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  1. They're really gonna go with "Matt Gaetz is an example of what's wrong with liberals in this country"? That's a **** of a take.
  2. For me, he looks soft but he's still taking hits that would probably put me in the hospital at 42. I could have beat his *** when he came out of that bar all wobbly though.
  3. I blew my back out by coughing a few months back and I now have a good knee. I'm just gonna shoot people if it hits that level nowadays.
  4. Nah my argument has been that maybe a person trained in physical combat who has trained beyond that adrenaline dump could take him. But a normal *** person versus a physical freak like him who has undergone intense training.........he's gonna beat their *** 9.9 times out of 10 just through pure training.
  5. Are you really arguing that Aaron Donald isn't beating most people's ***? Have you seen most people? Do you understand how much of a freak Aaron Donald is? I mean I've watched him throw 350 lb men around like they're nothing. Aaron Donald versus most people........
  6. Pick out some random dude and Aaron Donald a thousand times......where you putting your money 999 times?
  7. In my life I've been in five fist fights. Never lost but its because somebody broke the fight up in two of them. Those big mother****ers would have beat my *** otherwise. The lesson I learned is fighting is ******* exhausting. For a normal person the body just goes dumb when that moment arrives and you got like a minute before you're done without training.
  8. I think I could probably take Jay Cutler. He's bigger than me but he smokes. The fat quarterback the Giants drafted way back in the day who went into the CFL......I'd beat his *** after he collapsed from exhaustion.
  9. I mean I like to think I could take Steph Curry because he just looks soft.... but all he would have to is avoid me for like a minute in a full on fight and I'm through.
  10. It's not that simple. It's if you guys want to go with being insanely physically gifted to where you stand out on the field with other physically gifted freaks who represent .01% of the population who are bigger than you while also going through insanely challenging training which gives you more endurance translating into Aaron Donald can beat your ***....
  11. Fair enough......for the record I'm an old school redneck and its always gonna be **** the cops and **** the man for me.....but I appreciate the effort you've put forward here. Best of luck to you but not too much. The local sheriff is a family friend of mine when he's not on the clock. Also for anybody reading never talk to the police. They have no incentive to tell you the truth and all the incentive in the world to catch you in a lie. Call your lawyer and shut the **** up.
  12. I just imagine fighting a professional athlete at that level with me thinking 'How the **** do you not look tired at all?' 30 seconds in and then getting my **** kicked in.
  13. I think I might could take a few punters and kickers. I could definitely take Morten Anderson nowadays.
  14. Also saying it sounds like a lack of training for a person who has been on the force for 26 years and is actually a trainer........that sounds like a systemic issue.
  15. She was a field trainer though. 26 years in at that.
  16. If Aaron Donald wanted to fight me I'd definitely shoot him. No questions asked.
  17. That's the point though. An NFL defensive lineman who is 300 lbs, freakishly strong, with endurance out of this world who engages in physical combat for a living with bigger men......he's not gonna develop tunnel vision, he's not gonna have the fight or flight instinct,, he's gonna know what his hands are doing. In a lot of ways we are saying the same thing. Aaron Donald through intense training to go along with insane physical gifts is just gonna beat the **** out of most people. Like 97% easily.
  18. Warren Sapps diet and skin care routine have left him pretty much unrecognizable. Still has a good point though.
  19. Aaron Donald is a 300 lb man made out of pure muscle who has more endurance than 99% of the people walking this earth because he is the freakiest of the freakiest. He also engages in whats essentially physical combat with men bigger than him for a living and makes them look stupid. He's not just some random big dude. He's a defensive lineman in the NFL....he knows what his hands are doing in a physical confrontation. All he literally has to do when fighting a normal *** person is let their adrenaline dump fade a bit and they're done. That's if he's being nice.
  20. Completely sincere question(s)here. Like what? What could explain the fact that we spend more on policing than most other countries do on their entire military? What expenditures? Lay it out for me.
  21. The cop who mistook her gun as a taser and killed a man was a 26 year veteran field trainer making 90K a year. What are your thoughts there?
  22. Just in case anyone wants to compare the 1st,2nd,3rd, or 4th QB's selected in any year. http://www.drafthistory.com/index.php/positions/qb
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