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  1. This is likely the dumbest post I have ever read on this board, and that's saying something. You should stop worrying about football and start focusing on the fundamentals. Master shoe-tying, looking both ways when crossing the street, and cutting up your own food. Get back to us once you've mastered these skills and we'll go from there.
  2. What this board really needs is better posters.
  3. I am so sick if the hate Hardy gets around here. He isn't Ju or Rid - that's not his game. He is a GREAT blocker and has hands of steel. He is our PR because our offense puts up points and burns clock. We don't need a 75 yard return five times a year. We need that mother****ing ball. Hardy all but guarantees no nonsense on the return. Just take the possession, give it to Mat and go to work.
  4. Not only that, they're essentially ripping our QB to a Saint's fan. FTS.
  5. This is the kind of comment that makes this place so un****ing bearable. These are grown *** men, who take pride in their work. They're livelihoods also depend on it. Neither has played well, but saying they aren't trying is just nonsense.
  6. How much of the playbook is just throw it to Julio? All of it.
  7. I started this practice back in he Superbowl vs the Broncos. It is quite sound. I look at it as buying a win.
  8. This. Debo is the single most important player on defense. And, honestly, Takk is probably behind Rico, Neal and maybe Grady too. I don't mean this as a shot at Takk. I like Takk more than Vic. But he ain't 2016 Vic or 2015 Miller.
  9. ******* this place has no ******* basement. What an unbelievably ****** up him to say.
  10. Just because a wr is open doesn't mean he is in the right spot.
  11. You don't know the facts, and excusing his behavior is ******* disgusting. She didn't even know who the **** he was until after she reported him.
  12. A ******** claim. Seriously, it takes two seconds of reviewing the claims against Winston to conclude that he's a piece of **** rapist. I'm not excusing Crawford at all -- I just hate that nobody cares about Winston, and the league just keeps letting him play. He gets more **** for stealing ******* crab legs than he does for being a violent criminal. I don't wish injury on many players, but I continually cross my fingers that Takk will break his ******* legs or Grady will cleat him in the balls every time we play them.
  13. Why doesn't Winston get this much hate? Is it just because this was a child? Rape is rape, as far as I'm concerned.
  14. Money Matt has a lot of mouths to feed. He may need a part-time job to make ends meet.
  15. At the end, Ryan says something to the effect of " that's ********, have ******* faith in that." ETA: Maybe it's "them" instead of "that."
  16. Except that he just called time out again.
  17. I have been thinking this same thing. Put me down for the TE.
  18. This. I'm a Vic fan through and through, but I do need to see him put up double digit sacks again to prove it wasn't a fluke. Otherwise, I'd be reticent to sign him to a (big money) long-term deal.
  19. Yeah, I hear you. Perhaps he is right. But believing in bigfoot is a deal-breaker for me.
  20. I'm not familiar with Mr. Paulides, but I typically throw anyone who seriously mentions sasquatch into the "not to be taken seriously" file. That doesn't mean his thoughts on missing people are necessarily wrong, but...
  21. *Insight, not incite.
  22. We got my third pick, but my third of four I would be happy with. My order was: Fowler Dupree Beasley WilliamsWould love to trade back up and snag Shane.
  23. You keep on using this word; I do not think it means what you think it means. Some of you are confusing the terms suspended and banned. Just sayin'
  24. For the love of the public education system. Sigh. The first amendment applies only to the federal government. The Powers That Be TM can decide to systematically (or completely arbitrarily, for that matter) shut up anyone they want without trampling on our constitutional rights. And rightfully so. It's their place.