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  1. Fowler's gotta go too. We'll save about 9M off the cap if we trade him, even for peanuts.
  2. I really do NOT want to restructure Jake Matthews, especially not at the full amount. That puts us at 23 and 22M for 2022 and 23, respectively. I really can't justify paying that for Matthews. It's going to be a rough year with relation to the cap. I'm not looking forward to how it's going to handicap us with the future Salary Cap.
  3. I personally don't think Matthews is as good as many think he is, but this isn't about personal bias. I really don't see another strong option to get the required cap room to fill out the roster.
  4. I still think that Jake Matthews is a realistic Cap Casuality post June 1st.
  5. Strictly going by the points board over at Drafttek. Not going to speculate on a team leveraging their future on one of these players at this time. Though I do personally believe if one of the Big name WR's is off the board, Phi would have no choice but to offer more than just #69 for that trade.
  6. Out of anybody this draft, I am the least sold on Trey Lance. I want to like him, but it's hard to like him as a 1st round QB. I haven't seen him have to go through reads, or make throws into tight windows. Nearly every tape I've watched on him has had receivers open with multiple steps on the DBs. I can't blame him for that, but it raises some red flags about how he'll translate to the NFL level where there aren't as many opportunities like that.
  7. The falcons are in an undesireable situation with both their cap and current QB situation. Like it or not, once those floodgates are opened it's hard to shut them. I'm sure Ryan has some strong opinions about hearing from multiple sources that the Falcons are going to move on from him sooner than later. My offseason plan does not replace Ryan, nor does it draft our QB of the future. It is however based on our draft position, the needs of teams drafting below us, and trading down. I don't see a realistic way to free up enough cap in order to sign free agents this season, so I believe we shoul
  8. That was a dirty tackle, dude held onto that ankle for dear life knowing he was rolling.
  9. Atlanta's such an awful sports town, the hockey team moved to Canada and still couldn't win.
  10. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/raiders-trade-third-round-pick-lynn-bowden-jr-to-dolphins-as-part-of-2021-draft-pick-swap-per-report/ 💣
  11. That and I'd argue signing bonus for the rest of the years allotted on the contract moves from team that did the sign-and-trade, to the receiving team, if receiving team either cuts, or trades player again. This is all hypothetical of course.
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