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  1. You couldn't play anything that big and disproportioned
  2. You couldn't play anything that big and disproportioned
  3. Keep ya head up high! This is a good sign my man. When we win it this year, you can look at those face's and laugh. Then come back home and pawty!!!!!
  4. When the guy's fight in camp before the season that is always a great sign! See ya on the field first game AINT'S!!!
  5. Happy B-day my man. Hope you have a wonderful time and get plenty of auto's and pics. Good for you!!!
  6. Can you see Matt or Roddy answering question's from lotsapoppa or lol whatever his name is when he comes back??? Yes I agree it would be cool to interact with them, but that would be a disgrace to this message board and every true fan out there to see one of these undercover saint's fan talking to our guy's.
  7. Don't think this would be good with the troll's running around here.
  8. You ban us on that crap site I never go to because we are falcon fan's? Hey mod's.....let's return the favor! Get these 2014 loser's outta here. Keep talking and remember it's our win first game!
  9. You know whats coming to ya team the first game, but it's okay we all know yall are scared. Go back to the the aint's board were yall belong and give this up. This won't work here with that dirty, filthy, cheatin ring yall have. Truth be known this year......yall coming in last place thanks to us.
  10. Can't edit nothing! I'm talking like sk duper now?
  11. What's gunna fail is when when those aint's step on the field the first game against us swamp mud.
  12. Oh yeah, I'm gunna love this season and most importantly kicking dat dare booty first game.
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