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  1. Dumb ******* post of the week. Lemme guess what your favorite network is.
  2. While we're at it, that Sanders guy was also a bust.
  3. *sense
  4. Why do I even come here anymore? Between the 12-year-olds spamming the board and this kind of nonsense, I'm just about at my limit.
  5. This is why they are disgusting people. This too.
  6. Seriously? You get called out for your questionable take and you let loose with a not-so-thinly-veiled homophobic joke? You do get that the reason penalties result in awarded yardage is that the penalty is typically part of the reason the offensive play didn't work, right?
  7. Deho had six positive plays tonight by my count. I am an admitted fan boy, but he had a great game.
  8. I was thinking the same thing. I'm guessing its police-related or a domestic situation. Do they distinguish between reefer and roids?
  9. A surprisingly well-written and uplifting article from ESPN (aside from the editor's decision to use sentence case for the second half of the title). A Few Good Men: Why the Atlanta Falcons are the NFL team America needs right now
  10. Part of the problem with our undersized LB core (which I really, really like) is always going to be run defense. Particularly on power stuff up the gut. Accordingly, it is imperative that our offense gets its **** together, so that we can be playing with a lead that renders our opponents' running games obsolete.
  11. If you get your hands on it, you gotta bring it in. This one (and another from the game) is on Ju.
  12. Well, if Mike Conti said it...