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  1. It's all bath salts and skanks till I come collecting.
  2. At least you are not an ingrate. You're welcome.
  3. So your official position is "get whitey"?
  4. Another one that likes to pretend he cares about children. If he did he would want to discourage people from smuggling children here illegally. He will ignore everything they go through to get here. Then he will ignore what many have to live through in the communities where many illegal immigrants live once they get here. He does not care about children or the people who remain in the country they are running from. He does not care about the burden and new underclass puts on our poorest citizens either. He gets to feel as though he is doing something good without putting any skin in the game.
  5. What percentage of those kids do you think are actually arriving with their parents? I understand you probably have no idea until it is fact checked by some left leaning group posing as journalist but venture a guess. Then tell me what method do you think we have for determining it. Also tell me where you think many of those kids end up when they are used to come here illegally. What kind of neighborhoods? What kind of individuals and activities do you think grow up around those communities. We take children from criminals because we do not incarcerate children for the crimes of their parents or the people who smuggled them into the country. If you do not like it demand it be changed. It will never be changed till you put up deterrents to keep people from coming here illegally though.
  6. I agree. They seem to think I want to convert them or something. They have no clue how much disdain I have for any grown man that supports stabbing babies in the face with forceps. What good is any man or society or culture if they do not support and protect the most defenseless and innocent among them? I would never want to be aligned with anyone like that. Nothing good or decent will ever come from them.
  7. Do you have some sort of fixation on my ***** or children?
  8. Oh look Mr. Internets is so witty.
  9. You will always be my favorite SJW.
  10. It is your immature need for instant gratification that makes you think you need a silver bullet. Again Trump could declassify it all and be done with it. It would not be the best approach for a lot of reasons. Letting this go on and getting the information out slowly the way they are works best on many levels. Do not be mad at me. I'm not the one who has been lying to you about this all of this time. I'm not the one who has you emotionally invested in a bunch of utter nonsense.
  11. No I'm not. Show me where a 4th in the order is the end of anything?
  12. It is going well. He will be coming up for his next at bat in a while. Mean while Nunes, Grassley, and Goodlatte are still working. We should get the unredacted FISA warrant before the midterms. Dollars for Doughnuts there is much about the spies in it. Something else the media has known since they already have it and have lied about. Losers!
  13. I'm sure Acosta is not.
  14. Every bit of that was true. Never did I say his report was a nail in the coffin. It was just another door to breech. One leads to the next. I have always said that public opinion and timing is important because of the political nature of this whole scandal.
  15. Please! Acosta and the media has done this to themselves. How many of those people do you think the media calls racist, NAZIs, far right. Acosta is a complete baby and so is anyone defending him.
  16. That is not what I said. I said this will go slow. It is complicated and devious. If you push it all out at once many people will just lose interest and shut it out.I always said this would come out gradually. It is highly politicized so you need public support for it. BTW the IG report was a pretty ****ing report. It cost people their jobs and reassignments. He still is not done either, and neither is Mueller.
  17. I'm not sure how everyone is not following this story. It is the most interesting story since the Gospels were wrote. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out. I was beginning to think Mueller was never going to do anything with the Podesta's. However I wondered how he would have any credibility if he did not do anything. It is going to be interesting to see how all of this plays out. Much will be negotiated behind the scenes though. I'm with you on Brennan. I sure hope he is one that bears much of the brunt for this fiasco.
  18. No this is careful what you wish for territory.
  19. I did a long post about a year ago specifically on Skadden the connections to Podesta and Hillary. Another word to be learning about is Skokovo. You will likely be hearing more about it over the next few months. Wait till the rest of the FISA gets declassified. You will find out the the spying on Trump started well before the dates currently known. It was all so a push pull operation. They pushed information in then hoped to extract it with the FISA. It is a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive. It is all going to come out. Also keep and eye on the leaker who was arrested from the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. In his indictment it mentions 84 text messages sent on a specific day. It is the same day they likely got the unredacted FISA warrant. In other words the press has known the truth about the FISA warrant for months and have been lying to everyone. His number of text matched the number of pages in the FISA minus the signature page. He likely sent pictures of each page to his lover at the NYTimes. These schmucks have been neck deep in this the whole time. It is probably the most corrupt group on the hill.
  20. Trump does not control the budget. He has said he needed the money for the military so he signed this one, but he will not do it again. I will give him the chance to see what he can do. Not to mention GDP is on the rise.
  21. Perhaps you should stop reading the propaganda. What we largely learned from RR is while he may be in charge he has no idea what his subordinates are doing. Perhaps you should actually go and watch the testimony. They also admit the bias was real and looks like it had an influence on the investigators. It is all going to come out. The negotiations are underway about who all will take the fall.
  22. Except all those pictures were from Obama. I have no problem separating children from human traffickers which is largely why they are separated. Would you let strangers smuggle your children into a foreign country? Why of course not you are well aware of the dangers associated with that. So why do you support it happening to those other brown people? Are you some kind of racist or is it just to get political power, radical?
  23. Never understanding that none of it is free. Never understanding there are real reasons socialism always fails. Taking people's property under threat of force is neither moral or productive. Free Markets is the most moral system ever conceived and have lead to the progress we have seen in the world. It places emphasis on competition that leads to real innovation to improve goods and services and drive down cost. You can not explain it to radicals though.
  24. We have a program to support seniors. Demand your party stop stealing from it to support their socialism.