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  1. Woooo!!!! Let's go cant wait for those jerseys and seeing who to get on the new jersey!
  2. I have a random question. What would our 2 4ths equate to on a trade up? Really didnt want to make a post about a question lol
  3. I've had 4x4s animal style but 10x10s ohh man
  4. Gives us enough time to cop one before the draft
  5. Hey that's my birthday! That be the perfect day hoping your source is as credible as Ledbetter lol
  6. If we trade rico hello delpit?
  7. If I had a choice between suh or griffen I'd choose suh. He still draws double teams could open up the rest of the defense
  8. Congrats!!!
  9. Corner 1st rd and I think its gonna be cj Henderson because quinn loves his florida boys but I kinda want a lb like kenneth murray or Patrick queen
  10. Just please pass the physical
  11. Still almost had 1,000 rushing yards last year. Love the 1 year prove it deal
  12. Love Gurley but not the rb from uga i want (swift) but whoever comes cheaper I'm down with
  13. This be a pipe dream but here it goes 1.16 Isaiah simmons lb clemson 2.55 julian okpara edge Notre dame 3. 78 jk dobbins rb ohio state 4 119 michael ojemudia cb Iowa 4 134 jake Hanson ol oregon 7 229 Chauncey rivers dl miss st.
  14. Yep but td wants to keep the 7th for a player that wont even get on the field