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  1. Well odds would be a lot less than that actually.
  2. It will come faster if you hold your breath.
  3. I think they are changing how the force is used. First movie was The Force Awakens followed by The Last Jedi. This movie closes with a kid moving a broom. Yoda torches the last of the Jedi history. No longer do they talk about the Dark Side and Light Side. They talk about the Dark and the Light and the force is what is between them.
  4. Years ago Lucas said Star Wars was a Skywalker story. That has now officially ended. While there were some flaws with the movies and I did not like everything they did with Luke. This movie is about the story evolving past the Skywalker story. I kind of like the idea of them not giving all the Snoke or Rey back story. These are things that could be looked at in future movies. They already have another trilogy planned after this one. This trilogy is just moving us from one era to the next. We want this new trilogy to answer all of our questions. Who is Rey's parents? Who are the Knights of Ren and where did they come from? Who is Snoke and where did he come from? How did the first order arise to power so quickly after episode 6. Sorry Disney may not want to give too much of this out in the 1st new Trilogy but lay ground work for future movies.
  5. If you see something flying around Earth the odds would indicate it is from Earth.
  6. So for the record what we know so far. FBI text messages talk about a plan. Hillary paid for dossier provided by Russians through proxies and cut-outs. High ranking DOJ official Orr's wife worked for Fusion. She visited the WH. Trump was spied on and people in his orbit were unmasked. Crimes have been committed in the form of illegal leaks to damage and smear this administration. We are seeing firings, retirements, and reassignments at the DOJ and FBI. We have a IG getting ready to release the documents and findings from his year long investigation that was requested by Congress. We have already got a glimpse of some of the stuff he has found. This is another bomb getting ready to blow up in every one's face. Yet I am the conspiracy theorist because Russians stole the election. Too funny.
  7. Right like I believe people in Russia conspired with a presidential campaign to steal and election while all the parties involved were being spied on by the Obama administration. Yet there is not one piece of evidence that it ever happened after multiple investigations.
  8. Remember what the question was because it has been proven it did happen. Now one question remains. We all already know what the answer is we are just waiting for conformation. Another question does arise did Obama kick Russian ambassadors out of the country and hurt foreign relations based on a lie? Or did he do it knowing it was a lie. Strange that Orr's wife worked for Fusion and visited the WH.
  9. No Trump did not prove it. It came out in the course of events. Trump is not an investigator it is not his job to prove it. We do know it did happen though and they unmasked the names. More and more just keeps coming out proving that I am more than likely right and this game is all over but the crying.
  10. No Trump has just let it kind of come out in the natural course of events. We also know about the unmasking. Now we have learned the names. Question is was the dossier used as a means to do it. Considering Trump is not demanding them to release the info he already knows the answer. He has more than likely known about it for a while considering he moved his transition to Florida right after Rogers came to visit him in NY.
  11. Of what that the FBI used opposition research to present to a FISA judge to spy on a presidential candidate? Yeah I think that is why he was retiring to begin with. Not to mention probably all that money his wife got from Hillary while he was investigating her.
  12. McCabe waves white flag and announces retirement. Trump responds not good enough. Rosenstein testified that January 12th the IG will be releasing 1,200,000 documents relating to his investigation ahead of his recommendations. You can tell by the number of rats starting to squeal and squirm they are losing control of the narrative. Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.
  13. They probably should I mean smuggling them into another country illegally is child endangerment.
  14. 4% GDP headed toward 5% and beyond. What's Trump gonna do? Wave his magic wand? No he is going to repeal regulations to bust up the stranglehold lobbyist enjoyed. He is going to down size government by busting up their power monopolies. Renegotiate trade deals. Cut taxes, control the borders spend on the military. The Swamp is many things. There are some in the media that are also the swamp. Guess what Trump is beating all of them.
  15. Right we have an administration of doers and achievers instead of paper writers and people related to the heads of media outlets. Under those people we had horrible growth, riots in the streets, cop killings, bogged down in endless wars and 20 trillion worth of debt. Not all lobbyist are bad certainly many are. Especially those that lobby for regulations that kill their competition. Trump is beating the lobbyist as well. What leaps out at me is that your whole ideology is not founded in anything other than hate. It makes me feel the need to point out that you have been radicalized. Do you work for a company? Do you participate in their 401k?