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  1. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome. The Falcons had late season rallies to finish 7-9 the last two years. The Falcons finish near the bottom of the league in defense. The Falcons finish near the bottom of the league in rushing. Our defense improves when our head coach - who is a defensive coach - gives up the defense to his assistants. Our GM now reports to the man he replaced as GM. The biggest change next year will be the uniforms. But, as fans, we think next year will be different. That is insanity.
  2. If you take an NFL-caliber RB and put him in open space, he will do damage, and most successful teams aren't spending high picks on RBs. Raheem Mostert has played on 5 different teams in 5 years (and played at SF twice), but runs for 220 and 4 TDs yesterday. It's scheme. We haven't seen these monster gaps since...Shanahan was coaching here. Frustrating to see Shanahan and LaFleur coaching in the NFC championship while Quinn gets another year (aka "the definition of insanity").
  3. I feel like they will help us maintain our recent tradition of finishing near the bottom of the NFL in rushing. We need to improve our line, draft a RB (there are some good ones in this draft) and make a commitment to running in our play-calling.
  4. Both out of the playoffs. Both are free agents. I think neither will retire until the other does because they are both so competitive and want to protect their records. Passing yards: 1. Brees - 77416, 2. Brady - 74571 TDs: 1. Brees - 547, 2. Brady - 541 4th quarter comebacks: 2. Brady - 35, Brees - 34 Completed passes: 1. Brees - 6867, 2. Brady 6377 Career wins: 1. Brady - 219, 4. Brees - 153 And the most important one, SB wins: 1. Brady - 6, Brees - 1
  5. Falcons are 30th in rushing. “We did not hit the mark we were hoping to accomplish in that spot, but at the end of it, that's one of the things, when we say tweak it and work it to go, that identity, it has to come through,” Quinn said during his season-ending press conference. Such deep coaching insights obviously are why Blank retained Coach Quinn.
  6. You don’t get to tell me what to say any more than I get to tell you, so if you think toting TD and DQ’s jock is constructive, then so be it. You are right that buying PSLs or any ticket is optional, and I thank God I didn’t buy in the first year into MBS. Individual PSLs were $20k where we were looking, then you earn the right to pay $300 per game including the preseason for 10 years (or default on your loan as many are choosing to do when they realize how underwater they are with this “asset”). What I don’t have a choice on is rooting for my home team to be better. And when I look at the product they are putting on the field, I have no choice but to beg for changes. I have no delusions that what I say on this board will change a thing. The only thing that will change this team is a major overhaul, starting with the HC and GM, or we can continue doing exactly what we have been doing until we lose so much that everyone realizes what most of us know already. I know they WANT to win, but apparently they don’t know how. Actually, we don’t need everyone to realize this, we need just one person to come to this conclusion - the owner of the team, but with his recent announcement of retaining DQ and TD, and un-demoting McKay, he has told us all that we have another year of suffering ahead of us. For more than a year now TD apologists have told us that he wasn’t responsible for the draft anymore at the same time that DQ fans blamed everything on the OC. It seems like Blank at least has acknowledged that Quinn and Dimitroff are responsible given that he is now making them report to McKay. So tell me, do you think we have the best coach/GM in the league? Are they in the top 10? Since Shanahan left, results say we are middle of the pack at best, and there are a lot of bad teams in the NFL. If not, it’s OK to change them because teams like the Jags and us aren’t going to the Super Bowl.
  7. Because the actual season has been so wonderful! Our PSL money is in their banks, so why do they care? But, it seems like we as fans should.
  8. Ryan is getting sacked 50 times a year, probably taking 150 solid hits. This is not a legit window, it is a tunnel with a light at the end. That light is a train hitting our QB again.
  9. There are people on this board who will go to their grave as TD fans and/or as DQ fans despite the results. I hope Blank doesn't.
  10. You can be guaranteed this: Dan Quinn will never win a SB as a head coach here or anywhere else. You know it as well as I do. You can also be guaranteed that we are going to be in a terrible cap situation next year, which will make the coaching job very difficult, and that is the GMs fault, so he needs to be fired, too. If keeping things going in 2020 means playing below .500, we have the right people in place to do this.
  11. I pretty much disagree with everything you are saying. AB isn't a dummy, but needs to fire both TC and DQ. "You'll be going backward instead of forward..." Our team led Superbowl LI 28-3, then gave up 31 points to lose in epic fashion. Since then, we are 22-24. That is going backwards. We need to make changes. "All we need is to fire the OC..." Since the SB, we've had three different OCs. Getting the right OC would be a good idea. "That's all we need, except for a great Draft..." That's why we need a new GM. "And never take OL in the draft" We have a terrible OL and no salary cap to improve it, so we need to draft OL again this year. "...and never take OL in the Draft, get proven OL in Free Agency..." How did that work for us last offseason? Our FA linemen, Carpenter, Brown and Sambrailo are being replaced by the people who they were brought in to replace. "Yes!!" No, just no... "Hoping that TD peeks in on our thoughts..." I hope he doesn't. We don't need a GM taking advice from you (but maybe he has been based on some of his decisions).
  12. Could there be interest from the Falcons in Aikman as their next GM? www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/troy-aikman-says-hes-eyeing-front-office-role-but-not-with-dallas/ar-AAK1hRt?ocid=spartandhp
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