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  1. Y'all behave yourselves because I really ******* something up and I'm either going to the emergency room or urgent care and I expect to be high for the next week. I'm not the mod during me being high time. And they better make me ******* high. I've already let the other guys know. Don't get banned dumb ******.
  2. It's just me and the kids and my 8 year old daughter has been making fun of me and mocking me all day so at least there's that. I love her.
  3. I've strained my lumbar before and this ain't that. I can only stand up if I stand like Trump does but at even more of an angle. It doesn't hurt if I don't move though. That feels like a weird good thing but it feels like a good thing right now.
  4. Man getting older ******* sucks. Bent over to pick up some trash off the floor, felt something tweek and a sharp pain in my lower back, and now I can't stand up straight and it hurts to walk. This is great.
  5. I keep imagining Drake in line at Zaxby's screaming "He was on ******* suicide watch honey!!!!!".
  6. You know how Vicious sounds to us? That's probably what you just sounded like.
  7. It's good to see that Vicious is still alive and kicking during this pandemic.
  8. This feels fair but we all know you moved there voluntarily and judge you quietly for it, Florida Man.
  9. You aren't a Texan at all you Georgia Boy. I mean it's the same here too.....I just like making fun of Texans.
  10. @Carter you have to answer for this. You're responsible for all of that Texas boy.
  11. If any of you guys need to reach out for emotional support after this my PM's are open. We all feel the pain of his departure together.
  12. I'd just like to point out that it's obvious Biden can't jam like this anymore.
  13. This November is gonna be so disappointing. In the best case scenario Biden wins and Democrats are never going to really understand that it took the biggest threat the USA has faced in modern times and 100 thousand plus American deaths and a complete and utter failure on Trump's part for that to happen. That's not even including the massive protesting in the streets over racial relations and police brutality and his complete and utter failure there. The light at the end of the tunnel is Biden and more than likely Harris? Just.......****.
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