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  1. They say michael bennett hasnt asked for a trade. I think he might his camp might be talking to the falcons and might happen. Not like the seahawks need bennett.
  2. I say give them our second or third and select vic beasley with our first.
  3. No one is interested in this guy all of the few teams that are have a load of money (jags,raiders) we are better than them if we can grab him after saying wr have no interest in him it would help us way more than morgan would
  4. Yes would instantly upgrade our pass rush pair him with our signings and vic beasley/ fowler/ gregory / ray or dupree and our defense will be whole lot better than last year and years before sign that man
  5. I read something about atlanta trying to get dan quinn as head coach adam gase as offensive coordinator and teryl austin as defensive coordinator!!!
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