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  1. Like hurst and what he stands for but this is bizness. Hope we get that comp pick from him
  2. **** yeah ill take that pick!
  3. If we do trade down, how far do you all want to trade down? Would it be better than staying put and selecting jok, moehrig or javonte?
  4. I likey!! If tae ain't there at 35 then go defense
  5. For sure takk. After his draft day interview I was like ohh **** yeah he's gonna be insane coming off the edge. Only ended up staying on the edge lol
  6. RIP X. Hope.your givin it to them up above. Rest easy brotha
  7. While I'm hoping to go and meet my half sister for the first time over the pond (she lives in leeds), I understand the frustration especially for psls. Think they should have scheduled teams with 9 home games to host international games to make it fair. For us to play 7 games at the benz while technically 10 on the road is bs
  8. Got me beat im probably going to order a pizza and and drink a 6 pack
  9. I want to but could see quinn targeting him in Dallas because we were about to draft him before the Seahawks traded up to take him in the 2nd
  10. Amen. Hate seeing all this hatred toward someone because they look different. As Jackie moon says "everybody love everybody"
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