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  1. Trump does not control the budget. He has said he needed the money for the military so he signed this one, but he will not do it again. I will give him the chance to see what he can do. Not to mention GDP is on the rise.
  2. Perhaps you should stop reading the propaganda. What we largely learned from RR is while he may be in charge he has no idea what his subordinates are doing. Perhaps you should actually go and watch the testimony. They also admit the bias was real and looks like it had an influence on the investigators. It is all going to come out. The negotiations are underway about who all will take the fall.
  3. Except all those pictures were from Obama. I have no problem separating children from human traffickers which is largely why they are separated. Would you let strangers smuggle your children into a foreign country? Why of course not you are well aware of the dangers associated with that. So why do you support it happening to those other brown people? Are you some kind of racist or is it just to get political power, radical?
  4. Never understanding that none of it is free. Never understanding there are real reasons socialism always fails. Taking people's property under threat of force is neither moral or productive. Free Markets is the most moral system ever conceived and have lead to the progress we have seen in the world. It places emphasis on competition that leads to real innovation to improve goods and services and drive down cost. You can not explain it to radicals though.
  5. We have a program to support seniors. Demand your party stop stealing from it to support their socialism.
  6. Well here he is touting socialism and a communist. I guess when your party is self-destructing you have to embrace the extremes or be cast out. Funny that those 2 things are actually responsible for more human suffering than abortion. Yeah he has been radicalized. Everyone is a racist a nazi a xenophobe. Their crime? Disagreeing with far left radicals.
  7. I have no doubt that you would. Largely because you are a far left radical. Socialism has never worked anywhere it has been tried. It ends in starvation and mass graves.
  8. Says the person with a picture of a cat on their profile.
  9. Here is where you little dig about the separating families fails. It is why none of it works. We seperate families everyday usually for just reasons. Abuse, child endangerment, parents going to jail and so on. When a parent up and leaves their origin of birth where there family ties are and drag their children into a foreign country illegally they have put that child at risk. Not Trump not the US government. Their own parents have done it. You like to pretend you have some moral high ground here. When in fact you are nothing but a blathering idiot. Do you know what goes on in the areas people are crossing the border? It is a criminal culture and enterprise. It involves everything from drug smuggling to human trafficking. No decent parent puts their child at that kind of risk. So I would advise you actually say nothing it really appears to be what you know the most about.
  10. Friday is a work day. I have been out making America great again and enforcing the laws.
  11. Ignorant comment. You should have actually listened to the interview people are talking about. Another emotional reactionary.
  12. Whats that, Monica?
  13. They thought Trump would be impeached or quit by now. It is beginning to dawn on them that he is winning. Rage Train inbound.
  14. I asked a serious question based on his comment. That is not gloating. It appeared from his story that he may not of been honest about his situation. I see that through the lens of some guy lying to my daughter or some girl lying to my son. I would be angry with him not demanding everybody feel a certain way.
  15. Is that some kind of threat?