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  1. Not adding much to the conversation, but I played with Des for three years at Furman. Really good guy. Ran a sub-4.3 in college and was ultimately drafted by the Chiefs. Has basically spent the last 20 years coaching, primarily in the SEC and ACC. Excited to see another Paladin in the NFL, considering we don't produce many draft picks.
  2. It certainly doesn't bode well that a big ATL is now on the header for AtlantaFalcons.com...
  3. Probably close, but I'm calling this an early concept... Why the logo with red talons on the jersey? This should be white. Why no real players trying on the uniforms? Why a two bit leak when you claimed heavy security? Why a red to black gradient? Certainly no focus groups were clamoring for that. Fingers crossed...
  4. Don’t forget Ito taking a crown of the helmet to the face.
  5. Agreed. I can't think of a single dominating win since the NFC Championship, beginning with that ugly 3-0 start in 2017. Let's be honest, they'd be 0-4 this season if Agholor could catch. Holding out hope that they can go back to the site of SB 51 and get a confidence building win.
  6. How could we forget "The Catch III?" This is just another chapter in The Curse of Brett Favre. #BountyGate
  7. It’s not just him. The general feeling in Houston is that O’Brien needs to go, as he has been the beneficiary of a very weak division over the last five years (Colts appears to be back, though). Fortunately, he had Deshaun Watson, DeAndre Hopkins, a weak schedule and a bonehead Frank Reich decision in Week 4 to get him a #3 seed and home playoff game. He’s no offensive genius. He’s a .500 coach with a 1-3 playoff record, but the Texans sell out every game and they just handed him a four-year extension after a 4-12 season. We could certainly do much better in Atlanta than another ex-New England coordinator that parlayed Brady and Belichick’s dominance into a bigger role for himself.
  8. No. The only creativity in the Texans’ offense comes via Deshaun Watson’s legs when the play breaks down.
  9. He’s getting looks as a Head Coach. This would have been a good week to interview coaches from teams with byes, and we were silent. Looks like the targets may be involved with Wild Card weekend. Nevermind: that applies to head coaching interviews. Still, with Taylor scheduled for three HC interviews, it will be quite a while before we might get to talk to him as an OC.
  10. There is also an open Special Teams Coordinator position. Maybe they’re targeting some candidates from playoff teams for that opening. Certainly don’t think they’re targeting Fisch or Lombardi for OC interviews, as has been lightly reported. Bieniemy is more likely to get HC interviews than worry about a lateral move, which would I believe would require permission from KC. Who else is a likely candidate in the playoffs?
  11. 1. Matt likes Dirk. 2. Quinn has faced Dirk-led offenses eight times in the last four years. Tampa won three of those games, while averaging almost 26 points (never under 20). Dirk had significantly less offensive firepower with which to work. Quinn, when hiring Shanny, spoke about how difficult it was to scheme against Shanny’s offense. I think he might feel the same way about Dirk after the last four years. 3. Also, Matt REALLY likes Dirk. Dirk may be the front runner.
  12. I was never sold on McDaniel as a real option. Drawing up plays is one thing. Calling plays is a completely different skill. As has been beaten to death in this thread, neither guy is being hired away to call the plays in their new role.
  13. The list of great coordinators who couldn't hack it as head coaches is too long to write. Not going to hold his head coaching record against him anymore than I would hold it against **** LeBeau, Norv Turner or Buddy Ryan in hiring for a coordinator role. Given his game management skills, I think Shanahan is likely to suffer a similar fate. Just because you can draw up a game plan, it doesn't mean that you can manage players and other coaches.
  14. My wife and I will be there (even though she's a Packers fan/shareholder). I told her last weekend that I was going to eat nachos out of her cheesehead at the Super Bowl. I haven't bought tickets yet, but I'm hoping that living in northwest Houston allows me to get a good deal late this week. We'll see what happens. Either way, I have no flight or hotel rooms, so I'm already ahead in that area. I mean, how many times do you get to see your hometown team playing just down the road in the Super Bowl? Looking forward to sharing in the celebration on Sunday night.
  15. So, making a big assumption that the Falcons land Quinn, who does he bring along? Apparently, Bryan Cox has been like a brother to him since their two years together in NY, so he probably stays. He was on the staff with Keith Armstrong for two years in Miami, which means he is also likely retained. Kyle Shanahan's name gets tossed around a lot, but, other than rumors, I don't see any links between them along the way.
  16. I think they're going to stand pat at RT. My gut says that they let Holmes, Johnson and Schraeder battle it out on the right side, even though that wouldn't be my first choice. Why re-sign Johnson, bring in Strief and draft a RT? Now you have five RTs in camp to battle for two spots. Johnson was slated to be the starter and he broke his leg, so he remains the unknown. Obviously, they liked him a few months ago, but we never got to see what he looked like when thrown into the mess last year. A Baker replacement would be nice in this draft, as he will be hurt midseason and released in the foreseeable future. Time to groom his replacement for a year. They're only keeping 9 OL, and you can count on Baker, Blalock, Konz, Hawley, Asamoah and whoever they draft. Need another guard, so that only leaves two tackle slots, one of which probably needs to be able to play both sides.
  17. In other words, he becomes the starting left tackle Week 2 or 3.
  18. If you're in camp and you realize that you're outta shape, then it's too late. I can sort of understand Holmes not being physically prepared with 2013 basically being his rookie season. When you start going through real games, you quickly figure out where you are lacking in strength and technique. On the other hand, I don't know why it has taken two years for Konz to realize that he needs to hit the weight room. He was manhandled many times in 2012 as rookie, which I can understand. I guess being penciled in as the starter last year made him complacent, but he certainly wasn't prepared to take over for McClure.
  19. Holmes will come around, but who is the odd man out, particularly if we draft a tackle? Last year, we opened the season with 9 OL on the 53 man roster. Four tackles, four guards and a center. Right now, the locks are: Baker, Blalock, Hawley, Asamoah and, potentially, Draft Pick. The probables would be Konz and Holmes, and the battlers would be Carimi, Gunn. Jones, Johnson and Schraeder. My guess (even though it carries no weight with this being my first post) is the following: LT: Baker, Holmes LG: Blalock C: Hawley, Konz RG: Asamoah, Carimi RT: Draft Pick, Schraeder We know that Baker isn't going anywhere with his contract. Holmes can "play" both sides. Konz and Hawley can each fill more than one position, and Hawley is certainly being paid like he was an acceptable starter last year. It all comes down to how those recovering from injuries battle it out. Hopefully, Holmes, Schraeder and Konz are training hard as we speak, as they could be more than serviceable with the right offseason commitment. It should be an interesting camp at RT, but barring injuries, other than an expected one for Baker, we should at least have better depth.
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