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  1. The difference is the Raiders have them on their practice squad. We spent first round picks on them.
  2. Then, we'd keep Raheem, but Jesus becomes GM and God the owner because that would be a miracle. We've beaten the Vikings, Panthers and Broncos, but we still have to play the Saints (twice) Buccaneers (twice), Raiders and Chiefs (and yes, the Chargers who we will battle to see who will blow the last lead in the 4th quarter).
  3. This is exactly correct. Want a winning roster? Then, get a young QB playing at an elite level on his rookie contract OR have Tom Brady play for $15 million when every other upper echelon QB gets $30 million.
  4. Sorry, but JJ is clearly not the player he was 2-3 years ago. Ryan’s decline is harder to define because he never had a cannon, but both are tapering off, and the slide will be more dramatic before we can get them off the books capwise.
  5. Players are superstitious and will wear the same socks after a win or change things up after a loss, so maybe Mr. Blank needs to change it up, too. Either stay in the booth or come down on the field wearing a Belichick hoodie or something - just not the same three piece, with your arms crossed... It would be even better if he could play DB (or hire a coach or GM that could get us one).
  6. It's the same fans who told us TD would fix EVERYTHING in 2019 when we needed to rebuild both OL and DL. People "guaranteed" he could get it done. What happened in reality? We drafted Lindstrom and McGary and brought in Brown and Carpenter as free agents. Even the boy genius knew we couldn't build both lines in one draft, so he focused on the OL, many which spent a lot of time on the IR that year. Two years later, we are still looking for a quality left guard, and our DL is worse than ever. We will not re-sign our center next year, and cross our fingers that Hennessy can play. H
  7. I think it is likely we have more (career) Hall of Famers on our roster - Julio - lock, Ryan - probable, Mack - maybe and Jarrett - longshot than we have All-Pros this year - Jarrett? Julio? (based on reputation more than 2020 stats). Trouble is, we are playing in 2020 with a team built to win in 2016.
  8. In another thread, a poster statistically compared the 2016 Falcons that went to the Super Bowl to the 2020 Falcons and said our current team could also be a Super Bowl team "with a few tweaks". It's the same old argument of "we are such a talented team, we just need better coaching". Coaching has been (and still is) a problem with this year's team, but we also have a talent problem. It is a fallacy that if you take a Super Bowl level team - and just do a few tweaks - you should be able to win the Super Bowl the next year. (This is one of the reasons it is very difficult to get back to
  9. Yes, the clock situation was completely different than what happened with the Falcons earlier. The OP either wasn’t watching the Falcons, is on some good drugs or is trolling. And, how many people think Raheem Morris is a better coach than Pete Carroll?
  10. This is not a Super Bowl caliber team and never was this year. The stats you post illustrate this perfectly. In 2016, we had a +8.4 differential per game. Oddsmakers will tell you, the NFL is “a one possession league”. When you are out-scoring your opponents by more than a touchdown FOR THE SEASON, you are dominating. In 2016, we were #1 in scoring and #25 in points allowed. Contrast that with this year where we are being out-scored by 3.7 points. This year, we are #13 in scoring and #28 in points allowed. Both units are letting us down, and we are the OPPOSITE of clutch in late
  11. I mean, we probably had a 1 in a thousand chance of losing the game the moment Gurley made the first down, which went to 1/100 when he scored. We make the meaningless two point conversion. (1/99 chance of losing). They drive the field on us, then maybe get a penalty for not being set, which could have pushed them back five yards and/or given a 10 second runoff ending the game, but we'll never know if it was on us or them because there is a booth challenge on the catch. (1/10 chance of losing). Then, Stafford scrambles, and of course, ties the game with a TD. Now, we have a 9/10 c
  12. 1. We are improving our draft position. 2. Even TD apologists have to admit this team is terribly flawed. 3. Morris will not be our head coach next year. 4. Posters claiming the Falcons are going to be 12-4 need to downwardly revise their projections.
  13. www.youtube.com/watch?v=CduA0TULnow
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