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  1. You guys are concerned about the drops, but that was just today. I'm concerned about his lack of effort the entire season. When he had the non-fumble today, he didn't even attempt to get on the ball even though the play had not been blown dead. He refuses to turn upfield, Patterson's second TD catch was only because Ridley wanted to run East/West and missed the crease for a potential TD. He's making fundamental mistakes that he shouldn't even be making at this level. You can't get yards going across the field, you need to go up it. His lack of involvement in the run game at all is worrisome, and his overall effort when something goes wrong leaves something to be desired. He is not showing me that he can be a #1, much less deserving of #1 money.
  2. It's really not. Even at the Georgia Dome, fans either didn't show up, or didn't get in their seats until halfway into the second quarter.
  3. If we lose this game, it's a true team loss. Offense, defense, special teams, and coaching all deserve blame.
  4. If Mike Davis is on the field for any of these plays upcoming. I won't even know what to think about this entire franchise.
  5. I hope Calvin Ridley has to talk to the press after this game.
  6. I've never been convinced that we were tanking in the past, but the way this game is being called, coached, and played, I'm convinced for the first time ever that we're tanking.
  7. So on arguably the important offensive drives of the game, we fail to put the ball in the hot hand? We tanking, y'all.
  8. We really must be tanking, because we just gave three straight plays, the biggest plays of the game, to our worst Running Back on the team.
  9. We must be tanking, because Patterson hasn't seen a carry when we need him most.
  10. We deserve to lose if in crunch time, we're throwing pitches to MIKE DAVIS.
  11. You know that we love finding new and innovative ways to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.
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