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  1. Rise up And go home.
  2. Easily the best TE that nobody talks about. I wanted him so badly when he went to Free Agency just due to his blocking ability. Carving out any kind of TE role in that offense when they were force feeding Vernon Davis and Frank Gore for years was pretty impressive too.
  3. They're on a pretty ugly two game losing streak. Middling teams tend to turn their season into Cinderella stories once they play the Falcons. Not feeling good.
  4. It's been the same thing for over a decade now, dumpoffs and checkdowns absolutely kill the Falcons. We're so worried about stopping the big play over the top, that the big play happens in front of the Defense.
  5. Can we talk about how slow, uninterested, and all around bad Campbell looked during this game? I'll have to go back and watch tape on the last two to see if it's a constant thing, but in man, he plays so far off during the route as if he expects the ball not to come his way.
  6. Red Zone woes. If you didn't want the Falcons to score on you, let them inside the 20 and make em kick field goals all day.
  7. Hasn't been the same since Jeff Fish left.
  8. Yeah, if you click the image, it's the first thing in image search here, saying that Brian Urlacher is excited about the next wave on Linebackers and Deion is one of his favorites.
  9. Takk is a part of the Meme generation, get used to seeing it everywhere from NFL players in a few years
  10. I've always kind of figured this honestly. 9/10ths of getting play action to work is making the other team believe you're going to run the ball. If you line up in the I with two to one side and run a play action, I guarantee that'd be much more effective than running it in the shotgun with 3-wide, no matter how well you've ran the ball that game.
  11. Lol, drink a beer kid. Also, all Scott can hit is the blunt apparently. He can't shoot for ****.