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  1. Ummm stats show the last quarter of the season our online was 10th in the league if you drop the 1st 3/4of the season. Rookies.... We were playing toilollo at rt because of the injuries.nah... See ya in a the playoff bro. This team don't need a cb like you listed. Or a LB Reed and Durant fixed dat. There solid. Tamme will get the start. TE fixed. Nope this roster is pretty set. Don't know wat ER means but if returner is what it means Hester's all over it. We're set this year... Waiting for that big contract were about to give Julio.... We need to lock him down long term and we will you know why? Cause Julio is the best WR in the league and when he is healthy. He's dominant. He'll teams even fear him on it he dat good. Your eyes are failing you if you can't see dat fool
  2. Murray would have not made an impact as a falcon. Running behind our line he would have retired already. Houston... Sure he would be a defensive game changer But Julio has been a bigger impact then him. If we would have kept Abe. And then picked up Osi to compliment him instead. We wouldn't have had a problem with our pass rush. Online needs rebuilt first then place a RB. Ryan's an Elite QB and is the best in the league under pressure and when giving time he make D's pay. He adapted quickly to the underdeveloped oline and still finished top 5 6th year in top 10. And without starting receivers. No none of those players would have made an impact like Julio did, does and will.
  3. One HOF receiver can't play defense. One guy can change the pace on the other side of the ball but not both. Smh. That's why they call it a team
  4. Julio was and is the better pick over Murrey and Houston. Fact being Murrey would not be a top RB in Atlanta those years. Nope. Our online has been atrocious and he would have ended up hurt more often then he does now. Julio was by far the best pick TD picked at that time. We had QB to throw to him. You get the qb a target and a toy and big things happen and they did. Julio was the smartest and one of the best things that has happened to this team in the TD era hands down. Smh... He leads the league in almost everything when he's healthy. Everyone blames the players for there injuries like they can prevent it. Well they can't ... It happens. Not to mention being top five almost every year in stats and having the injuries he's had. Tells everyone how much of a beast he is. We did not need a rb then we needed a wr and we got him. Smh. Hate it how people do that. On a side note I called Hester coming to Atlanta before there was talk about it... Don't really care about the draft that much cause I don't follow college. Just know that we finally addressed an area of need since we drafted Julio Jones which was a need then to, not a rb... If we get guys that we need then I'm happy and that's what Quinn and TD did this year and that's what is needed to happen every year.
  5. Thank YOU! Some people don't know Diddly about football... and the NFL. These players in rotation would be awesome and hard to game plan for. no doubt.
  6. So Im a Big Fan of Ryan... Have a signed jersey and a Jersey I wear... Same with Vick... Still a big fan of his and want to see him do well. Ryan Is amazing QB and was only 500yards from the 5k mark that only 6 QBs are in right now. Top 5 in most stats across the board and over a 60% accuracy rating under pressure. Best in the league... 2nd to only one qb ever. Couldn't find the post someones talking bout Ryan. Ryan Deserves the Money were paying him. Wouldn't mind paying him more if we won a Super Bowl either. I agree with ya that the people that are saying Ryan needs to go are completely ignorant and really, really needs to go back and watch more football... If he wins a Superbowl and Breaks 5k pasing yards... NEXT YEAR, Yep Im saying it hahahaha. Then these guys should finally understand that Ryans Elite and Will remain with us for hs entire career.
  7. How Bout on the other end Opposite of Beasely??? How Hard is it to Picture? there Are 2 DEs in on every play. running a 4-3 or 3-4... Doesn't Matter... Reed is a Line Backer. Not a DE. Sure He can Lineup as one. But that is not his Position. He Would Be a DE with his hand in the Dirt Opposite of Beasely. How hard is it to Picture that there are 2 DE's on every play. Doesn't matter What set where playing. I get so irritated when people say that. There is no valid point. I can draw a picture if everyone likes. I would love two DE greats on this team. Both would play at the same time, on the same field and on the same plays when called on. Ugh
  8. This Is now the Best Falcons Team we have had in over 3 years. We'll go deep into the playoffs With Beasley at DE.
  9. Cause He was Hurt and we needed Defensive Players... not really a running back that was Brittle
  10. Williams at 3.... ray in the 2nd... not gurley... a udfa rb will do or 5th rnd tops
  11. When we had a passrush we went to the playoffs... what happened after we lost Abe? We went no where... a DE or a Player like WIlliams would change the game for us. They make the QB question where they throw it, They cause the bad reads, cause the Sacks, the 3 n Outs'.... THEY DO NOT NEED OTHERS TO DO WELL FOR THEM TO DO WELL. Running backs need a stable Oline to get great numbers... no line no numbers. he'll end up hurt behind the current line now. Matty knows how to deal with it cause he has the experience. Jackson and Quizz was no our best backs... Sorry they were poor. Antone and Freeman have more upside then Those other two. We won't get Gurley cause TD will trade up and he's going to get Williams or Fowler. A Short Yardage Back will be drafted in the 5th or 4th tops if we draft one.
  12. LOL We have more of a chance grabbing a WR then grabbing Gurley in the 1st. You put yourself in a losing situation. Odds are way Higher to grab someone other then Gurley. I'm pretty sure were going to Trade up and grab Williams. And rather have Cooper then Gurley.... Cooper can play now... Gurley can't. Yeah yeah... we saw his treadmill run... But can he do that with a SS coming at him even faster and taking a Moore like Hit... No... He'd be out anther year. He has big promise but sadly that injury makes your knee hurt for the rest of your life and gets worse the more you strain it. I'd say He'd be in the League about 3 years... Cooper 5 plus at least.
  13. How So? You have two backs that averaged more per carry then Jackson... both are quicker, both have more Burst, both have far less work load in the past so there bodies aren't as tore up, both have the Home Run Ability. I'd Say we are better off then last year. WAY better.
  14. Ummm Antone with a 6+ yards per carry is enough to warrant we will not Draft a RB til the 4th or 5th and that will be the short yardage guy. Freeman and Smith will split there carries. Watch
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