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  1. **** the aints!! With that said hope brees injury isn't too major because I'd rather see you guys win the division than ***** *** brady and the bucs
  2. K so here's the deal. I bought three limited jerseys 1 in each color. Only received a black ridley one in August after ordering in April. Also ordered a white julio and gradient Gurley first said they be out in October but to no avail. Contacted the fanatics people aka the source and they said they wouldn't be shipped till February 2021. Cancelled the orders because who knows if julio and Gurley will still be on the team.
  3. What's the point of keeping him for the rest of the season when his *** doesn't want to be here. Dont need his negative Nancy *** in the locker room
  4. I'm only saying no because I think he can get got for a 3rd
  5. Give me a smart gm and josh heupel coach from ucf
  6. Can't believe this. Really enjoyed his insight and chatted a few times on Twitter with him. Super shocked he passed. May he rest in peace and prayers to his family. He will be missed by the team, this fanbase, ESPN and everyone else.
  7. Honestly I'd fire dirk first then quinn. At least out D held them to under 30 pts but our offense couldn't do ****
  8. Other than grady of course
  9. Really thought this was going to be a good hire. Boy was I ******* wrong. Hope we fire his *** along with everyone else tonight
  10. Gonna be two - The 2020 falcons Oops sorry drank the bong water
  11. I dont face the demons some people do but for hayden hurst and dak to bring their messages to the masses and be the voice for the voiceless speaks volume. I will support hayden and dak in whatever they are dealing with and will fight along with them.
  12. prayers to him and his family. Such horrible news to hear.
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