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  1. Me too hope this Dupree thing is a smokescreen
  2. Also didn't have vontae mack to pick at 4. He's once in a lifetime player. Rip Chadwick
  3. Ha I was watching it too then switched to the office once the game went to half time
  4. Thank you for the heads up using the pfn website that you can trade for free without subscribing and paying. Traded down with jets for 23 and 34 and picked up both 1sts next year and threw in our 3rd to sweeten deal. Traded down with the jags in 2nd rd from 35 to 45 and picked up 57 for a 3rd next year then traded rest of our day 3 picks for quincy Roche. It was fun imagining myself as Kevin Costner in draft day. Three 1st rds next year can use as ammo for our qb of the future or use 1 to trade down and recoup a 3rd.
  5. I was wrong about vic beasley. Really thought he could have been the pass rusher we haven't had since JA55. Another player I was wrong about and did better than I though his rookie year was AJ Terrell. I know too soon but still
  6. Love the trade down and what we get back. At 8 we can go parsons or one of the corners or even pitts
  7. I wouldn't hate the pick if we get chase or even Smith. Id rather have chase though that way aj Terrell doesn't get burnt by him when we make the super bowl
  8. Yeah when the titans lost. Derrick henry should win it and not Rodgers ot mahomes
  9. If we have 4 and top 3 go qb, either trade down or draft sewell!
  10. Draft 1 or go all in on Simmons from denver
  11. Smokescreen so we can actually get our head coach?!
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