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  1. I took care of it fellas. They'll never see through my genius cover. Rage on.
  2. You're "baking really good weed" during the apocalypse. This doesn't apply to you.
  3. That's next month. It's gonna get even weirder. Ok Boomer?
  4. March has definitely been the longest year of my life.
  5. Brock spoke on this upstream. If you made it through March you're now physically a year older than you were in February or if you had a birthday in March.
  6. Probably gonna cancel my subscription.
  7. I've heard rumors of a solution for this. A radical idea.
  8. But my kids getting to learn "Hey dad is kind of a dumb***" together has been a quality bonding experience for them. Silver linings.
  9. 2nd and 6th. Both in advanced classes across the board 6th grade advanced math is kicking my ***. I'm always like **** I don't remember so then it's google time.
  10. It's us. The parents. We're struggling. These students are little *****.
  11. Right now I'm more focused on my side job and trying to organize all the new teachers on my FB feed. We're about to strike.
  12. A clip from one of my favorite movies is perfect for right now.
  13. But that's the best argument anyone can come up with for Joe. That's what the Dems have given us after the **** show that has been the last few years. And it's why there's a really really really good chance Trump wins even after all this. We just aren't gonna stick our heads in the sand and turn a blind eye to what's going on. I honest to God just feel bad for Biden at this point. I should be pissed that he's that selfish (And I am) but watching a senior citizen slipping and looking sad like be does regularly just makes me sad.