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  1. I've always felt that something wasn't there with Julio & Ryan as far as chemistry.
  2. https://www.onlineathens.com/sports/2012-08-19/falcons-julio-jones-looking-shine-year-2 Sure did. Had to look it up to see for myself.
  3. That's exactly what happened with the Eli Manning and Phillip Rivers trade. Have team 1 pick a player that team 2 wants and finalize the trade later. The teams can do it but the league won't sanction it, meaning if team 2 renegs then team 1 is stuck with the player.
  4. Not saying a trade with Baltimore couldn't happen, but speculation of us trading JJ11 to Baltimore has been going on for YEARS. Other than the fact that BAL needs WR help badly IDK why them specifically.
  5. While I think the chances of us wanting to trade Julio are real. I wonder if TF let this get out, along with the chances of taking Pitts, to put pressure on Julio to re-do, not restructure, but re-do his deal. While the news is out he's killing 2 birds with one stone saying well if JJ11 doesn't re-do the deal he'll make it known that he's willing to deal him.
  6. June 1 Trade - I stand corrected. But yes, there is a 15 million dollar benefit.
  7. Fabricated as in Peter Kings thoughts are being used as news. PK even called out specifically that these are not being reported but just his thoughts.
  8. It's wild to me how crazy this story spread like wild-fire. I do think that Julio will be traded this year post June 2. Peter King had to know this story would spread like it did though.
  9. While I have always thought the Falcons would trade Julio post June 2. All the headlines are taken WAYYY out of context. Peter King in MMQB said he would not be surprised if we put a framework for that deal together. Not that he reported it would happen.
  10. I kinda hope we trade back into 2 for Trask so we get the 5th year option
  11. I hope our team is intent on finding out who went to his birthday party or any players for that matter!!
  12. OP isn't wrong for throwing this out there. What if SF has Pitts graded the same as his perception, being Megaton-esque. I highly doubt this scenario plays out, but is one that should be prepped for.
  13. So they gave up all those picks just to be on the fence about who they were gonna take, the pro day is what did it for them? This blog has more info than any national media source? Teams tell agents who they're picking?
  14. Didn't hurt me but I remember dudes on here telling elite lies about Randy Gregory from Nebraska and how he was gonna tear up the league. Ones that hurt me though - I thought Josh Rosen & Jadeveon Clowney would be really good though.
  15. I used to think this team was prepping us mentally for a new QB to be drafted. Now I think we're just begging another team to make a trade with us. I'm not saying we won't draft a QB, I think we would just like to take one later.
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