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  1. In Denmark american football ain't big, but when Mike Vick was drafted and I saw some of his plays on the internet my love for football started to grow rapidly. I was extremely disappointed when it was revealed that he had been a stupid ****. And it also affected me in the way that my only Falcons game in the dome (I live in Denmark) was led by Joey Harrington. I bought the Harrington jersey to show my support and was mocked throughout the game by a group of NY Giants fans :-) I hated Vick at the time for his crimes and wasted opportunity. But the man has really tried hard to redeem himself. Let's move on and value the memories of his fun playing which inspired many kids including myself. I think something good has come out of the Vick (and Petrino) low point. We got a new organization, set of standards and quaterback. Now we are fans of one of the most sustainable and exciting franchises!
  2. Sådan! Du er ikke alene. Glæder mig også på Andreas' og alle os falcons fans' vegne, fordi holdet nu vil blive dækket endnu mere i DK
  3. No. But I can hope. And there's alot other pass rushers left on the board, so we might get lucky
  4. Bring on Willis, Maye, Marcus Williams or Daeshon Hall and I'll be very happy
  5. I just did a three round mock and ended up with TJ Watt (LB), Daeshon Hall (DE) and Marcus Maye. Would be very happy with that!
  6. 1. Julio (unbelievable talent) 2. Matt Ryan (have to appreciate Matt Ryans career and current play. We have the league mvp here) 3. Alex Mack (what a differencemaker) 4. Trufant (can eliminate the best receivers) 5. Freeman (violent, elusive style. Most entertaining RB imo) On the verge: J. Matthews
  7. You are stating the obvious. Brady was named SB MVP. Matt Ryan was named season MVP on votes before the final game.... Soooooo, what is your point, Captain Obvious? Matt played a pretty good game, but bad playcalling cost him a ring.
  8. Well said, Coastiemike :-)
  9. Wow... The guy was league mvp and played amazing in the playoffs. Also, the Julio catch that brought us in a winning position came of an amazing effort and throw from matty... If Shanahan had called two more run plays or at least a short pass afterwards, the pass to Julio would have gone down as one of the best gamewinning throws in a superbowl imo
  10. No need to bring down Coach Smith. He did beautifull things for this franchise. He took over a mess from a coward coach and turned things around right away. We fans got hope right away, despite the vick let down and prick Petrino. His bucks defense have played lights out. I give a **** about his postgame speech after his team came up short regarding playoffs. Good luck, Smitty
  11. And there's a lot of stupid people out there ;-) Talking about stupid people, welcome back Kroy.... Jokes aside, I hope Quinn can bring back the Kroy before the injury, where he actually showed some flashes - and then go build on that.
  12. Getting ready for the draft - yummy!

  13. can't start topic