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  1. Happy birthday
  2. Happy birthday homie
  3. I really hate the such and such isn't worth so much because that's elite level pay. Let me compare this brand new contract to contracts from the past even though pretty much everyone knows he's about to reset the market for tight ends. It's dumb.
  4. Good lord that looks good.
  5. Came across this and it just fits the thread so well....
  6. Also.......did Serge say he has a nice a**?
  7. I feel like the word 'good' is missing from the title. Or it could not be which is completely cool too.
  8. Happy birthday!
  9. I feel like this kinda speaks for itself.
  10. I'm not gonna pretend to be informed enough to have an opinion here but I appreciate the effort and format. I actually learned a few things. Solid thread homie.
  11. I was halfway kidding man. You're good.
  12. You just committed an ABF sin. We are gonna let you slide this time but you're speaking to a legend, sir.
  13. I'm not sure that makes any of them a better player. It's not most important to the team, it's best players. And I'm dead *** sure there aren't 24 people playing today who are better at playing their position than Julio is at playing wide receiver.
  14. But to follow up on that gif.........The odds are actually way way way higher because your algorithm doesn't include the metric **** ton of variables that are present. Mainly the other 31 teams.
  15. I said under, not in.
  16. Was muscle hamster under Koetter?
  17. How about "ABF members eat for free"?
  18. Happy birthday @JDaveG!
  19. It happens. Id recommend maybe editing the title.
  20. You were wrong though. I mean no hard feelings but he said he believes we might, there's no "The Falcons are planning to" in the story.