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  1. It is way to early to be forming opinions one way or the other.I'll reserve judgement for at least a week myself or until contracts are actually signed.
  2. Man I hate to be a "typical American" but I had no idea England was that small.
  3. Earl Thomas is under 6 ft if I remember correctly so I doubt that comes into play honestly.
  4. So if we overspent we're talking 500-700 K right?All of which we don't know the details as far as whats guaranteed and how easily he could be cut. I don't understand why he got that much but I definitely don't see any reason to have any strong feelings about it either without the details.
  5. I can't agree with this simply because of the fact that Julio when healthy is top 5 at his position while Orakpo hasn't been up to this point.Of course the argument could be made about the difference in the money they will demand so.....
  6. I've never been to any "con" but I promise you I would make it to that one.
  7. Wasn't really trying to go off on a tangent.Just didn't know how to say what it was I was trying to say without the tangent.
  8. I would never say its easy to find a good player at any position.I was trying to say finding a quality RB in the later rounds is more likely than a QB which statistics support.Every draft about three years after said draft shows that player evaluation is extremely difficult.Even the best are lucky if they hit on 50+% of their picks so I would definitely never call it easy at any position.
  9. If Belichick had hit on multiple late round Qbs this might be a fair comparison.Not disagreeing with you exactly because it is alot easier to find a late round RB than Qb.Just saying that isn't a fair representation of the posters who think you can throw alot of backs in the backfield in a ZBS.
  10. There are some who are projecting him to get 10 a year because of the thin cornerback market.It is not a certainty by any means but he didn't pull the number out of thin air though.
  11. Aren't old people supposed to love talking about the weather?
  12. This may be an assumption on my part but I'm beginning to think you may want us to sign Suh.
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