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  1. I quoted a poster who was losing his mind after a loss one time and forgot to edit out some of the curse words. I woke up to 3 private message that weren't too far away from this.
  2. Read atlfanstckinDenvers comment. Specifically Julios "foot" injury.
  3. On a lighter note....Denvers comment in this thread is a good example of how being able to bypass the filter as a mod can back fire.
  4. I feel like we've learned something about our mod here when his phone auto corrects foot to that.
  5. I did. It's right there in black and white. He shouldn't have said what he said. Now that we're clear on that. Once again you are **** sure the last person who should try to call anyone out for appearing to be partisan.
  6. I already said something. There is never a good and productive way to bring Nazi Germany into a discussion like this. Ever. It's just not the way to go. Also HM is someone I speak to off of this board and he knows my thoughts on this subject. There are conservatives on here who I talk to off of the board also. If I have an issue with something they say or post I'll generally take that off of the board too. Also you are **** sure the last person that has any room to speak on being consistent on this kind of thing. I'm not even sure why you brought my name into this.
  7. Dude you compare "the left" to Isis like three times a week. In fact I'm pretty sure you have called "the left" Isis. You don't have a leg to stand on.
  8. There's just nothing productive that can come out of bringing up the Nazi's in a discussion.... literally ever. We gotta do better than that.
  9. Am I reading that correctly? Is it saying that he basically shot over/across the cop in the drivers seat? What the ****?
  10. I disagree. We'd have to assume that Julio jumped and was only going to reach out with one hand because Sherman couldn't have been grabbing his arm in an impeding manner before that ball touched his hand for it not be DPI.
  11. They're both in the air trying to highpoint a ball. Realistically what would have to had taken place for Sherman to have Julio in an arm bar like that in the short time that ball actually touched his hands without committing DPI?
  12. Well that's not creepy at all. You have to lead into it a little bit man. FTR....Vicious worked for the company I currently work for. We discovered this through a few private messages. It's a small world people. Especially for those of us who chose a little less than creative screen name.
  13. My favorite "fact" of yours was when you said Donald Trump was an honest man. I really dug that one.
  14. As opposed to the "normal" people jumping off a mountain for their team?