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  1. President who? There are polls that show most support Trump's Agenda. Again I do not put much in to them. Ah the popular vote again it is interesting still that Hillary win's popular vote because of sanctuary cities. How long have we not been giving government benefits to illegal immigrants?
  2. You still have no idea what this election was about. The vast majority of Trump supporters do support the wall and want reasonable immigration. I see your poll numbers and it makes me think about the election. Most people support and have supported Trump's agenda. It is the media and big donors trying to give the impression that the agenda that got him elected is unpopular. Correct me if I am wrong but it is the democrats that can not seem to steal a win yet it is the Trump agenda that is unpopular. In fact the media is desperate for one so they can point at it and say it is a repudiation of Trump. Yawn, your tactics are old.
  3. Democrats have no bench at this point **** they have no leadership. Perez was a horrible and annoying choice to head the DNC. At least Ellison was well spoken but would have never got them the rust belt back. His coalition will expand though as gen Z are coming of age and seem more right leaning and politically active thanks to the internet and great recession. 55% of them are white 44% of them attend church. Most do not like the direction they see the country headed in and reject political correctness. They are more independent minded and are more interested in saving. The left is in a lot of trouble politically and really are not helping themselves at this point. Trump had a part of the Republican party against him. It was kind of a unique coalition that got Trump elected and it will expand especially if he can jump start the economy. Considering 40,000 coal jobs have come back that were gone for good he is off to a great start. He will get his agenda through but we knew it was going to be a fight.
  4. Yeah that is pretty normal we do it all the time as well. They are just upset because Le Pen has a good chance at this and if she wins it is likely the end of the EU. Now that is the folks engaged in election meddling.
  5. Well she has a real chance if we can get the Russians involved.
  6. We will see luckily we do not have to wait long to find out.
  7. It is your argument not mine. Do not get mad when you can not equally apply your own faulty logic.
  8. Looks like Obama's advice to Macron really paid off, for Le Pen!
  9. So the Kardashians should have all their children taken from them as well and most rap artist and many rock stars and the majority of celebrities.
  10. I never said censor the media. I said they are the opposition party and have a agenda. Absolutely if people have a vested interest in voting to oppress others then maybe they need to be held out of the system while they are receiving other peoples money. We have another name for this and it is called robbery. Hard to get more authoritarian than people having government take from others to give to themselves.
  11. Yeah as we have talked about I do not think that is a good place to start.
  12. By all means tell me a law that was broke or how that makes him a bad father. We know good women kill their kids all the time, but good fathers would never cut up with their kids. You are the authoritarian if you think that means he is a bad father and should not be able to see his kids. SJW!
  13. His base was enough to get him elected despite the GOP being out to get him for a large part of the campaign. If you read that article though it tries hard to avoid stating the obvious. Current polling is showing Trump would also win the popular vote.
  14. Well prove he is unstable then but his show is not the way to go about it. He seems to have taken pretty good care of his kids though and gave them a pretty good life. What if all that talk in those emails and those pictures of little kids and his relationships with known pedophiles really means that Podesta is a pedophile and Russian agent?
  15. Acting or playing a role does not make someone a liar. Come now do you not think Maddow and Tapper are not putting on a show? Do you not think Oreilly was putting on a show? Does that mean everything they cover is a lie? Does that mean they do not believe everything they talk about? Hands up dont shoot was not a act or a lie, right? Does that mean I would discredit everything any of them ever said? Give me a break try applying that standard to yourself first. I'm the wrong person to be defending Alex Jones though. I'm not married to him but I do listen to him sometimes to see what he covers because he tends to lean somewhat libertarian and supported Paul.