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  1. I may just be depressed. Work ******* sucked. I have no funny in me today.
  2. Is it just me or does it feel different now? Here, FB, other groups I'm in......everybody is kinda going radio silent or at least quieter.
  3. City of Newnan issued a shelter in place order starting at 8 tomorrow morning. I imagine that's gonna start being a lot more common statewide here real soon.
  4. Yeah we are definitely kicking South Koreas *** on handling this thing.
  5. I haven't been as active as I usually am but things y'all.
  6. Now that I think about it something kind of funny has happened. Boomers got mad at Millennials for the OK Boomer stuff. All kinds of articles. Millennials ironically started boomer remover. Now Boomers are saying it's okay if other Boomers die and have taken okay Boomer to **** Boomers some of y'all gotta die and it's the Millennials standing up for Boomers 2020 is all kinds of ****** up.
  7. Fair enough. Still gonna **** on him though.
  8. This feels right for a post defending Biden.
  9. Nick Saban is gonna save us all.
  10. The next argument I'm gonna love to see is how us being the most infected country in the world is actually a good thing. It's coming. Bookmark it.
  11. Right-wingers in the last 48 hours: I'm okay with a **** ton of olds dying because have you seen the Dow Jones? My God that's a real tragedy. Doozer: My God the left is disgusting!
  12. For the record though nothing has changed for me. My job is exactly the same as it was before besides having to tell a foreman or two to step back just a little. Social distancing *****.
  13. And calling this a liberal echo chamber is offensive. This is a **** posting angry Twitter person echo chamber that makes liberals angry. Get it right.
  14. 75% of the people in this thread. **** Pelosi. **** Schumer. **** Biden. Burn it all down. Doozer: My God the way you guys defend the Dems is ridiculous.
  15. Oh it wasn't the news. It's you that I was telling to go away.
  16. I know I'm getting kinda repetitive but there's just so many from other groups I post in.
  17. Man the global count went behind 400K today and now it's hitting turbo.
  18. @SpongeDad you should be proud of my daughter. She has this little backpack she wears around whenever we go out. Like today we went on a walk today for a mile or so..... she's packing my lifestraw that I "lost".
  19. I've complained about the writers as much as anyone but they have thrown a few curve balls in there to where I'm still invested. I'm watching from a bunker full of canned meat but I'm still invested.