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  1. Round 1 BRYAN, TAVEN DT 6'4" 291 Florida Round 2 STEWART, M.J. CB/FS 5'11" 200 North Carolina Round 3 JEFFERSON, MALIK* OLB 6'3" 236 Texas Round 4 ATEMAN, MARCELL WR 6'4" 220 Oklahoma St. Round 6 TELLER, WYATT G 6'4" 301 Virginia Tech Round 7 QUESSENBERRY, SCOTT C/G 6'4" 315 UCLA Round 7 ARUNA, ADE DE 6'6" 262 Tulane
  2. My internet connection was acting up.
  3. Yeah I am aware. Be patient though more is on the way.
  4. You mean those pieces back in January where the media was trying to protect McCabe that was under 3 investigations? There was plenty of reason to fire McCabe and he was fired. It came at the recommendation of of an Obama appointed IG and another independent group within the FBI. You have not been following any of this close enough. You have no idea how many demotions and reassignments have already taken place. This will be like the hands up don't shoot nonsense. You will be shocked when actual law just passes you by. Better you start educating yourself now about what is coming so you are not so shocked when it arrives. There has been so much more going on that the media has not informed you about. I'm sure it was just unintentional though. I am sure it had nothing to do with manipulating you and others in hoping for an outcome you will never get. It surely will not be the first time they have done this. However I suspect when all comes out about this fiasco investors in those companies will be demanding change.
  5. McCabe also said in his statement. That he did that with the knowledge of the director at that time. Comey testified under oath he neither leaked or authorized a leak. McCabe just provided a road that leads straight to Comey. Still not tired of winning or being right.
  6. Comey is going down as well. In McCabe's statement he says Comey knew and approved of his illegal leaking. LOLOLOLOL! Round 3 coming up.
  7. Here is your problem with your line of thinking. It is based on hope. You may not like Sessions. You know the man that recused himself to avoid the appearance of impropriety. Unlike McCabe who failed to even mention his own conflicts. If you think Sessions did this if there could be any question of what took place then you are not paying attention. They got McCabe dead to rights. If you remember Grassley referred Steele be arrested based on McCabe testimony. Here is a link from WAPO about it. I posted about this at the time saying "this was not about Steele lying it was McCabe that was lying and the one who had motive to lie". This is just the tip of the iceberg as to why they fired McCabe. This confusion is not due to the lack of evidence to fire McCabe. It is due to the abundance of evidence to fire McCabe. McCabe will likely end up with criminal charges when the IG report is publicized. We are still just in the beginning of all this coming out. Is are being crossed and Ts are being dotted.
  8. I think you are wrong about this. Trump interviewed Mueller for the FBI days before he was hired as SC. Trump said a long time ago he wanted someone to investigate all this and see if anything happened. You are too caught up in false narratives paid for by Com Shops like Fusion GPS. Trump was always fine with the Mueller investigation. He knew where this would end up the whole time. Trump could not release the information himself because it would be twisted into a political witch hunt. Especially with how he campaigned. He needed to distance himself from it. He always knew Mueller would never find anything. He also knew what would eventually come out about the spying and the dossier. People still forget Admiral Mike Rogers visit to Trump Tower shortly after the election. I think Trump had ideas before that though. That is why Manafort did not stay around all that long. What this really does is put Mueller in a very precarious position. He has found no Trump Russia collusion. He has went after Manafort but that takes him to the doorstep of the Podesta Group and not Trump. He is probably beginning to realize what they have and what will come out. He headed the FBI for 12 years after all. A position that you can only serve one term at. If Mueller decides he wants to try and protect these people. It is simple really. You start a 2nd investigation and immediately Rosenstein is a witness and suspect and by extension Mueller. No need to fire Mueller. Mueller is in a very narrow box. He has nothing and produced no evidence against Trump. In fact it looks like Flynn will get his life back. If you believe all of these Mueller leaks they keep reporting I'm not sure what to tell you. I've been telling you for sometime this is not going to end how you hope. This is a steady stream of information for some time now pointing the other way. Your media sources have backed themselves into a corner on this coverage. They can only hope to try and massage old stories and keep them alive. Getting Trump in this investigation died months ago. In the military we like to call what you see with Mueller and the MSM "the fog of war". It is the smoke and fire on the battlefield that hides your real movements till you are ready. I think McCabe trying to beat out the clock forced them to come after him a bit earlier than they wanted but this is far from over. This is a slow walk to expose to some shocking truths they would shutoff if you forced it on them at once.
  9. Something to consider is the psychology of what is going on with McCabe. With him out and possibly facing charges. Other members of the Koup Klutz Klan will be seriously reevaluating their positions. Many have already been sidelined and demoted within the FBI and DOJ. Some have already left for greener pastures in hopes of escaping all of this. It is going to be interesting to see if this shakes anything else out from this group of miscreants.
  10. It is almost like he knew the whole time, and knows more that will be coming out. It is a good thing that Rosenstein and Sessions are so independent in all of this. It would be a shame if this was to become politicized.
  11. They have been feeling these walls closing in for some time. This could not be playing out any better than if Trump had known what was going on the whole time. I do not think Trump will fire Mueller and neither will Rosenstein. We may however see those Mueller and Rosenstein ensnared in a new investigation. One that will have to look at what happened to that investigation when McCabe packed his team with these damaged FBI agents. In the mean time the media continues to fall on their swords. No one ever said draining the swamp would be pretty or easy. Round 3 begins now.
  12. This was not a robbery it was not a drug deal. It was not some poor kid looking to get ahead. All of these are bad but I know there are people who feel despair. That is the culture we have created. Some of that I can be sympathetic to but there is still personal responsibility and accountability. This was a lone gunman looking to rack up a body count. He had been planning this for a while. We have the evidence that he was unstable. He walked into that school with the mission of being famous and killing as many unarmed children as possible. These people should be shamed publicly and never have their names mentioned. They are crazy and they are seeking fame. He did this then stopped to have a snack.
  13. You are correct. It is insane to defend someone with such a will to kill they will walk into a school and start gunning down innocent unarmed children. It is as tragic as snuffing their little lives out in the womb. I'm not surprised the left defends such behavior though. No accountability for the killer. None for the police. Nope it is the guns and NRA. It is that commercial that caused this. Not all the movies. Not the devaluing life. Not glamorizing the worst behavior in the country. It is the NRA.
  14. You are 100% correct if they are true. I need to wait and see if CNN calls them a liar first though.