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  1. I would post a link to watch it online but idk if Im allowed to or not. ppl can PM me for it if they want... its HD as well.
  2. Looks like were doing good! Apart from the 1st string guy burning our 2nd and 3rds the last second..... our 3rds '_' … not our 1sts and he decides to twerk smh.
  3. I like the Bucks Over the Saints... and the Bucks are a better team... But... I agree, it wouldn't hurt if the Bucs lost. Rather a game up then us having a slight tie breaker advantage. Go Saints hehe
  4. He also sealed two games away this year and won the gam for us pretty much... smh.
  5. Ha! I called it... told Everyone well resign him... he was being flagged lots the 1st 3 games and he got back on track... dude is solid and wish he got more cause he deserves more. pretty happy he did... which means Collins is for depth or he's going to be traded or let go or I can even see a transition to FS and we'll let Allen Walk...... Pooles better then collins. So It's collins with the short straw next year I'm going to guess.
  6. No they didn't we own the slight tie breaker currently
  7. Ummmm.... how bout let the big boys talk about how we are really doing? We are doing fine. The loss was a fluke. The ints today were awesome Defensive plays on the ball. We might have won if we didn't try for the 2 points. Do we know that? No. We did not... not to mention, our loses have been extremely close and have came down to the last drives... or it hasn't been a game and we're Pummeling them... I'm not worried. we own the tie breaker so far with Tampa... we just need to keep on track. I blame DQ for this loss today. If we would have taken the points and kept KC at bay.... or they would have taken shots and made a mistake and our defense closed out. No one here would be complaining... I lied, sadly We have some downers in here -.- . But what I saw is lack of trust DQ has in his defense (which is solid) and that Cost us the game because of the lack of trust. Btw... IDK if it's good we're not hearing much of Ricardo Allen or not. Don't really see him popping up like we do Neal. The SS isn't suppose to be doing What Neal's doing. He's really playing the FS and Allens Playing the Strong Safety roles it seems. idk just a thought.
  8. Sadly they haven't destroyed your account... get out a here with that negativity lol. maybe they use it as some sort of role play.... and really it's giving there marriage some spice after the dinner table....
  9. Let's hope this problem isn't in the bedroom lol... But she could send me all the ordaments if she wants to get rid of them hehe.
  10. But the back to the futer was late 80s right? There was a sign that said President Trump when the went to 2020 in thr futer... Thats crazy.
  11. Pretty crazy that back to the Future called that Trump would be the president of the US back in the early 90s
  12. We have led the league in hurries and hits the past 3 years. Idk how everyone misses this. The sacks just never tallied up.
  13. Alford has had one penalty now in 2 games. Since his penalty fiasco 3 weeks ago. He's been solid and watching his hands and over 25% of the calls thrown against him. He didn't really commit a foul. He's still a top 20 Corner right now. Clear up the penalties. He's doing great and he'd be close to top 10 with Tru. Top 15 at least.
  14. Say that to John Elway. . . He'll chuckle at ya lol
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