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  1. At least we are beating the Patriots in something...
  2. Look for the highlight reels of OT's across the NFL.
  3. The Fanspeak site has Falcons priorities as follows: DL, OT, LB, OG, S, RB, CB, OT, TE, QB. I picked Ed Oliver with the first pick to play on the DL. I would have liked to have picked another DL, but you have to play with the hand you are dealt. Also, why would you spend a draft pick on a punter, when you could have a player like Godwin who could play on STs?
  4. I've ran lots of mocks. It's hard to address every need, but I would be thrilled if the Falcons ended up with something like this. Would have liked to have found an EDGE, but at least we got MJ in the 3rd round. I think the last four picks are excellent value.
  5. Seriously, I bet I have ran 100 mock drafts at Fanspeak. In the vast majority of them, if you don't get a tackle there, you always have to dip too deep in the pool and pick a lesser tackle earlier than you should (who may not be productive anyhow) in future rounds.
  6. And yet, by your own logic, someone else paid Coleman $5 mill, so he has value. But, I didn't trash or praise Coleman...I just asked how this deal made the board feel about the Freeman contract. The obvious answer is that we would cut Free if we could with his injury history, but we can't because the cap hit would be killer. Nobody would pay $9 mill for him until he shows he can get back to form.
  7. For this to be a valid point, I guess you think the rest of the league would pay Freeman $9 mill for the next three years??
  8. So, you would rather pay Freeman $9 mill a year at this point in his career for the next three years than pay Coleman $5 mill for the next two?
  9. So, how does our $41,250,000 + $15,000,000 five year deal for Freeman feel now?
  10. Governor Blank called...Beasley has been granted a stay of execution. Let's hope for a "jailbreak" this season.
  11. This is the point. Upgrading from what we had isn't a high bar, but had to be done. If they had signed nobody, we would have griped. If they had overpaid for an elite guy, half of the board would have proclaimed Dimitroff as a demigod, while the other half would ***** endlessly. It's quiet moves like this that help build winning teams.
  12. I feel you stingbee, and we aren't trading JJ, but when is the last time a SB winner won with an elite WR1? If you say, Edelman, all you need to do then is trade JJ and pick up the next Edelman in the 7th round (which you won't do unless you are Belichick under a fake user name).
  13. Tell me that the 15.5 sacks he had in 2016 don't happen if the guy isn't good. Tell me the position change in 2017 set him back. Tell me was injured in 2018. But, don't tell me VB is suddenly going to become a gym/technique workout machine. Why does it take this long for him to start?
  14. I love me some Julio, but OBJ is 26 and JJ is 30. Father Time is undefeated in the long run. I don't think you could get that for Julio right now.