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  1. United is thinking we got some experience at dragging folks away so maybe we can work something out here.
  2. When American Airlines can look down on you you done ****** up
  3. To add to this. After being on TV and having your face plastered on every news station..... nobody in her crew was like.... Ummmmm I don't know about eating at the Mexican joint today. Nobody?
  4. If you look beyond the horrendousbess Nielsen and her statements and actions have been pretty funny. There is no such policy!!! We will not apologize for this policy!!! I'm going to end this policy if the POTUS will sign it. That's like in two or three days. She's perfect for this administration.
  5. Member when someone said this was a fake outrage and it'd be forgotten about in two weeks?
  6. At least I'll get a little joy out of imagining Miller crying if this happens.
  7. That's a good thing but holy **** that's stupid. I mean....they could just stop doing it.
  8. A whole lot less than 2000. It only happened in the most extreme of circumstances. This conversation isn't about the 10,000 who came over unaccompanied. That's an entirely different conversation. This conversation is about adopting a zero tolerance party and removing children from their parents at an unprecedented level. And we have them on video saying it was going to be used as a deterrent. We have them on the record saying that multiple times.
  9. There were. How many were separated from their parents?
  10. What the **** did wor put in sponges coffee this morning. All liberalafied and ****.
  11. Refresh my memory?
  12. I'm not watching that ****.
  13. *********** don't blow this last ditch hopefulness for me. Just let me be disappointed naturally.
  14. I know but we all know Trump tweets are always telling. There's something coming in the near future. He saw the public reaction and he's gonna do an about face.
  15. Good news Trumpers. Yes you can hate separating children from their families now. Your king hates it now that he sees that it's it gonna go well for Republicans