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  1. Maybe it has been the plan for a while now.
  2. Gates is setting up to testify against Manafort. Sadly Gates and Manafort do not lead to Trump they lead to Podesta.
  3. Not a fan of Kirk in the 2nd. He will have issues in the NFL. He looks awkward catching the ball sometimes. While he could get away with that in college he won't in the NFL.
  4. You think CNN is normal. Seriously.
  5. I have backed off nothing. I think I pretty clearly stated what I thought. You really are too easy to figure out though. You think that not admitting your position is some how moral high ground for when someone draws a normal conclusion. Again this tactic exposes nothing about my character and speaks volumes about your's. It is not clever it is disingenuous. Till you have to strength of character to actually state your position I will make the natural conclusion based on all your other politics.
  6. This is a total lie. No point in discussing this issue with you any further till you can do better.
  7. I'm pretty sure you do. That is as close as I will get to and accusation. Given your politics and the leftist echo chamber I take it as a pretty safe bet. Again your denial of it says nothing about me. It does however speak volumes about you.
  8. I seen you say that. That is not a denial of supporting it. That is just a denial of talking about it immediately after shootings.
  9. He spends 12 hours a day imagining he speaks for the whole planet. In this time he makes fun of people using Red Dawn while believing POTUS colluded with 13 Russians to win the Presidency.
  10. I have not looked. You have the same opinions every other leftist have. I'd imagine though you do not admit it that it is still true though. I'm not going to go digging for it. That would be psychotic. It says more about you than me if you deny it.
  11. Go back to talking about making buildings out of guns. You seemed much brighter then.
  12. More leftist group think. Not only does he think he speaks for all humans. He also thinks he speaks for the planet.
  13. Need I say more? Leftist group think runs strong in this one.
  14. Wait. Someone who believes 13 Russians changed the course of an election. They believe this was an orchestrated conducted with a candidate. So we could get a Putin Puppet in the White House. This very same person is trying to insult someone with a joke about Red Dawn?
  15. Somehow I do not get the idea this is the first time you would have ever been wrong, not even close.
  16. Talking about a long established history of the left producing suffering, victims, and mass graves. History is littered with them. I realize due to your very left leaning education you probably are not aware of it. You seemed more intelligent when you were talking about making buildings out of guns. Stick to that.
  17. It is normal business. We have had lots of countries meddling in our elections for a long time. We meddle in everyone's elections. Nothing new about any of that.
  18. Yes it is. I have a long well established history that I call "fruit". That fruit tells me everything I need to know about what really motivates you. It is not concern for the victims. It is about weaponizing the victims to continue the march to produce more.
  19. It is unspoken. It is what the brainwashed left always do. It has never been about compassion. It has always been about wielding power and making enemies enemies pay. You will know them by their fruit. Fruit of the left has always produced suffering, victims, and mass graves.
  20. Am I the only one the irony of this discussion is not lost on? Here we have the people who claim Trump is literally Hitler demanding he take people's right to defend themselves. As I stated earlier the left is reaching levels of stupidity we have previously thought impossible.
  21. You are one that thinks there is some magic bullet that involves government and the 2nd amendment capable of stopping insane people. If you have the answer I am willing to listen. I already know what can be reasonably done. Your problem is that it does not go with your desire to try and exercise power over others.
  22. I think we should ban cars. If these lunatics do not have transportation then they do not need weapons. What need would they need for weapons if they can not get to their targets? Just think of all the money we could save not having to build stuff outta guns.
  23. No that is not an honest answer. Even your answer here is irrational and emotional and indicates why the left is mentally ill. You are incapable of having a remotely rational discussion. Here we have a billionaire that all the "experts" predicted had no chance at winning the presidency. Not only has he won but his economic policies seem to be effective only a few months in. If he is incapable of doing anything. What does that say about those packing your head full of lies?
  24. No answer the question. What do you think the POTUS can do? What can he do to stop insane people with a will to kill? What legislation can he pass what law will finally get us to the point insane people will say "you know that is just one law or regulation too many".
  25. What do you think he can do? Be specific. What do you think the POTUS can personally do to stop insane people with a will to kill.