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  1. Why would they? They got their nukes and played the last administration like a fiddle. They already won.
  2. Sounds familiar During an hour-long conversation with CNN, the military spokesperson was steadfast in upholding the junta's official narrative: that the generals are merely "safeguarding" the country while they investigate a "fraudulent" election. The bloodshed on the streets that has killed at least 600 people is the fault of "riotous" protesters, he said
  3. Its weird to watch you try to spin this when leaders of the party and some right wing media outlets are just coming out and saying what it is.
  4. Republicans should keep on railing against things that most everybody supports. Its a great plan.
  5. You just gonna do me like that? I mean its kinda accurate but I can't say it is.
  6. How dare you conflate Joe Exotic and Newnan together. The most famous person from Newnan would never have that style of haircut.
  7. I'm not gonna pretend I know what's gonna happen but if I was an outsider looking in I think I'd believe I see a team thats trying to drive up value in a trade down.
  8. Hey if you're using an alt named SpongeBob......your lack of creativity is on you.
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