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  1. I'm guessing they will not be releasing any behind the scenes cuts of The Electric Company. Perhaps Freeman thought this was foreplay.
  2. I'm not sure why. Under Goodell the National Anthem and the draft have become the best parts of the game.
  3. This I tend to agree with. It is going to be a tough row to hoe with this QB class. Chances of doing it are slim to none.
  4. If you are talking about the tea party I will say they policed their mess after they protested. Their message was not one of hate it was more about government being out of control.
  5. No they have had a message. It has been bitterness and hate. That is not an effective message. Heck it is not even healthy.
  6. When I start actually caring how you feel I will come over and cry with you.
  7. I see people with guns all the time and they are very peaceful.
  8. So Trump canceling a deal he always said he would cancel if he could not get what we need is now tripping over himself. Panda Face is now casual racism. Such a shame I love Pandas they are so cute and adorable looking.
  9. He is right though. We do hope they never have to be used. I think you miss the strategy here though. Norks are nothing but a proxy of China. Any deal that does not stop that is us just paying for China's proxy so they can threaten us with them.
  10. To quote a wise man and a great President "peace is the prize".
  11. I'm saying this is far from done. Nothing has changed but the hostages. Trump is not falling for the Panda face. In fact he is using their own strategy against them.
  12. So your argument is Trump should have gave something up for nothing then? Again Trump holds all the cards. Either way they are in no position to replace the facility. So why give them the money to do it unless we can verify. They will be back.
  13. It still would have been cheaper to repair than to replace. They do not have money for either. We are all aware of this. Again Trump holds all the cards in this and the Norks will be back. They expect Trump to make concessions to save face and for politics like those before him. Trump is not playing their game.
  14. Last I checked Trump got them to destroy a Nuclear facility and brought 3 hostages home. He got this without giving up a thing. Sanctions remain in place because they were never lifted. Life continues and the Norks will be back probably sooner rather than later. We will see though.
  15. No but hold that position. Trump has been saying for days that he will walk away if he needed to. Clearly there were things going on with it. Then little rocket man makes this statement. We know that China floods the US using NAFTA loopholes. He ordered Ross to start and investigation of these NAFTA abuses yesterday. China is the key to North Korea. Trump understands this. If he canceled it I am sure he has his reasons and we can see how it plays out. Before no one else would have just walked away. They would have took a terrible deal just to take it. I'm pretty sure they expected the same.
  16. No just an understanding that economics is national security. We will see how it turns out but the largest economy in the world has some leverage.
  17. I'm not sure why. He always said that he would walk away if he could not get what he was looking for. I suspected this was coming yesterday when he instructed Ross to investigate Canada and Mexico trade abuses through NAFTA.
  18. Likely this is posturing. Norks are getting kind of bold walking back statements. Trump is sending them a message. He knows that China is calling the shots here as he just required Ross to do an investigation on Canada and Mexico on their importation of China products through the loophole in NAFTA. All of this is not unrelated Trump is holding all the cards and he knows it. He does not see these issues as unrelated.
  19. If I had seen this sooner I could have saved you some money. In real deal hi-fi audio the best bang for you buck currently is Speakers you could look for some JBL SM 530s or the Andrew Jones designs with ELAC. I'm really excited about what else Jones will release with Elac. Hopefully he will get into some designs using their tweeter next. Anyway any of these combinations provide great pricing while out performing anything close to their price point. What is the rest of your system?
  20. Congress did that when?
  21. We have declared war on who?
  22. LOL he is now blaming facts coming out on left allies. How dare them!
  23. Told ya this was coming. Mueller is in a trap and can not get out easily. What will he do. Lets see the server Mueller.
  24. Here you go on motive. I hinted at it some and this starts to get there. It is all going to come out.