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  1. I've got 3 nameless sources that tell me your wife lies awake at night wishing she had found a man to marry. Is that true?
  2. Right we all know this. Take a few very poorly run democratic states that encouraged the spread and fought to let their citizens spread it everywhere and it is a much different story.
  3. They lie they cheat and steal. Do you expect more from people who kill babies?
  4. No but members of the gang of 8 were saying nothing to worry about. Come on down and lets party. You never did answer my question is the death rate 5% or not? If not then what is the death rate?
  5. England 41,614 deaths. Population 56,000,000. You think this has something to do with where people coming in from China tend to travel? Again keep your head on you little emotional child. Who was it encouraging large gatherings early and said there was nothing to worry about? Who sent all those patients to nursing homes? Who threatened to sue when people want to close travel from certain states? Did Trump give you the corona virus?
  6. Not to mention without some morons unable to read in a few states sending sick people to nursing homes our numbers would be way lower. Unfortunately we know one of those states had a lot of people leaving and spreading it around the country. By all means keep it up though.
  7. Again entirely different culture. Once again I know nothing about how they handled it I do know they do not travel the way we do so I would not expect it to spread as much. Once again compared to other countries of similar cultures we are not doing bad. It is nice how you want to selectively compare and leave out much information when doing it. There is also this. https://www.npr.org/sections/coronavirus-live-updates/2020/08/17/903157458/south-korea-faces-new-spike-in-covid-19-after-months-of-low-infection-rates Again like I pointed out early on we had areas that encouraged large gro
  8. Well one person plead to falsifying documents so far and the investigation is still going on.
  9. Again the gang of 8 got the same briefing. Trump acted and even that 5% turned out to be not accurate unless you want to maintain the claim and then admit Trump did an awesome job.
  10. So why do you mention Florida here and not one of the top states? You remember where Florida was getting their early cases from? New York do you remember when NY was threatening to sue states who were trying to shut down travel from New York? Florida testing people when they come in and making them quarantine? Korea does not have near the testing that we do they have not tested nearly as many. I am not sure how they count cases I do know the culture there is much different with far less travel than here in the US.
  11. Not at all that was the estimate by the professionals.
  12. Pardon me but Florida is more dense than any of the top states in deaths and well under in total deaths and deaths per 100k. Florida also has a huge population of Seniors. Louisiana is on this list because when Trump was shutting down travel their democratic leadership was telling people to come to Mardi Gras. You can look for yourself and check the populations of those states. I will provide you with some statistics. https://www.statista.com/statistics/1109011/coronavirus-covid19-death-rates-us-by-state/ Trump shutdown travel from Europe and England when he got data that suggested t
  13. By all means dispute anything I said. Anything please nothing I said was untrue. No spinning it all happened but you go on back to your little church and pretend to be decent and honest.
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