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  1. I'm no germaphobe either. My awakening was a 98 article in the AJC that was talking about we were due for a pandemic. It talked about a lot of immune systems being weak due to liberal use of antibiotics and how it could be strengthening things they fight. It also mentioned how many times a person touches their face. I just got a lot more cautious about it after that. Started doing a better job of washing hands and I also adopted the approach of not touching door handles most specifically door handles because it talked about how many people do not wash hands after using the bathroom.
  2. I think you are fine as long as you practice social distancing. More than anything else you do that is the key. California did not get as bad as NY because it is more spread out and people are outside a lot more. It does not have the public transit system New York does either. Keep your distance wash your hands and be careful with your deliveries. If you do go shopping go at times you know are traditionally not as crowded and wear a mask. Contact with people is still the biggest spread. Hopefully this will end air dryers and installing bathroom doors that open to the inside of the bathroom. Pull handles on the inside of bathroom doors was the worlds worst idea. Your phone and ATM cards are also huge germ traps.
  3. New York had two things working against it. Those are DeBlasio and Cuomo. These 2 inherent problems were exasperated by the fact they encouraged the spread early and dense population of New York. Seriously I do not blame them but they did make a few poor decisions but New York was just a trap for this with the subway and crowd. Them downplaying it early to try and hurt Trump was dumb though. They are not concerned about that though the media will just lie them out of it and act like it never happened.
  4. No that is not what Trump did. He specifically called out a certain group of people. You know people who tried to frame people. It is not our fault that you are embarrassed because you believe bug eyed loons like Schiff who has been lying to you for years. Maybe if you believe liars a little harder it will all be better.
  5. Except that is not what Trump said and you are not honest or do you have any integrity. Most parts of the country we call behavior like this being a child.
  6. Draft Hamilton or Davis in the 3rd and we finally have a Dline that does not get gouged in the run. Then just need a safety and LBer.
  7. I'm way better with Davidson than I am with AJ. Both of these picks so far have been plan B or C.
  8. I'm standing pat with Delpit with us on the clock.
  9. I'm not sure he makes it that far. I would be happy if that did happen though.
  10. If I could move down and get him I would. I just do not mock with trades because it just adds too many variables. I do not mind taking him at 16 because I think it this defense he is worth the pick. Not to mention if you value that player and see him as that good of a fit for your system someone else may also see him the same way. If you were sure you could get him at 25 or 26 but that is not a guarantee either. If we got him at 16 I would feel great about it. If we got him at 25 and got an additional pick in this draft I would be ecstatic!
  11. Tell us how many players do you think get drafted with 45 selections. When you have answered the first question tell us exactly where all 45 will be taken. Hint I already answered the first question.
  12. It is kind of hard to figure out this year. Mainly because workout numbers are hard to come by.
  13. I have heard that talk as well. Truth is none of us really know what every GM is really thinking. We also do not know everything they know about players. I tend to think he is still in the range most people had him that is somewhere between late first and middle 2nd. Same with most of the players every body claims are late risers and fallers.
  14. So what has so changed that WIlson would go in the 2nd. Did they all of the sudden discover every body they had in front of him are garbage? Support your assertion give us the reason you believe this.
  15. Probably Stowbridge but that would be early for him. He could be piece in many defenses but his size means he will most likely only play inside on passing downs. After him I think it is Hamilton. He flashes it at times in college but not consistently. He has the potential to be an every down player and be able to penetrate and disrupt. Hamilton is going to end up being a really good DT. He is quick enough to penetrate and strong enough to collapse. Not to mention he can play his assignments in the run game and get off blocks in a hurry. This is a deep draft at DT Hamilton goes 2nd round in most drafts.
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