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  1. I don't think some people know the difference between "should have," and "could have."
  2. I think people are forgetting how could Trufant actually is because he didn't have a good game last week and missed time last year. Crazy.
  3. Yeah i was really hoping the endzone would be painted red or black, kind of disappointing
  4. Yeah i really hope this is the case too. Our home field now looks so dull to me. A brighter turf color and a red end zone would look real good. Look at the difference, i hope our new stadium looks like prime time, especially if we're gonna be showing it off for the first game of the 2017 regular season.
  5. What if falconidae is psychic?
  6. I kinda want the Pats. Matt Ryan takes out Rodgers and Brady on his way to the Lombardi Trophy. Just to add to a historic season for him.
  7. The argument by Stephen A. Smith is so bad. In the 2012 playoffs Matt Ryan's QB rating (105.2) was second highest among all QBs. Only Flacco was better. Ryan outperformed Brady (84.7), Manning (88.3) and Rodgers (97.6) handily. On top of that Matt Ryan did it against the top two defenses that year, and two of the top defenses in recent memory, in SF and SEA. I still can't believe how professional analyst can hold one player accountable for the success of the whole team to that extent, and ignoring the whole defensive side. I want Atlanta to win so bad, just for Matt Ryan's sake.
  8. Realistically though, that's most likely not gonna happen
  9. But in all seriousness, what do you do next year? Bench Collins?
  10. I don't think Quinn is calling the plays now, i feel like they would've announced it for sure, and Dan Quinn has been carrying that paper every game this season, so it's not just something that came about after the bye, unless you guys are tryna say he's been calling plays all year. Here he is against the Saints in week 3.
  11. Based on what people say on this board, you'd think the opposite, especially regarding Rico
  12. 98 tackles in 12 games, he's been all over the field. Him and Deion Jones are exactly what the defense needed.
  13. We'll be wearing our pretty black uniforms. And this year, our speed on defensive is much improved so that should help us deal with mobile QBs better. I'm not worried about Kaep but Hyde is a handful.
  14. There's no "other guys," it's him or Brady. I don't see how any arguments can be made for anyone else. And Brady missed the first four games, at this point, i think Ryan has as good a chance as anyone to win the MVP and he has 3 extremely weak defenses coming up to finish the season as well.