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  1. His flow is horrible. Don't think he has much of a future in the rap game.
  2. So they put my old supervisor in a medically induced coma. I'm no doctor but that doesn't sound good.
  3. I have never identified with a video about family and eating harder. My boy crunches with his mouth open. My wife has this weird pop thing that happens with her jaw. My mother-in-law just goes mouth open crunch. My wife and boy just do some weird **** with the bag that makes more noise than should be humanly possible.
  4. I'm all for zingers but Michael Cohen is a bad dude who played a big part in all of the damage Trump has done and he hurt a lot of people along the way to doing so. **** him.
  5. Welp.......looks like we have discovered Sponges job on the board for the rest of the year.
  6. If I could pick two owners for this kind of scenario those are definitely the two I'd pick. Egos out of this world.
  7. If we can get a **** ton of draft picks while ripping off Night Pains team that'd be pretty awesome.
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