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  1. Who were you pulling for out of Hawks or Vikes? Why is this place so dead? What have I missed?
  2. So in the past 6 seasons, they have a 13-3 season, 11-5 season, 11-5 season, and 3 7-9 seasons of which one was without the head coach after bounty scandal. If you look a Payton's past 6 seasons, that includes a Super Bowl win, not so stale. On the other hand, how have the Falcons past 6 season gone, they 3 good years they did have, didn't do much postseason, remember 2 points?
  3. Well in a thread about Payton, and his ownership of Falcons according to is overwhelming win rate against them, what does the overall record and games 30 years ago have to do with the price of tea in China. Payton led Saints has owned the Falcons during his tenure and even this years horrible team was able to sweep them with the worst defense in history of NFL. Funny how every year the same post happens with the game lead dropping.......well at least we have a 9 game lead in overal record....well at least we have 7 game lead...at least we have 6 game lead.....at less we have 4 game lead.. Well
  4. 2016 One legged Brees > 2016 Matt Ryan, so far Brees the better QB in 2016.
  5. So isn't that like 11 losses to Payton led Saints since 2009, so you're saying 7-8 games had nothing to do with Payton's coaching, but Falcons tripping over their feet? Really? Isn't a forced red zone fumble a play made by defense to strip the ball, you don't suddenly blame the RB and claim your team gave it away. Ryan makes a bad pass because he has pressure in his face and makes a bad throw that is intercepted or dropped, that's a defensive play. Stop the silliness
  6. Gotta admit I was a Falcons fan for a day this past weekend, and bet big on them. Seems like every time one NFL team gets blown out by another, if those two teams meet up again, especially within a short amount of time, it's rarely another blowout, in fact, I don't remember a team getting blown out twice off the top of my head. Funny reading all the Panthers comments about how great this was for the team and some even said they were hoping to get a loss before playoffs. Ok, I'm so sure at 16-0 there would have been some unhappy panther fans complaining they didn't get the loss, sure. The past
  7. Hey mash, I feel your pain, expected so much more from both our teams this year. Really thought it was the Falcons year when Panthers and Falcons were both undefeated, not so much for Saints
  8. ... And water is wet. Nothing to debate here, unless you're asking which QB could also play RB.
  9. Just heard an update, he's going to donate those tents to the homeless and stay in a cardboard box instead.
  10. He had an operation on mole for medical reasons and could have the scar and redness removed with plastic surgery but has openly said he is proud of his birthmark. http://www.tmz.com/2014/01/31/drew-brees-birthmark-varisty-blues-friday-night-lights-super-service-challenge/ Also, his mom was crazy and committed suicide and was charged with trying to extort businesses in Texas, it's her fault they had a bad relationship, not his
  11. I bought my Ferrari for my 25th Birthday after my most successful year to that point. I guess according to Jb that makes me a person of character issues a someone who is supposed to be broke by now. Gotta say I'm still doing ok. Must be a real character issue with Winston if you're going to make such a big deal over a car purchase. im more impressed with guys that make tens of millions and live meagerly. I think I read about the Panthers Keuchley not even having a TV. So what if Winston hasn't bought a car in less than two weeks, really TWO WEEKS!
  12. This thread should be renamed, "guys who take this place too seriously"! It's pretty obvious which ones in this thread need to get out more without naming anyone...cough..cough JB....cough. It's entertainment! It's beyond me how people can get so upset by something a random stranger types on the Internet.
  13. I bet JB won't post in this thread since there is no way he can spin it since it's a direct quote straight from Bowden, not a speculation from an anonymous "insider source" as is often the case.
  14. The fact is the Bucs know they have a character issue guy and are running propaganda articles like this to try to sway public opinion and sheeple like JB eat it up. So what if he didn't buy a car, probably a large percentage of the players haven't, they just got paid in past week or two and most are in rookie camps and wouldnt have time to go to a dealership anyway. In reality, he's probably in the facility most of the time with minimal free time and has a personal driver picking him up in a personal limo or town car, it would probably would be more surprising if he did go out and buy another
  15. Yeah, he's a funny guy, but a lot of panthers fans actually do believe that.
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