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  1. Kinlaw Henderson Chaisson J Johnson Uche Wilson Highsmith Robertson Hunt Madubuike Winfield Taylor Weaver Willekes Harris Akers Hennessey Agim Fotu Victor Cb dt s lb de ol Dt cb Cb
  2. Julio is here everything will be fine
  3. How many times did we call timeout in the last 2 minutes of the 1st half did the opponent score? I can remember at least 3 seems like more.
  4. I really think we are missing his leadership on this team.He was a solid pass rusher as well as a teacher and disciplined player. I’m not so sure Jarrett makes that late hit if Freeney is on the field. They are missing the discipline they had last year.
  5. i met a couple of guys who are working on the roof at thevstadium.They showed me some pictures and told me they were way behind schedule.They told me the there was no way roof would be ready on schedule.
  6. brantley reminds of collins situation someone is getting a steal
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