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  1. I've been thinking about this since watching the video and I'm man enough to say that I'm probably gonna try to kick the bobcat off of my wife if that ever goes down. I've had housecats **** me up a few times and that's buried somewhere in my instincts. Just be over there attempting to punt if off of her.
  2. I'd like to add that the woman who watches a man say oh my God its a bobcat and then throw said bobcat......and then she runs toward the bobcat.....she's not on the team. Horrible instincts.
  3. I've watched it so many times now and the funniest thing to me is after all the chaos it loops right back into high pitched "Good morning".
  4. That dude pulled a bobcat off his wife, held the Bobcat then realized it was a bobcat, threw said bobcat and pulled his strap as the bobcat was landing, and informed everybody around him that there was BAWBCAT that attacked his Wiuuffe after saying he was gonna shoot that ******. Id take that dude on my team.
  5. My favorite moments Morning!!! in that high pitch voice When he realizes that he's holding a bobcat, throws it and pulls the gun. And finally how different his voice is from morning to "I'm gonna shoot that ******".
  6. Deleted the Adam Toledo video because people can find it if they want but good God that's horrible.
  7. Holy ****! When I saw the stills earlier I figured he was making excuses or something.
  8. Look....you can't say I can beat up Aaron Donald and down votes on a message board are harassment in the same 24 hour timespan.
  9. Never really gave likes any attention but watching WFWs count go down day by day is pretty fun.
  10. You'll have to forgive HM. He's just in that awkward using alts on a message board to down vote other posters phase that everybody goes through.
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