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  1. English just isn't a pretty language to begin with...........but what Southerners do with it is the closest it's ever gonna get to being pretty.
  2. What my people do with the English language is beautiful and anyone who has an issue with it can **** right off. It's English with a **** ton of molasses poured on it.
  3. My wife, a beard lover, told me tonight that I need to trim my quarantine beard. I mean it's impressive nowadays, it's got at least six inches of clearance off of my chin.......but I kinda look homeless and I spend all day on private property on utility easements. But I have gained some knowledge......once it clears 4 inches from the chin you only attract attention from a particular group of people. 1. Women who are into beards 2. Gay dudes who are into beards. 3. Straight dudes who are into beards. 4. Everybody else who thinks
  4. "It's almost Thanksgiving, it's supposed to be warm enough to cause catastrophic weather there you snowflakes" WFW
  5. I'm really bad at these kind of things.....I'll just say if he's what you say he was I'm glad you got to know him.
  6. I think the strangest lesson I've learned these last four years is that Republicans are so against science and for capitalism that they'll try to ******** a pandemic when it was a potential goldmine for them. And it's because only the poor people die. They couldn't make it more obvious.
  7. At this point I'm gonna stick these extremist righty posts in the same folder as I did a friend of mines "This is the left" posts. Although I do live in a blue state because of your vote, most Trump supporters are just normal people who have (in my opinion) been mislead. But if Democrats didn't suck *** for years and years the opportunity wouldn't be there. Also online radicalization is a real thing that we don't fully understand right now.
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