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  1. If you didn't really mean it negatively, I apologize. But, I'd recommend watching the way you phrase things. You didn't ask a question -- you made a statement and threw a question mark on the end. Draft night/Falcon Fam/#RiseUp I'm over it. You?
  2. I gave you an out dude, and you didn't take it. You know **** well your initial comment was laden with negative connotation.
  3. Honestly, I'm a guy that does care about character and appreciates the Falcon FilterTM. But that doesn't mean I want choir boys, either. I have no tolerance for players who are violent with women or have problems keeping their life together. But I love a mother****ing savage on the field, who's looking to kill mother****ers (within the context of the rules and fair play).
  4. K. Let's just stick to his rushing ability, position fit and character. ETA: LoL. And it appears his character can best be described as "psychopathic lineman," which I like.
  5. Holy ****. That's awesome. Glad he's wearing a bird on his uniform.
  6. Not to butt in to ya'll's convo, but that really depends upon whether or not you put injuries at TD's feet. Perry. Spoon. Neal. Three of his first-round picks were potentially high-quality players, who's careers were eviscerated by injury.
  7. You're right. You obviously know everything about the situation. Stupid ****** trying to avoid spreading germs...
  8. You guys complaining about Gettleman wearing a mask are some short-sighted mother *******. He may have a family member who's at risk. Maybe he has a PA there with him. Maybe he's tested positive. STFU.
  9. When is the last time anyone gave a **** what Schultz had to say?
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