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  1. Here was mine. RG, I think we have the same counters.
  2. I'm smoking two pork butts today. They're about to go on the smoker now. I made an animal sacrifice in Regular Guys name this morning so I should be good.
  3. Game of Thrones - VHS Intro (UPDATED music):
  4. I hope they show the scene where Bran takes over Hodor's body and rapes his own unconscious body with it.
  5. Here's an example of something that's not a spoiler.
  6. That was a good one, kiddo. Don't let anyone tell you differently.
  7. Y'all need to leave skar alone. I'll be damned if I'm going to stand idly by while you bully the mentally handicapped. I've got your back, skar.
  8. I still don't know what the gay agenda is. Am I supposed to want to **** Mark Ruffalo? If that's the case, the agenda has become redundant since In the Cut.
  9. You have an incredibly low threshold for entertainment.
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