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  1. I took care of it fellas. They'll never see through my genius cover. Rage on.
  2. I just saw that. Maybe it's just me but you'd think if there was good news they'd already have come out with it.
  3. It's a running joke. Also they smell
  4. I mean if Trout said it happened I believe it happened. No reason to doubt it. Trout doesn't have a history of just making **** up.
  5. What are the conservatives in the coffee shop saying?
  6. I was halfway kidding man. You're good.
  7. Am I the only one that has noticed that WFW says racists instead of racist? It's like what Worzone does with socialist but reversed.
  8. *********** I share a birthday with Trump. You get no pity from me.
  9. Oh **** y'all...... it's our local Qanoners birthday today. What y'all think Vicious is doing for his birthday?
  10. I think you missed all of it really.
  11. No sir. Americans have had their lives vastly improved by those wars. I was talking to a plumber today and he told me that before those wars and the multi trillion dollars investments in them he was living paycheck to paycheck but now he's still living paycheck to paycheck but Raytheon made an absolute **** ton........and isn't that what it's all about.
  12. Sink a trillion plus into the ****** F-35 program and nobody bats an eye. Say hey what if we sink a trillion plus into our people and what is **** sure looking like something that is gonna hold back the economy for a long long long time while also freeing up their income which would lead to them being able to spend more of their income directly into their local economies and helping everyone out from the bottom to the top....... OH MY GOD THAT'S CRAZY!!!!!!!
  13. What Bloomberg is doing with trying to buy a nomination seems like way more of a threat to democracy and our system as a whole than anything any Bernie Bros could ever do.
  14. how can we help everyday people out? Where's that money gonna come from you asked. Where did the billions and billions and trillions and trillions we've spent on war and defense budget come from? And all of a sudden hey man I'm just a regular ole guy who doesn't understand these things.
  15. Where did all the billions upon billions of dollars we increased the defense budget by come from?
  16. Well we now know the Antichrist is on the way if that psycho has a kid.
  17. You just committed an ABF sin. We are gonna let you slide this time but you're speaking to a legend, sir.
  18. 125 and then the car started feeling like it was floating. My old *** would never do that now.
  19. You know one of the cool things about the IP tool the mods have? It actually tells you what city somebody is posting from. Well at least where the server is. What do you wanna bet that there'd be a match if JD ran it on this new account of yours and compared it to Wokezone?
  20. Yeah you are. You are so so so bad at this.
  21. Good catch. I'm with BO on this. New guy is definitely Worzone.