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  1. I just don't know why we didnt get mo hurst yet...
  2. I think it would be worth a shot on a cheap contract. I watched malik his whole college career and he was good at michigan state.
  3. Because trufant doesn't get burnt one on one. He shuts down his side of the field.
  4. Tre Jackson in the 4th josh shaw or adrian amos in the 5th
  5. We need to trade up for him late in the third if he is still there and our defense will be a ton better than last year
  6. Swap first with them this year a first next year and a second or third rounder this year and we get dante fowler or vic beasley and muhammed wilkerson make it happen.
  7. Give 8 and our third to cleveland for 12 and 19 select best pass rusher and best wr or rb
  8. Trade back to the cleveland browns for their first two round picks we will have to give them something as well but then we select bud dupree and todd gurley problem solved..
  9. Trae waynes is the best corner in the draft i have a feeling he might be a falcon too where we have two great corners then build the pass rush
  10. Rather have dupree feel like quinn could develop him into a monster of a pass rusher
  11. If the defense was promised to be a top 15 defense from development by dan quinn i would be perfectly fine going all offense this draft. But doubt it
  12. It happened to justin houston who ended up sliding to the third round.
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