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  1. And that would absolutely ideal. Don’t see why he would sign a deal prior to testing the market though. Teams will probably value his knack for timing the corner blitz. Hard to see another team not giving him $4M - $5M
  2. Thomas drafted Freeman and Coleman. I was very impressed with Smith last year. If there is one position TD has proven to hit HRs, it’s RB.
  3. You don’t pay your 4th CB almost $4M. I’m not saying I agree with it, I’m just saying I understand it.
  4. Coleman’s pop plays will he missed. He can also generate -4 yards run in a hurry as well. Someone will overpay, and I’m glad it’s not the Falcons.
  5. I see ya keeping both. I think Schraeder will restructure to the point that ATL keeps him. I also think they keep Fusco.
  6. The Vic Beasley debate is absolutely crazy to me. Anyone who thinks Beasley will see $12M this year is off their rocker. Anyone who thinks Beasley is worth a extension at $7M per year is off their rocker. If you’re a DE getting 5 or 6 sacks year, you have to play run down and make plays in the run game. How many highlights does Beasley have where he uses his quickness to create a tackle for loss? EVERY TIME he does put himself to make this play, he WOEFULLY comes up empty on a tackle. If the Falcons pay Beasley anything more than $5M, it’s a complete waste of money. Move on - Save the $12M. You can use that money to get two players better than VB.
  7. Lol @ “put him in space”. He is terrible in space!!! His tackling in space is comical!
  8. Jarrett a 5th round pick developing into a top DT and this guy wants to blame coaching.
  9. People thinking Beasley is for $7M a year is absolutely laughable. I know most over value their own, but good grief. The guy can’t play the run, and produces 5 sacks a year. How in the H-E-Double Hockey Stick could anyone ever think he’s worth $7M???
  10. Who was the “splash” FA signing last year???
  11. If he and Beasley make it through tomorrow, I think it’s a clear sign that TD is working to rework contracts instead of outright cut. If he can’t make it happen, snip snip. He could also be waiting to open all the cap space while negotiating with Grady. I’d fear opening up another $15M and it leading to Grady trying for more. Especially when we know he deserves that B!
  12. FA signings will impact draft much more than Alford. He have Oliver as the Alford replacement. If Falcons can’t get a standout nickel corner is rounds 3 - 5, expect them to make that move.
  13. Looked catchable to me
  14. So silly. Chiefs couldn’t run it all night. Reid called a fantastic 2nd half. You ideally take longer to score so that Pats don’t get it back, but you don’t fault a playcaller for calling TD plays.
  15. Probably going to be a great player. Falcons would have to do A LOT in FA for me to be comfortable with a CB round 1.