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  1. I wish him nothing but health and prosperity. His friend did the right thing in calling authorities, because if he didn't the story might have been worse. I loved his draft day speech as I still have it recorded and since that day I know we got a stud. I'm happy that he is with family and when he comes back to the team his spot will still be here and warm. Takk if you somehow are reading this we are all here for you man and whatever you need we got your back. We in this brotherhood together!
  2. He was the draft pick where I was scratching my head like did we reach on him or did we draft the wrong player especially with that kid from michigan still on the board. But after last season, he definitely was the head and shoulders for my scalp. I hope he gets on the field more especially in run defense.
  3. I agree with BPA as long as its on the trenches!! I think TD has really only drafted 1 good DT in his career and 1 good OT. Its about time he increases those numbers or his *** is grass. And im not talking about the humboldt grass, Im talking bout that dirt grass filled with seeds and stems.
  4. That's why I am laughing if we have td still
  5. Being a Georgia fan if we draft another bama player I would not be disappointed at all. The state of Alabama has worked out for us receiver wise with Roddy Julio and now Calvin. Jerry jeudy is next lol jk
  6. If matt Ryan wanted kubiak we would have done everything in our power to bring in kubiak. I believe he wanted Koetter all along. I wanted Kubiak but it is what it is. If our team is happy with Koetter as I believe they are, then I am happy with the Koetter hire.
  7. Bring him Home TD! Bout time we bring home a georgia boy!
  8. He is not falling to second round. But if we can say draft ford 1st then trade back into the 1st round to get lawrence thats a win in my books!
  9. Big ten kid. Do you know how he fared against Wisconsin's o line? Just curious since they were tabbed as one of the best in the country
  10. I saw that Mecole Hardman is entering the draft. Do you know his draft range? If he is 5th rounder I say we go for him. He has trackstar speed and dangerous in the return game. Use him as our 4th receiver and good luck trying to stop our offense. I would even use our 4th round comp on him. Kid can absolutely fly. Yes I am a bit of a homer but any of these guys can be better than hardy and hall in the return game but hardy has some great hands though.
  11. This kid went up against SEC defenses and pretty much manhandled them even as the focal point of an offense. This kid is dope and a big fan
  12. Back load Grady's contract so average is 15 mill?
  13. Jets to consider trading Leonard Williams. I think he would be a great pickup say for a 2nd or 3rd rounder?
  14. And justin bieber but ayy can't complain for having bc bud. You win some you lose some.
  15. We got homemade belgian waffles with bananas and strawberries with mimosas for breakfast and left over pizza for lunch