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  1. Definitely gotta go with a home red or throwback jersey. I agree with the red hat and Keanu jersey even though the Calvin one is dope as well
  2. Sunday ticket I'm paying about 75 a month I know its pricey but I was shelling like 40 a game going out watching it at places. Make sure you use an address that doesn't allow DirecTV that way you can actually get Sunday ticket on your own
  3. Decided to host superbowl party since my actual team was in it. Yeah didnt work out but next time we make it for sure I'm going
  4. Next week I'll watch the game at a place where the Falcons are 3 and 0 at. if we win next week I'm watching every game there this season
  5. Thank goodness it's the 1st anniversary with my wife! At least I have something to look forward to smdh c'mon falcons get your **** together
  6. Doesn't mean **** just like the bogus Clowney rumor
  7. A scrub is a guy who cant get no love from me
  8. Say no to drugs
  9. We finally won!!! No 0-16 season babay!!!!
  10. It sucks that a week 1 game could possibly have playoff implications but this one certainly will. Let's get it!!
  11. Sign her for a year then draft hot rod in the 5th rd
  12. At least we know they both will make the team so no need to "evaluate" next two games
  13. Adios simms
  14. Maybe we trade for jadeveon clowney??!
  15. **** it's been a minute but I grew up with him and his brothers from elementary into 9th grade until I moved to california. With that being said f the taints