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  1. Jd and VT both come down here enough to where they understand who is who and what's what. I mean let's be real......I just came down here and did the lazy mod thing. I can't stand lazy mods.
  2. I'm trying to get fired guys. I just don't want to handle y'all during election night.
  3. I'm not gonna lie it was kinda weird.......but we were actually of opposing ideas at the time.
  4. I mean.....how weird you wanna get? I'm out of the official position in a week.
  5. See.....this is where y'all have this lawyer thing all wrong. I can reach out to lawyers I can't roast on a message board in that situation, or I can reach out to lawyers I can roast if **** goes bad. I saved like a cool 5-7 grand because he couldn't have me roasting him and he took it personal.....and 6 years later I still roast him.
  6. It started off with my wife getting into an accident and a lawyer .....and it just spread
  7. You're in the sub forum I handle talking about you have to stop talking before you get suspended....I mean.... everything.
  8. So me and Marla have communicated off of the board before. JD and VT have a list of people I have ever communicated with off of the board and I do not handle reports made by or on those people. I have provided that list from the day I decided to step up again and I have updated it whenever somebody I have communicated with off the board came back. You aren't gonna play the victim card on my behalf.
  9. I think the weirdest thing said today was that not everybody thinks like we do and sometimes we need to be reminded of that. Most of us live in an area where some of our loved ones disagree with our political opinions Drake and his mom, 89 and his family, the brothers, me and mine,and Lo and his in laws. No most of us understand what it is and we don't have to go to some random message board forum to understand what all this is. All I have to do is step out my door and understand I think differently than a whole lot of folks around here.
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