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  1. As a Clemson fan let me give you some insight into Grady Jarrett. He was a Georgia State Heavyweight Champion wrestler a a senior in high school after finishing fourth as a junior so he knows how to use leverage. Beasley got all all the press he deserved, but Grady was the leadership voice on the defense. Grady has a motor that does not quit. He goes all out and does not take plays off. He was a big reason why Clemson had the #1 overall and #5 rush defense last season. Extremely active along the line. We got the steal of the draft when we got him in the 5th.
  2. New here. Lucky enough to grow up close enough to Augusta to get their TV stations and Falcons coverage since the stations out of Columbia covered the Deadskins back then and now the Charlotte Panthers. As a big Clemson fan felt like sacrilege the year that Charlotte played in Death Valley.
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