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  1. Shut up with your compromise position. This is the kind of **** "essential" employees are gonna say. Listen to the real essentials. Really though that sounds like an ideal situation.
  2. I'm gonna have to give this a new title. And it's "Conservative running a route".
  3. @mdrake34 Be honest. Have you?
  4. I found a thing and now y'all have to see it.
  5. Speaking of folks we haven't seen in a little while. @Red&Black is your weird *** okay?
  6. That's the way to go honestly. The puppy stage is aggravating as **** for you and you get to rescue a dog who needs rescuing.
  7. Now imagine saying "Can't I just pay someone to get it for me".
  8. You have 3 weeks for there to be a working vaccine.
  9. So the Surgeon General saying this next week is going to be our Pearl Harbor or 9/11 that's bad. When somebody from the Trump administration is being that strong about it it's about to get really bad.
  10. Well there go my dreams of getting a ******* tiger with my socialist check.
  11. It's sad when they start that young.
  12. Really though nothing out of the ordinary and then poof....