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  1. How could we forget "The Catch III?" This is just another chapter in The Curse of Brett Favre. #BountyGate
  2. It’s not just him. The general feeling in Houston is that O’Brien needs to go, as he has been the beneficiary of a very weak division over the last five years (Colts appears to be back, though). Fortunately, he had Deshaun Watson, DeAndre Hopkins, a weak schedule and a bonehead Frank Reich decision in Week 4 to get him a #3 seed and home playoff game. He’s no offensive genius. He’s a .500 coach with a 1-3 playoff record, but the Texans sell out every game and they just handed him a four-year extension after a 4-12 season. We could certainly do much better in Atlanta than another ex-New England coordinator that parlayed Brady and Belichick’s dominance into a bigger role for himself.
  3. No. The only creativity in the Texans’ offense comes via Deshaun Watson’s legs when the play breaks down.
  4. He’s getting looks as a Head Coach. This would have been a good week to interview coaches from teams with byes, and we were silent. Looks like the targets may be involved with Wild Card weekend. Nevermind: that applies to head coaching interviews. Still, with Taylor scheduled for three HC interviews, it will be quite a while before we might get to talk to him as an OC.
  5. There is also an open Special Teams Coordinator position. Maybe they’re targeting some candidates from playoff teams for that opening. Certainly don’t think they’re targeting Fisch or Lombardi for OC interviews, as has been lightly reported. Bieniemy is more likely to get HC interviews than worry about a lateral move, which would I believe would require permission from KC. Who else is a likely candidate in the playoffs?
  6. 1. Matt likes Dirk. 2. Quinn has faced Dirk-led offenses eight times in the last four years. Tampa won three of those games, while averaging almost 26 points (never under 20). Dirk had significantly less offensive firepower with which to work. Quinn, when hiring Shanny, spoke about how difficult it was to scheme against Shanny’s offense. I think he might feel the same way about Dirk after the last four years. 3. Also, Matt REALLY likes Dirk. Dirk may be the front runner.
  7. Is Joplo Bartu available?