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  1. Come on. I have no love for Cam, but he isn't even the worst QB in our division. At least as long as the rapist is suiting up in TB.
  2. He's a rapist piece of ****. He shouldn't even be playing on Sundays at all.
  3. In order of likelihood: Matt, Ju, Debo, Mack and Jarrett.
  4. If the offense returns to form, our run D won't really matter. Kidding. Sort of.
  5. I can't believe how ******* blind some of you guys are to the plight of others.
  6. Holy ****. Did you really just say that? The anthem is just as much Kap's as yours. Your racism is showing.
  7. Bad joke about being an atheist... ETA: I was commiserating with the other atheists living in the south.
  8. Lol. First of all, as I understand them, the protests aren't about slavery; they're about police brutality disproportionately occurring in black communities. Second, the argument advanced above strikes me as naive. Third -- ROFLMAO -- look at the audience, FFS. That's a suburban Target on a Saturday. Fourth -- General disclaimer that, as a white dude, I am not trying to speak for the BLM movement and do not -- despite my sympathy -- understand the struggle from a first-person point-of-view.
  9. I'm taking a knee is solidarity.
  10. How about the fact that upholding the law is there job? Go ahead and prosecute people who obstruct justice (lol...I've got a name we could start with) for all I care, but those who are getting paid to enforce the law should be, you know, required to do so. And if minority communities hadn't been subject to decades of harassment and mistreatment by the police, they probably would be more trusting of the cops and willing to drop a dime.
  11. Thank you for your service and that statement. However, I'll make one slight correction: This is not a first-amendment issue. And I say that as someone who is firmly on the side of those protesting.
  12. I know you're kidding, but that is a significant portion of the problem. Were it not for "good" cops looking the other way, "bad" cops wouldn't be able to get away with douchebaggery as often.
  13. I forget, when was Kap in the news for committing a violent crime?
  14. Thank god. It's about time these guys shut the **** up and stopped protesting police brutality. Don't they realize that if they'd just stop being black they wouldn't have to worry about anything? 'Murica.
  15. Am I reading it correctly? You can't even try to return a ball that reaches the endzone?