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  1. I did not know that Cooks was only 20 years old. random yes, but reedy is twice the man in half the package of cooks.
  2. I got to wear Zach Strief's ring when I was at lunch. I had my falcons phone case, so he saw it and came over asked me if I wanted to hold it so I can know what rooting for a champion feels like. I died laughing, but I took a picture with him. Really nice guy, like your average person
  3. So it was RG3 for thus far: Greg Robinson (OT), Alec Ogletree (LB), Stedman Bailey (WR), Zac Stacy (RB), Isaiah Pead (RB), Michael Brockers (DT), Janoris Jenkins (CB), and Rokevious Watkins (G) ****.
  4. Start having your owner suck some Goodell ****. I'm sure that might get him a 1-2 game suspension at worst
  5. I'm curious how many of you actually have been to New Orleans. Of those, how many were here for a non-football related manner? The city is enjoyable minus Bourbon (I think its overrated after 1-2 times). There's always an event or festival, mardi gras parades are fun to kick back and relax, and food is your best friend if you can't get past a sports rivalry. The only annoying people are: 1. the trash that keep shoving down how awesome the Saints are and any other team is ****** 2. the women that act as if they know sports and act as if the Saints have been relevant for more than the last 8 yea
  6. Its always tight minus the 2011 *** kicking, but I honestly think you guys own us, simple as that. Our revamped defense may stop your run game, but there's still a lingering question regarding pass rushing, whether or not the fellow sunshine pumpers want to believe it or not. Hopefully Trufant/Alford make the big leap to improve our pass defense. If how high Cooks is being regarded (looks like he's blowing away everyone) turn out to be true, Graham and Colston being as healthy as they've been, and looks as if Toon can be the next breakout star - I honestly don't see a 40+ pt game being out of
  7. Bad line play and bad WR play did you guys in when its away from the dome Now if you guys come in and destroy us, I'm talking 40+ to <20...I'd consider it fixed. If its a close game (doesn't matter who's the winner) something like 21-17, you guys have issues.
  8. You want an at least average pass rush. It isn't overplayed other than the fact that everyone wants us to have an ELITE pass rush, which is not necessary. Even the best DBs will get burnt if a QB has all day to make a play, so average is at least a necessity. Run stopping is important because running games will milk time if you can't stop it. Other than that, being able to limit those passing plays is much more important if your team is able to score - we are able to score. Look at the saints' defense last year, they didn't need to stop the run often due to their offense's scoring threat. Only
  9. Whats up with you and describing things with country miles? lol...
  10. I wouldn't go and say the Saints are a country mile ahead of the Panthers, it just isn't true. No team other than SF and us week 1 had a chance at winning in the dome, and the noise and home field factor is real if you've ever sat in the dome. Saints offense works by matchups/mismatches and good line play. That never happened on the road which led to a 3-5 record and led to horrible road games/losses. All because a team is dominant at home and average on the road doesn't make them vastly better than another team, it just means they have issues they need to address.
  11. I think he can handle it, most rookies have a hard first year. I think they may have tried to force the whole 'twin tower receivers' thing like how Chicago was built a little too much though, hope they can prove me wrong. Bucs are a strong team on paper and competition is nice.
  12. Saints defense is coverage oriented to counteract the heavy passing game they face (Face it, Saints will score so you gotta pass against them most of the time). The issue is, safeties will get walled off against strong blocking TEs and FBs (see Vaccaro on the SJax run). If you have someone like Vaccaro who is fast enough, can cover, and is willing to hit a powerback like Lynch and AD it'll work. Now how many of those can you find is the question.
  13. The game defined how horrible the Saints were on offense away from the dome. Predictable (look @ Kuechly and Davis' tackle counts), lack of protection (Brees got sacked 6 times), and horrible execution (2 drew brees ints). The only person who looked good in the game was Ingram.
  14. I'd think that would work only if it adds to the end. Not something like, I have the #1 this year, but the QBs suck so I defer and go back 1 year for the #2 pick or if I'm at #15, go back and get the #16 of next year.
  15. Benefit for him is that he's got the best WR in the game right now. If he didn't I'd imagine the draft would look even worse.
  16. Matthews Stafford - above average BJ Raji - above average Michael Crabtree - above average Brian Orakpo - above average Brian Cushing - elite when healthy Clay Matthews - elite Jairus Byrd - elite LeSean McCoy - above average/elite Willy Mo - above average Thomas Morstead - elite Wow...that is horrible. I reserved elite for top 5-10 at their position.
  17. I've been here for a few years. Outside of being surrounded by Saints fans and being the laughing stock at football parties, the city is really nice and laid back. I personally love living here more than in Atlanta where I lived my whole life up til graduating from Emory and getting a job in New Orleans. Also get to go to LSU games once in a while for free as well, so that's always nice.
  18. I think that Saints game was just overall hilarious for the receivers. Toon and Meachem couldn't find their hands, 1 caused an INT and the other almost caused one, but turned to a miracle catch. What looked like a nice 30-40 yard grab by Toon ends up hitting his helmet/face and goes incomplete.
  19. As a #1 receiving option, healthy, and less balls to spread because no Gonzo, I think he could put up 1300-1500 yards regularly As of right now, I'd personally rather CJ, Bryant, and AJ Green though and I'm very high on Julio
  20. The guy played with a chip on his shoulder everyday. Too small, not fast enough, etc. Smith straight up bullied defenses
  21. Say all you want, but I'm going with the guy that broke the greatest WR's record for most yards in a season. This is a guy that did things that Randy Moss couldn't even do. For all the "well he has more opportunities because he's targeted more", if you know he's going to be thrown the ball because there's no one else, why don't you cover him more. Oh wait, he's double AND sometimes triple teamed, yet he produces those numbers. That is why he's the #1 WR in this league, numbers aside
  22. Lets go at it this way: 2012-2013 Bryant: 185 receptions/297 targets (.623) 2615 yards 14.14 AVG 25 TDs Johnson: 206 receptions/360 targets (.572) 3456 yards 16.78 AVG 17 TDs Bryant on "more opportunities": 224 receptions/360 targets 3171 yards 30 TDs
  23. They're just helping the man get paid, its no big. I still think its Calvin Johnson.....and everyone else.
  24. He's just 23 years old and according to wiki: Was called for 1 holding penalty and allowed 1 sack last year They're set with a pro-bowl/all-pro caliber 23 year old for a decade @ about 11mil/yr (considering rookie contract, 5th year option + extension)
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