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  1. Easy for everyone to put all the blame on Vick funny because Lewis got away with murder, didn't get any hate or JAIL TIME... but everyone loves to follow someone else
  2. I'm not comparing Vick vs Lewis legacy, just how much blame both received. Anyone with a room temperature IQ should be able understand my point. Ray Lewis gets so much less hate strictly because of football skill? BS!!!!! Can't have it both ways... Vick was a star in his prime, jail or not, still really talented and famous franchise qb
  3. Are you serious? Ray Lewis would've got life if he didn't have money. He paid all the co-defendants and victims families to get out of it...
  4. 200 is a bill from one meal man lol.. you must be in high school if you can't put up 200 lol
  5. After doing something way more serious than dog fighting, yall still tolerate Lewis because he was better at football!!!!! Great logic...
  6. Ray Lewis killed someone a while back but payed everyone off, but you all gang up on vick????? I mean ****, seems like yall all follow the same bandwagon, all hatin on vick when others guys have got away with much worse. Vick just couldn't get a good deal because he wouldn't snitch
  7. Ryan still has to prove himself in his prime. Vick was really unique also, that added to his legacy, He even had that weird commercial, mike vick experience or something like that lol. you get my point
  8. It was held at Vick's house but he wasn't doing it, but since he had the most to lose, he got charged with everything.
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