thread basically equals....Even though Cam is on pace to either set or match career lows in almost every statistical category we know to be important when judging a QB you still think he's regressing?
  14. I mean Cam is a freak athlete who can change a game but to act like they win because of him on a consistent basis....nah. Cam is the most easily mentally broken QB with those freakish skills that I've ever seen. He's good for a few highlight plays but that's about it. Consistency matters in this league.
  15. And this is after years and years of evidence, some of it on video, showing that there may be a systemic issue with local law enforcement agencies across the entire country. They've went from "Back the Blue" to burn this ***** down and it's all for Trump. It's not like the left hasn't changed their stance here either though. The FBI and CIA have some dirty **** on their resume. They aren't to be taken at face value all the time either. It's fairly obvious by this point in time that the Trump campaign team and even into the administration was loaded with grade A morons though so the stories and info being released isn't that hard to believe. There's actual credible evidence being presented by one side and the other side has changed their story so many times that it's fairly obvious what's going down. There are no "good guys" in this story though. There are guys who oversaw an organization that has been slowly stepping on our rights for decades going against another group who is just a complete **** show that is hurting the entire world while damaging our democracy day by day.