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  1. So I learned that that's a young Macho Man Randy Savage and that he was actually drafted by the Cincinnati Reds.
  2. It kinda feels like you were slacking on the job but I'll still accept it.
  3. I got back on Facebook to keep up with my great nephew and I just got banned from a FB group of people who do what I do. Basically one dude posted the pic below and an admin called it commie **** that was meant to divide. I responded with the song below where Tennessee Ernie Ford said he killed a whole bunch of folks and asked if it was okay to say all that in the form of an old country song. I did not receive an answer.
  4. You can't say look at the smiley face with that one though. I can flick folks off right to their face.
  5. My favorite scar/injury is an upside down smiley face I have on my bird finger on my right hand. I had to wear a metal brace for a few weeks while the stitches healed and I got to flick off everybody from the owner on down and I still get to show that one off today.
  6. Thats not all that different from what I pulled from. We'd remove the foam pieces in strategic locations though and beef em up in others. There by the end we had a die repair kit where I had to bend the razor blades to fit the die. I enjoyed that way more than pulling the pieces from the board at an extremely high speed.
  7. I think I've talked about it before but my first day of full-time work was seriously September 11th of 2001. I was just out there pulling plastic when the maintenance man said there was a plane in the world trade center. Said it in passing and me and the other guy thought it was just something like a two prop plane or some ****. He walked by later on and said there was another one and me and the other guy were like..........okay this seems planned. It wasn't until the secretary at the time brought a TV into the plant that we knew what it was.
  8. They shut down the Georgia factory and moved everything to the St. Louis during the great recession. They never messed with anything that thick beyond trial runs though. They tried it once and the extruders and machinery they had just couldn't handle it. Huge difference in the pressure kicking out a .35 mil sheet of plastic compared to a **** near half inch plastic sheet. That **** is like a rock coming down the line.
  9. My first full-time job ever was in a plastics factory. Part of the job that I was really good at was particularly dangerous as it was literally picking up plastic pieces on top of razor blades. The guy on the other side of the machine throws a big sheet of plastic on top of a board lined with razor blades and then hits a button which runs the die through two big rubber wheels. He's the thrower. The puller pulls those cut pieces off of the razor blades. I was really really good at the pulling part.......like extremely good. But I was working 12 hours a day 5 days a week and **** happens. Long
  10. What he said boiled down to what he was really saying? Blisters being an argument against UBI? That's just stupid.
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