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  1. I have never identified with a video about family and eating harder. My boy crunches with his mouth open. My wife has this weird pop thing that happens with her jaw. My mother-in-law just goes mouth open crunch. My wife and boy just do some weird **** with the bag that makes more noise than should be humanly possible.
  2. I'm all for zingers but Michael Cohen is a bad dude who played a big part in all of the damage Trump has done and he hurt a lot of people along the way to doing so. **** him.
  3. Welp.......looks like we have discovered Sponges job on the board for the rest of the year.
  4. If I could pick two owners for this kind of scenario those are definitely the two I'd pick. Egos out of this world.
  5. If we can get a **** ton of draft picks while ripping off Night Pains team that'd be pretty awesome.
  6. Just found out my old supervisor, who is an extremely good guy, is in the ICU because of Covid. Die hard Trump supporter who said it was all overblown and refused to wear a mask. Literally all that ******* moron of a POTUS had to say was wear a mask, social distance, and we as Americans will get through this because that's what we do. He couldn't even ******* do that though. Didn't even have to support lockdowns. Just say what we know he knew because its on tape. Wear a mask and be careful because this thing is serious. So many people could have be
  7. From the time I was about 14 til about 18 I would have definitely protested my parents and tried to vote them out. And looking back if they would have tear gassed me a time or two it would probably have been justified. I could never say that about my government.
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