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  1. It certainly doesn't bode well that a big ATL is now on the header for AtlantaFalcons.com...
  2. Probably close, but I'm calling this an early concept... Why the logo with red talons on the jersey? This should be white. Why no real players trying on the uniforms? Why a two bit leak when you claimed heavy security? Why a red to black gradient? Certainly no focus groups were clamoring for that. Fingers crossed...
  3. Don’t forget Ito taking a crown of the helmet to the face.
  4. Agreed. I can't think of a single dominating win since the NFC Championship, beginning with that ugly 3-0 start in 2017. Let's be honest, they'd be 0-4 this season if Agholor could catch. Holding out hope that they can go back to the site of SB 51 and get a confidence building win.