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  1. I worked with a guy who worked on AC units on the side. He made the worst mistake you can make when working around electricity and let his friend tha he was helping out go and kill it at the breaker. His friend turned the wrong one off and the guy I knew left behind two daughters and a wife. Think he was probably only like 27-28 at the time.
  2. Im having a hard time seeing how believing that everybody from factory workers to grocery store workers should be paid more is being entitled. Getting more plumbers and skilled tradesmen in the field is something that would help but it does nothing to address powerful entities that have used their power and influence to hoard the money for themselves and cut the working class off.
  3. To be clear I wasn't saying you were. It was just a general tone of the conversation and it's a conversation I have heard a million times.
  4. Rural Georgians learn how to do most of their plumbing and electric work themselves.
  5. I just can't agree man. Considering the state of income inequality in the US rivaling third world countries, the absolute ****ty workers rights we have, and being in a deep recession for the second time in 13 years I just have. I interest in talking about Gen z's work ethic and framing the conversation around that. And that's what was happening. These kids just aren't working hard enough for it.....as if it's just Gen Z who is being affected.
  6. That could be absolutely true, and I'm not accepting it as true, but what is easily provable is that the middle class has been absolutely pillaged over the last several decades and the conversation yesterday just seemed counterproductive considering the situation. Certain statements could have been pulled right off of Hannity.
  7. Thought I had logged on to the wrong board for a little bit yesterday.
  8. Not that I've seen or heard. Only thing I've read is quotes from WH officials saying punishing the prince was never really an option.
  9. Ran into a guy I use to work with yesterday and he was telling me something like this about another one of our ex coworkers. Nowhere near as bad as the guy tweeting here but he had to go to speech therapy for several months after getting over covid.
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