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  1. Julio did say he "wanted to play with a big-armed QB that can deliver the deep ball' 😉
  2. I actually get Patriot vibes from the AS and TF package as a whole. They're not wanting to sacrifice today for the long-term. They (so far) don't appear interested in playing favorites. From everything we've heard from the practices AS is all about discipline and technique. I know it's early but so far that's what this new regime reminds me of.
  3. I'm sure they have a back-up plan. You can't go into this thinking "we must trade Julio" because if you do that means your afraid to walk away from a trade negotiation which is a bad thing.
  4. Jets and Raiders also come to mind with the same mindset.
  5. This report deff came from TF trying to drum up interest. "Yup we got 1st round offers, what can someone else give us".
  6. I would say also Vegas too because of Gus Bradley and NYJ because of Robert Saleh.
  7. Pee's needs cover corners because of how he blitzes. Sherman needs that zone. He'll go to a team that runs that seattle system.
  8. We need to get over the notion that Julio ain't a diva. He's 100% a diva, just not the loud TO type. He's the quiet petty type.
  9. I really wish I woulda saved some receipts. I know I could still grab them from some old threads but that's some work.
  10. What do you julio trade deniers have to say now?
  11. I think he actually looks exhausted here. Like emotionally exhausted. His body language and tone changed many times during the interview. The QB questions deff look like they affected him. He also looked emotional talking about Julio. I know he doesn't wanna put a gold jacket on Pitts just yet but he didn't seem that excited about him.
  12. I've always felt that something wasn't there with Julio & Ryan as far as chemistry.
  13. https://www.onlineathens.com/sports/2012-08-19/falcons-julio-jones-looking-shine-year-2 Sure did. Had to look it up to see for myself.
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