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  1. Cut him, best ability is availability
  2. I'm way more optimistic about Riley than I am any other pick and I think some of are other picks have potential.
  3. My opinion in were all fatigued by mock drafts and speculation. Thank God were a week away.
  4. A lot of smoke and mirrors in this presser
  5. As a Florida fan I love the idea of getting any players from their D. With that being said I think some people think DQ has a love for players from UF because of his familiarity with them which is partially true. I think it has more to do with players Will Muschamp has coached up on D. He is familiar with how Will has coached his players and how those players fit into a defense he coaches. I would not only keep an eye on this year's UF players on D but start to keep an eye on South Carolina defensive players in the future years.
  6. I thought that the Titans were getting Hightower or were close to it.
  7. It could be anything but my first thought is for extensions.
  8. A thirsty one at that. You don't see Drew Rosenhaus or Jimmy Sexton doing this.
  9. This is coming from Luther Campbel (Uncle Luke) somebody from D.Freeman's inner circle. I'm pretty sure Uncle Luke's wife is also Freeman's agent. I've been saying for awhile that I love Freeman the player but his inner circle and agent are going to be a cancer.
  10. I actually think the Eagles or Titans could try to snatch him up. Both teams have been said to be in talks with the Saints for Cooks for a 1st. If your them why not keep your 1st and give up a 2nd instead for someone who is still a speedy receiver.
  11. Being how Dallas needs defense I would expect them to try and re-sign him. However if we were able to sign him or another good DT in Free Agency that in my mind takes D-Line out of the 1st round in the draft.
  12. Pass on JPP and there's no way Trufants contract is that low. It will be higher, bet that