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  1. cage 1.a structure of bars or wires in which birds or other animals are confined. confine in or as in a cage. fence a barrier, railing, or other upright structure, typically of wood or wire, enclosing an area of ground to mark a boundary, control access, or prevent escape.
  2. Fences are not cages. When you violate the law you may have to be held for a time. If you drag your children with you while you violate the law you must know there are consequences. This happens every day in countries that enforce their laws.
  3. It is actually you being very dishonest. We put large groups of people in cages. They were all being held till they could be taken care of. They were not just turned lose into the country not knowing who they were. You can see the pictures in this article. It would seem the liar here is not me.
  4. You also claim to be a Republican. Which I find no evidence for. You also just accused me of lying without naming a lie or providing proof of anything I said being false. Pardon me if I do not find you word compelling.
  5. 52,000,000 dead babies makes not only the case they are in fact baby killers but are also genocidal especially when you consider roughly 50% of black people never escape, and I mean escape the womb.
  6. Perhaps you should ask Obama since those were pictures from 2014. No kiddies in cages they are well taken care of. Shouldn't you be in a chop shop somewhere cutting babies to pieces?
  7. Serious question is. What is the left going to do after the mid-term now that it is sinking in that blue wave may not manifest. Each day it looks more likely that the GOP will hold the house and pick up 5-9 Senate Seats. Can we officially call it the end of the beginning of Trump? Trump has leverage over RR and a couple of our allies in the Russia hoax. He chose not to declassify at this time due to Allies begging him not to. He refused to accept the resignation of RR 5 times because he has leverage over him. He probably told RR to clean up his mess.
  8. Don't worry we are laughing at you also.
  9. It's all bath salts and skanks till I come collecting.
  10. At least you are not an ingrate. You're welcome.
  11. So your official position is "get whitey"?
  12. Another one that likes to pretend he cares about children. If he did he would want to discourage people from smuggling children here illegally. He will ignore everything they go through to get here. Then he will ignore what many have to live through in the communities where many illegal immigrants live once they get here. He does not care about children or the people who remain in the country they are running from. He does not care about the burden and new underclass puts on our poorest citizens either. He gets to feel as though he is doing something good without putting any skin in the game.
  13. What percentage of those kids do you think are actually arriving with their parents? I understand you probably have no idea until it is fact checked by some left leaning group posing as journalist but venture a guess. Then tell me what method do you think we have for determining it. Also tell me where you think many of those kids end up when they are used to come here illegally. What kind of neighborhoods? What kind of individuals and activities do you think grow up around those communities. We take children from criminals because we do not incarcerate children for the crimes of their parents or the people who smuggled them into the country. If you do not like it demand it be changed. It will never be changed till you put up deterrents to keep people from coming here illegally though.
  14. I agree. They seem to think I want to convert them or something. They have no clue how much disdain I have for any grown man that supports stabbing babies in the face with forceps. What good is any man or society or culture if they do not support and protect the most defenseless and innocent among them? I would never want to be aligned with anyone like that. Nothing good or decent will ever come from them.