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  1. Rather try Oliver at FS and keep sheff at corner but fs is kazee's to lose in my opinion if we let Rico go
  2. Haha 😄 as I am watching starwars right now. Hope for better times for senat if it's with us or another team. (Hopefully outside the nfc south)
  3. Did we sign him? I saw Vaughn tweeting we didn't sign him yet but other reporters saying we did. I am confused! Hope he is a falcon!
  4. No thank you rather sign gostkowski
  5. If he doesn't make the list then yeah its a joke that causes crickets in the crowd. Thought the list was already a joke because Ridley and Debo probably won't be on it
  6. Man I knew we had a star in this board! Its captain hindsight from coon & friends
  7. That's what I want to know. Who the **** voted Julio the 7th best receiver??!! Plus they need to switch nuke with thomas
  8. The new rtj4 album is soooooo dope. Fav song is out of sight but ohh lala is a close 2nd
  9. That's what I believe. Now my Ridley white one wont be here until August.
  10. Happy fathers day to all the dads out there! Enjoy a nice relaxing Sunday because in 3 months it wont be as relaxing watching our birds
  11. **** yeah super excited to see a healthy neal in the back end or in the box!
  12. He is definitely putting in the work this off season! Cant wait to see him ball out this season! Let's get it
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