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  1. I don't usually agree with Mash, but when he's right, he's right. If we put this kid on the practice squad, there will be multiple teams ready to pounce. I know it was only one game, but Bryant is old and we can't afford to let the future slip away due to loyalty.
  2. My bad, lol, I meant John Abraham. It's been a long day.
  3. I very clearly remember Smith saying that sacks were overrated, but revisionists don't remember John Abraham being a one man show for essentially all of Mike Smith's Career.
  4. I know that RB's and TE curls have been killing us this season, and Manuel is essentially the Mularkey of Zone coverage, but it's hard to bring your linebackers up when you have a turnstile at Strong Safety, along with Kazee, who isn't the leader or defensive general that Allen is. Still no excuse to see so much zone today after M2M coverage started slowing the bengals down in the second half last week. Quinn is too committed to "his guys" and when it works, it works, but he really should just take over playcalling duties full time if he's going to let the OC do nearly everything with the offense.
  5. Welp, at least cutting Beasley next season will give us 12mil in cap space, that will hopefully take care of Big Baby Grady. another 4.5 mil for Brooks Reed too.
  6. I heard this narrative going in to the season as well. A lot of us saw that our LB depth was poor beyond our starters, and i don't think any team in the league could replace both starting safties. It's been a storm of the worst possible injuries for this team.
  7. OT is fine. The Falcons defense today wasn't. End of story.
  8. Agreed, I wish he'd show a little something, besides his dance moves, being a 4th rounder and all.
  9. Two games in, two games where ito is my least favorite player so far.
  10. Falcons were the only team in week one of the preseason to not score a single point. It was a pee-poor performance from everybody involved, and they should be held accountable as such.
  11. You guys remember that preseason the Bengals called us soft, and we proceded to get wrecked that entire season, preseason included? It wasn't a cause for concern then either
  12. 3/3 125 1TD 2rushes, 17 yards, 1TD
  13. I've always kind of figured this honestly. 9/10ths of getting play action to work is making the other team believe you're going to run the ball. If you line up in the I with two to one side and run a play action, I guarantee that'd be much more effective than running it in the shotgun with 3-wide, no matter how well you've ran the ball that game.
  14. Lol, drink a beer kid. Also, all Scott can hit is the blunt apparently. He can't shoot for ****.