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  1. Lmao so I guess he should give up, stop trying... Find me one coach or player who would agree with the sentiment that you cannot improve a weakness in your game through studying and practicing. 1st year, 7th year, 13th year. That's what practice is for. He's 28, there's literally every chance in the world it can improve, however incremental that improvement might be, to completely dismiss this possibility is actually ridiculous.
  2. I don't understand why some of y'all are acting like it's impossible to improve your ability to catch? Trufant is never going to be a ball hawk suddenly catching everything thrown his way a la Ed Reed. But it seems like some of y'all are completely dismissing the possibility that he can improve his hands with practice.
  3. I read these boards every day, multiple times, and literally don't think i've seen Senat's name mentioned in weeks. Seems like no one is excited about him, maybe he's been mentioned but not like the hype you see for a guy like Hageman or Cominsky around here. I guess people don't see Senat as a high ceiling guy, like they do with Cominsky or Hageman.
  4. Deadrin Senat. Is no one high on him? By all accounts, he had a decent rookie year. https://www.thefalcoholic.com/2019/1/15/18182023/bright-spots-in-a-dim-year-deadrin-senat-is-a-beast