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  1. That's not comparing apples to apples though. Quite a few widely accepted by NFL scouts 2nd and 3rd round (which is where they were drafted) prospects are being compared to what are widely considered 1st round prospects here. You could do this with any particularly loaded position in any draft and it would turn out like this. First rounders are like what..... 50% success rate. Throwing in some weak drafts at (name the position) would completely skew the data.
  2. The amount of people who don't understand that Aaron Donald could beat their *** is pretty shocking. He runs through giants like they're nothing for a living.
  3. I'm not a doctor but if you have three different infections at the same time that can kill you and you're on a vent.....Kinda seems like even if you pull through you're coming out a different man. I mean before the staph infection and sepsis the hope was he'd be home in 12 weeks.
  4. My old supervisor isn't doing well at all. He's on the ventilator, has developed a staph infection and is suffering from sepsis. But I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that basically anyone who has a severe case of covid-19 is technically suffering from sepsis.
  5. Sorry if it's been posted but the officer who confused her handgun and taser was a field trainer too.
  6. You sure? There's a cop in here and everything. Figured you'd be tripping over yourself to thank him.
  7. I'm too lazy to do this but how does this stat break down with quarterbacks?
  8. I'm really disappointed in myself because I didn't make the King Arthur connection quick enough. It was right there.
  9. If a Chase Young caliber defensive player was in this draft everybody and anybody would know what we were doing with that 4th pick. Imagine the question this way. If there was a defensive player in this draft the caliber of Chase Young who you could magically predict would be able prove it on the field in an insane rookie year.......well would you take him at 4? Its not even a question for me. WFT though.....nah. But maybe because Snyder is crazy.
  10. Jesus dude.....you and yours have been having a rough run of it here lately. I don't really know what to say about the current situation but I hope things start looking up for yall here soon.
  11. If I'm not mistaken before now he said May 1st. So technically he changed it. By this point I really don't care. Going on twenty years is long enough. Just get us out. But he's also said we'd be out in 2014 back in the day so.....
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