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  1. Roflmao. I think you mean "drivel."
  2. I think I'm missing a joke here, but as far as writers go, Benoit is friggin' Mark Twain when compared to the likes of Dled and Vaughn.
  3. https://www.thefalcoholic.com/2018/2/19/17027712/spotrac-lists-three-falcons-as-potential-cap-casualties-andy-levitre-matt-schaub-levine-toilolo It's the main image for this article.
  4. Yeah, it is in a weird format. I tried to download it, shrink it and post it, but my photo-editing software didn't even recognize it. That said, if you just right click the link and select "open in new tab," it should work. I've exhausted my technical capabilities, so if anyone has some skillz...
  5. I didn't consider that. Now it makes perfect sense.
  6. I like our analytically minded, well-spoken and articulate little GM a bunch, and I've applauded the vast majority of the moves he's made since 2008. But come on, dude. You're just giving the haters ammo: https://cdn.vox-cdn.com/thumbor/mwm0RdL9UYJpiXAvuIOZbVNIUps=/1508x0:3000x1215/920x613/filters:focal(1976x602:2456x1082):format(webp)/cdn.vox-cdn.com/uploads/chorus_image/image/58742247/633405810.jpg.0.jpg If you are old enough to buy beer, you are too hold to wear a hat like a ******* moron. It's like he wants to look like a frat boy.
  7. Uh...OK.
  8. I was a fan of WillyMo, but you can't compare the two. Neal is an order of magnitude better. WillyMo may have covered better for a year or two, but Neal will surely improve his coverage skills over time.
  9. This. And I'm surprised so many of you are applauding this type of behavior. I get that many of you want to drag Sark through the streets by his scrote, but Takk needs to be a professional. Run your mouth to your lady or your boys, but don't put this kind of stuff out for public consumption.
  10. If I am fielding an all-nfc-south team, I am running a 4-4 without question. I will also be killing opposing QBs, with both buckets of pain and 50 interceptions a game. I will also create a new position specifically for Debo, called "Interceptor."
  11. This thread is about people who had a bad year. Matt had (yet another) really good year.
  12. For realz. I want someone who can come in at the top of the league in tackles.
  13. We'll have to re-visit this at a future date. He's already drafted 3 true linebackers, and 2 "sortabackers" in Neal and Vic.
  14. I don't get the perceived need to use a high-round pick on a 'backer. Debo and Campbell are legit, and between Duke/Reynolds/Ish/mid-tier FA, we should be set. How often do we even have three LBs on the field?