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  1. Backloading contracts. It's really hurt in in free agency over the past few years, and will continue to hurt us until the 2023 season.
  2. What are they going to do? Kick it down the road yet again? That's worked so well for us in the past that it's gotten us into cap h e double hockey sticks. cutting him only saves us 8M against the cap with a 40M dead cap penalty. Ryan IS going to have at least a 40M cap hit next year, like it or not.
  3. If you guys think the team is bad with Ryan's 26M cap hit this year. Wait until next year when his cap hit is 48M
  4. Take the checkdown out of the play designs please. Ryan will throw to them immediately if they're available and now is not the time for that.
  5. Ryan went right back to the curl in the exact same part of the field. You can't make this up.
  6. I've seen it before, it happens all the time. You throw the curl, you get picked all the time.
  7. I'm glad that Ridley caught that ball, but why is Zaccheaus in the exact same spot as ridley, just three yards deeper? I'm not sure if this is the playbook, or WRs not having a grasp on the playbook and being lost on the field.
  8. I'm ready for the NFL 2021-2022 season Arthur Smith head shaking supercut.
  9. NFL needs to start keeping track of "Slips and Falls" as a stat. I'm fairly positive Falcons would lead it every year.
  10. Nah, we're better off getting a QB down the road if we go into a rebuild. If we're only just becoming competitive by the time it's time to pay our QB, then we're right back to square one IMO.
  11. The only QB I've seen succeed after his arm waned, was Peyton Manning, but he had an amazing team around him. He still hurt his team by taking the deep ball out of their wheelhouse, but the team was so good overall that it didn't matter. The Falcons don't have that luxury.
  12. I feel like the entire league has known for a while that Ryan can no longer throw even a decent deep ball. It makes it tons easier on the opposing defense and coordinator to not have to worry about anything over the top and allows them to just sit on our routes. It makes our offense even worse than our overall talent level is.
  13. Bucs are playing with a handicap, they're seemingly choosing not to attack Mayfield.
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