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  1. Hard to believe they will be very good. It would be almost impossible to be as terrible as they were the first half of last season, but hopefully we get the average secondary play we got in the last 6 games. If defensive line continues to not generate presser, secondary will get ROASTED!
  2. With the way this defense plays? VODKA!
  3. Just wanted to ask this question. Our defense is absolutely terrible, so turnovers are absolutely on a premium. I haven’t checked the stats, but so believe Kazee had more INTs last season than Rico has had in his career. Why isn’t Kazee playing FS?
  4. Cap sites currently projecting us as over the 2020 cap as currently constructed. Players like Hooper, Campbell, Freeman and Sanu probably won’t be back. Trufant could go as well. You can’t pay everyone, and Falcons ready have massive deals in place for Ryan, Julio, Grady and Jones.
  5. Go look up our 2020 cap space on the Internet. We’re currently over.
  6. I don’t see how anyone could think we beat them. Our sorry defensive line can’t take advantage of their weak offensive line, so we’re giving up 40+ again.
  7. You’re not taking into account that Matt Ryan, Julio, Grady & Deion cap number go up next year. You can’t simply take those resining a away and think you have that money available.
  8. Hooper is turning into a very good player, but the Falcons also won’t have the funds to resign him after this year.
  9. Guy is a complete head case. draft night, his weird social media posts, and the Cali incident, the guy is a headcase. Don’t get me started on talking trash to Steelers and following it up with no showing about 4 games after it.
  10. No it’s not. No one else in the world uses the word urgent in that context. It’s the BS TD and Quinn use because they think it’s new and flashy. You’re not outsmarting the room! Use the english language correctly! I don’t care if it grammatically correct, you still sound like an idiot.
  11. I freaking hate that word. Such a BS answer that has no results.
  12. Chris Cooper .... GOAT is Ray Buchanan. I was shocked I would be considered young for these boards.
  13. Hopefully over paying an underperforming DE and have him skip OTA is one.
  14. Bills once got Shaq Lawson + Reggie Ragland. These message boards could not have been more jealous. We drafted Neal and Jones. Bills are probably rather jealous.
  15. I think Matt had 0% say. I would guess Quinn asked for his feedback on Dirk, and considered it when he made a decision, but MR2 had 0 “say”.
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