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  1. That's all true but saying the show where Dragons are killing folks is a documentary......it kinda takes precedence.
  2. My daughter's favoritest foods in this world are Broccoli and Chick-fil-A nuggets.....and she'd put em in that order too.
  3. Taste is such a weird thing. My boy is the pickiest eater in the world but two of his most favoritest foods in this world are roasted kale and Lima beans.
  4. What the **** do y'all do when y'all go to a Mexican restaurant? Y'all literally look the waiter in the eye and say hold the refried beans?
  5. Man y'all are just missing out. The Beans and rice combo is magical combo in both taste and nutrition. It's a complete protein as in it covers all the amino acids.
  6. I completely missed the question in there @Corn Pop I can cook for a family of four with a 6 quart. Six quart should be fine.
  7. What are the others? The only vegetable that comes to mind that I don't like is Beets and even then I can eat pickled beets. I'm not a fan of Kale but I can eat roasted kale seasoned to where it takes out all of the health benefits.
  8. I'd highly recommend cooking brussels sprouts in that air fryer if you're a fan of em.
  9. I walked around for years saying Muellers and Ghislaine Maxwells name wrong and for all I know the butcher may have just sold me the sausage even if I said it wrong. I'm probably the wrong one to ask.
  10. Y'all know how I know I'm old? When my niece and nephew-in-law got sick and when my niece had her gallbladder removed I made a from scratch bone broth soup to send to them both times. I'm the grandmother who sends soup when you're sick.
  11. Nah man this is where the instant pot really shines. You can have dry beans ready to eat in an hour give or take a little.
  12. Really it's just chunky smoked sausage with a little more kick to it.
  13. Man we love all kinds of combos of beans and rice around here in the Drizzle house. Been eyeballing a Puerto Rican beans and rice recipe for a week or so and I think it's next on the to try list.
  14. What kinda human being doesn't like red beans and rice?
  15. I'm making red beans and rice with some andouille that I picked up from a butcher that comes down to the local farmers market every two weeks or so. Gonna be so good y'all.
  16. Jdave has fat thumbs is all I'm taking away from this. Well than and he needs lotion.
  17. I guess somewhere in the back of mind I would have known there were combinations that hadn't been tried yet but hey we created a new blue still seems really weird.
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