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  1. OK, then why do you sh*t on him at every possible moment? Even when people are simply calling him a solid NFL QB? (I know why)
  2. u sayin wut i think ur sayin? if u are, gtfo off these boards u lucky mofo
  3. Somewhat valid. Very 'somewhat'. Again, Ryan and company (because Koetter is involved, also) opted to throw short on early downs in place of runs, that has nothing to do with route combinations. Also, when your OL doesn't afford you the time to look down the field, it is impossible to be effective deep.
  4. Just so Swift knows, in an offence that cannot run the ball and is pass first, a check down is basically equivalent to a run in most cases. Look at the Falcons' rush atmpts. Its quite a low number.
  5. work ethic extends past injury. did he work hard enough to become healthy??????
  6. It just makes no sense. It's suggesting drafting a player based off their best overall season. I as a falcons fan can admit there are several Qbs that are better than Ryan. However, i believe Ryan will be better in the future compared to some of them, especially since they will retire and wont be in the league.....
  7. This makes no sense. You revert players back to their draft age yet go off current playing ability for some and top playing ability for others. Too stupid. In a logical redraft where age is considered, Matt Ryan is a top-10 pick 100/100 times.
  8. This. And he is top-10 at the most important position.
  9. No, he actually was level headed not too long ago. He was actually making good points (we weren't discussing Ryan, though).
  10. I know it's useless arguing with you, because you aren't even a fan of the same team as me, so I'll refrain from it.
  11. Doesn't have a large impact? Every single Falcon turns to Ryan. He is undoubtably their leader on and off the field. His work ethic alone impacts how his teammates train, themselves. Without throwing a football Ryan does more for his team than most do.
  12. While Evan Mathis is arguably the best G in the NFL, I still agree.
  13. Sorry, I thought you said NFCS. In the NFC, though, he is high up there on everybody's lists, except yours. Even Saints fans would agree.
  14. I've been around way longer and am still confused because I know he is a true fan.
  15. I struggle to figure out why you go on these ridiculous anti-falcon outbursts sometimes. Because about a month ago everything you said held some merit and was intelligent. Now you have shifted back towards spouting ******** ####### again and it's really sad. Ryan is easily a top-15 player in the NFC and easily top-100 in the NFL. All his stats back up this fact as well as player and coaching testimonies from his own team and other teams (even in his own division). His work ethic and ability to lead is unparalleled also. Please stay level-headed. You were actually enjoyable then.
  16. Except the part where Matthews blocked for Manziel as if he were going to stay in the pocket and Johnny often bailed too early and ran into sacks.
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