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  1. At least we don't have a ******* rapist under center. ******* low-life. I hope Takk ends his career. I have more hate for that guy than anyone else in the league.
  2. I get what you are going for, G-Dawg, but I differ a bit. I think Clay is staying outside for the most part. Vic Crawford Jarret Takk Book it.
  3. Just think about 3rd and 11, Vic on one side, Takk on the other. Poe and Grady in the middle. The QB is already sweating. Then he sees Devondre slide into the A gap showing blitz...
  4. I'm confident enough in my sexuality to admit I've got a semi. Particularly with respect to the soon-to-be best linebacker in the league's statements and attitude. Free gon' free -- not worried about him at all.
  5. Now we're talking. Unfortunately, someone stole this poor lady's booty.
  6. Only came to the thread for boobies. Very disappointing.
  7. That, I think, shows that 40 times do not necessarily equate to game speed. Rocky has to be one of the fastest three or four guys on the team (along with Turbo and Julio). And he's almost certainly faster than Tru.
  8. He raps like he has a mouth full of marbles and his beats suck. TBH I hate most NY rap this side of Run DMC or the Beastie Boys (who aren't really rap in the classic sense). Wu Tang is ok, I guess.
  9. Yeah, the verses were pretty decent, but the hook was weak.
  10. Respect. The only thing good about Jay Z's "Big Pimpin'" (or anything else he ever did) was UGK. I'm more of an Outkast, Goodie Mob, Bone Thugs guy, but UGK is pretty sweet. For the record, I wasn't crazy about this tune. But, as I said in one of the other threads about this tune, that's probably because I'm old. I was bumpin' the original Chronic album on my way to school senior year.
  11. #pumped
  12. Thanks for sharing. I like rap, and I'm a sucker for Falcons-inspired tunes (my wife and I still listen to W.A.R. on game day). That said, I wasn't crazy about this tune. The autotune is just insufferable. That's probably because I'm old or whatever. I'd love to hear more of a snap-style Falcons tune.
  13. One other thing, aside from your concerns about his lack of bend, the biggest problem I saw reported about Takk is his poor hand-fighting skills. That is a teachable skill, and one Quinn cares about greatly.
  14. I don't think Campbell was a bust like some of you do, but that's what I see happening. I think a lot of it will depend on match ups. If we're playing a team with a dominant TE, we'll probably see Campbell a bunch; teams with speedy running backs will cause us to go with Riley and Debo. Additionally, there is potential that we'll see Campbell being relied on to pressure the quarterback more. Vic wasn't really playing a lot of snaps or contributing in spectacular fashion while playing SAM; I'd rather see him solely used in the nickel. I think one thing that we can definitely take away from this draft is that Quinn really wants players that have that competitive fire. It may be nearly as important to him as measurable, as some of these guys didn't have the kind of numbers that normally indicate value.