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  1. I don't often say stuff like this, but if we signed that mother****ing criminal I'd burn every scrap of red and black swag I own. Also, he sucks, but that's besides the point.
  2. I think the new uniforms are pretty cool. The ATL part isn't my favorite, nor is the shading, but those are small matters. I also love the info posted above about the red helmets (likely) coming in 2021. I always use red helmets in Madden. But you know what bothers me more than anything with the new uniforms? Matt's single glove on his non-throwing hand. I mean, I don't care that much -- Matt can do whatever he needs/wants to do. #ThatsMyQuarterback But it just makes the OCD part of my brain twitch. ETA: Lol. Some of you idiots don't have a clue how this process unfolded. It's not as though Arthur was sitting at his Mac picking out fonts FFS.
  3. This board is so draining.
  4. It's De'Vondre Campbell and "might as well." JFC.
  5. Lol. You literally have a propaganda YouTube video in your sig. Calm down there, Captain Truth.
  6. Physicals aren't strictly objective -- there's no universal "pass/fail" criteria in effect across the board. Per Dr. David Chao: Quote source. All doctors are going to employ slightly different approaches and interpret results and observations differently. One physician's "pass" is another's "fail." So, as is intimated elsewhere in this thread, unless his X-rays show literal duct tape holding the ship together, he's a Falcon.
  7. I keep seeing people suggest that we draft a center. But I thought that was the long-term plan for Lindstrom. Guard is a more pressing need.
  8. 10-4. Appreciate it.
  9. What was he saying? That Ju doesn't talk? And I don't care how much context I had, that "sentence" didn't make sense.
  10. What ******* language is that? What is his point?
  11. Agreed. I hate the Taints more than I hate *** sweat, but Brees is a relatively likable individual. Also, to those making fun of his birthmark, be better than that. Hate him for being a Taint, hate him for the **** he talks when we play, or hate him for rubbing Payton's sweaty balls on the daily. But the birthmark-bashing is low rent ******** that's more typical of swamp-rat fans. As far as hating a player, that honor goes to Winston hands down. And he will remain the player I hate more than any other no matter what he does in the league or how quickly he quits. **** that criminal in the face.
  12. I never said anything to the contrary. My point was just that this wasn't some sort of revolutionary concept. I'm pretty sure Koetter is familiar with the notion of a 3-step drop.
  13. I know what a 3-step drop is. And call me crazy, but I'll bet my mortgage that Koetter does too. Hence, this is hardly an "insightful" observation. I get that we all love the team and like yammering on about them with each other, but there's just nothing ground-breaking about this.
  14. I'mma stop ya right there, fam. Do you honestly think Dirk is sitting around, trying to figure out how to put our guys in a position to succeed, and he's like "HOLY ****! Three-step drops! I never thought of that!"
  15. Username does not check out.