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  1. Were you wearing Eagles gear and hitting on the OPs girl?
  2. He did throw some love our way shortly after this post, but even as we were getting set on fourth down, he was still stroking Schwartz...BTW, it sounded like he was ready to blow Wentz when he threw as he was being tackled...and when was it mentioned that Tru, who had two picks, was out for Philly’s last two drives? And, stereotyping anybody you don’t know as intellectually inferior is a sign of...Oh, well, you’re a smart guy, figure it out for yourself.
  3. Constantly bemoaning Philly’s injuries...only mentioning Atlanta’s right side of the line is out when it gives him the opportunity to praise Schwartz’s defense, even while they are getting carved...praising Wentz’s toughness...praising McCown when Wentz isn’t so tough...praising Pederson for the genius of going for two...then arguing with the replay when Wentz is ruled short...etc. And it’s this way every year with him.
  4. Three possibilities: Quinn had a fantasy matchup against an opponent with Matt Bryant. Quinn had the Vikings as his fantasy defense. Quinn thought 8+8+8+3 = 28.
  5. I need some of what you are smoking.
  6. Let’s be honest, “finesse” teams like the Saints and Pats give us fits, too. We can’t get off the field on 3rd down, don’t get sacks and have stupid penalties. Someone on this board said we had the 3rd best passing D this week. Obviously, that’s because Minnesota didn’t need to pass to beat us. Do you think Oliver and Trufant are going to lock down their men when the chips are on the line?
  7. I noticed this, too and mentioned it to people at work today. Getting those extra extra points doesn’t help, but not getting them could hurt you if you were fortunate enough to score 4 TDs. Maybe it was all about being “fast and furious”, or maybe he was facing a fantasy team with MBryant as their PK.
  8. The record for the kind of defense we were playing on Sunday would 0-16. Hopefully we see improvement in all phases next week - whether we win or lose...
  9. Last week, while the Falcons were preparing for their season opener, I heard a Quinn interview with Carl Dukes and Mike Bell on 92.9 the Game. When asked how the staff was coaching up the team to make another Super Bowl run, Quinn said they needed to learn to play with "Poise in the Noise", explaining they had to execute without distraction in the heat of the battle. You could almost hear the eye roll from Carl, really man, that's all you got? Should we really be surprised the team then goes out and lays an egg on Sunday?
  10. So, if Sambrailo only gets beat 2-3 times out of 10, #2 will only get blasted 14-20 times per game in the 60+ plays the Falcons will run assuming the rest of the line plays perfectly. Ryan seemed a little concerned in the game, but it's good that everyone on the message board knows it's all an overreaction. This, in a season when we "went all-in" on the OL with a contract for three free agents (including Sambrailo) and two first round picks?
  11. All four organizations have their positives. I have not been a long-time soccer enthusiast, but you have to rank the Atlanta United organization as one of (if not) the best in MLS. It has taken some time for the returning champs to adapt to DeBoer's game plan and disruption created by the constant lineup changes when our stars play on all-star teams for their home countries, but you get the feeling United will be on top for many years to come. I think Snitker has done a great job for the Braves. It seemed like he was promoted as a stop-gap following the Fredi Gonzalez firing, but all he has done is gotten buy-in and blended a talented mix of youth and veteran players. I'm not completely in the know about this, but I believe a lot of the team's construction/talent should be credited to Coppolella, but Anthopolous seems to have stabilized what was a bad situation and is getting the ownership to free up some money to make moves. Next, our beloved Falcons. The Falcons have had their most consistent run during the Dimitroff era, and love him or not, this is pretty indisputable. I like Quinn, but wonder if the rah-rah stuff could be wearing thin on the team. Hopefully, how he manages things behind closed doors with the players is different than the cliche machine he shows in public. I think the players like Coach Bro, but he needs Koetter to give us some schematic advantages so our offense can start taking over games like they did in 2016. We have quality players at many positions and the need for depth became apparent last year. I think there are a wide range of possibilities this year, from Super Bowl to missing the playoffs and bringing in a new regime. Go Falcons! I also like the moves Hawks GM Travis Schlenk is making, but of course, the proof will be in how this all comes together in a few years. (I wish we could have been a little luckier in the draft lottery.) Pierce seems like a coach that players will play hard for. They are becoming an exciting team to watch. I hope he is able to instill some defensive mindset moving forward. The first rounder from Virginia should help.
  12. We are in the process of fixing a clear area of need in the OL (I say "in the process" because it may take some time for our rookies to cohesively work together at this level), we have a number of players coming back from season ending injuries and hopefully we scheme better on the defensive side. I am hopeful. To me, a big question is can we get Freeman back to his 2016 form. If so, we could score a lot of points.
  13. 2008 was the beginning of a major turnaround, which got us to the Super Bowl by 2016, but greatness will be showing that the ending of Super Bowl LI was just a bump in the road and not our high water mark.
  14. It took me a while to put the numbers together, researching 11 years of playoff and SB stats.
  15. I agree with you 100%. That's what I mean by "good, not great". We all want a little more, but we are definitely in the top half of the league, maybe in the top 10 over this period. It's OK to want a little more. I hope the team wants it as bad as we all do.