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  1. That is kind of old news. His testimony may be interesting though. Seeing just what he knows and claims.
  2. Yet no meeting took place. Also that was the same man and woman that surfaced again in the US being lead by Fusion. Contacts in a campaign are normal that is how it works. Again keep making crimes where none exist. You are a bit emotional and disturbed you should probably resign before you warp young minds.
  3. Watching your mental gymnastics is quite a show. You nailed the dismount! 9.0!
  4. He was not rogue. His idea got rejected. He is the one that chose not to tell the truth. So do you think tight campaigns use cutouts to pay for foreign disinformation then introduce it to the media and the IC to be taken as a poison pill?
  5. Know your enemy and yourself and you can fight a hundred battles without disaster. Never Trumpers!
  6. I prefer Papadoc.
  7. No I think as more comes out we see people line up to try and influence them. What we see are these attempts keep getting swatted down. Yet the Manafort is indicted for some business with the Podesta Group. We also see 2 chairman resign in a month and the idea being floated that it may not survive.
  8. Trump is responsible for what Papadopoulos says? So they dropped charges to learn that Sessions shut down the whole Putin meeting? Genius! Maybe Papadoc was ultimately just worried about his own connections since the same people at the meeting contacted him in England. You know the meeting that was arranged by Fusion. Who obstructed justice and when? Perhaps you should go watch Sessions testimony more closely. Then ask why in his latest article for WAPO Podesta is squealing like a skint kneed school girl. You remember when Trump said he wanted all this looked into and if anyone in his campaign did anything wrong he wanted them to pay? Do you really think Mueller interviewed with Trump and heading the FBI? We know you want to believe Trump is a ignorant buffoon but do you not think Mueller with all that integrity would not have pointed out he could not accept the job? You believe whatever you want to though and keep creating crimes where there are none.
  9. By all means name the crime, smart guy.
  10. You mean that email chain released by Don Jr where Assange offered his services as Ambassador? Funny how more of this comes out it shows Trump ran a pretty tight campaign. They have yet to find where Trump paid millions for a dossier made up and penned by Russian intelligence.
  11. Nothing but a smear again. Perhaps you should read the whole article. "Sources familiar with the matter" yawn!
  12. Not sure why you think this is some kind of insult. Clearly as I just posted it is going pretty good. Real change is never easy and is always resisted especially by those benefiting off the current arrangements. Perhaps you still believe everything you read by known liars confirmed by the sworn testimony of Comey. You probably think Bannon on the outside was not by design and that Scaramucci did not play his role as hatchet man perfectly. Which is fine you a perfectly free to believe whatever you want. However you should be use to being wrong by this point. I tried to tell you I knew exactly what I voted for and knew it would be tough.
  13. You continue to be wrong. I would recommend you watch the Sessions testimony and pay attention to every question. Notice how the media and the DNC are slowly coming around to throwing the Clinton's under the bus. Podesta group has started talking about closing shop. Saudi is rounding up the corrupt. On the 17th in the Israeli Times they are talking about sharing intel with the Saudi's. Hollywood is self destructing. MSM continues there emotional meltdown. Rumors are starting that CNN head may be going. Trump had a very successful Asian trip. Trump is remaking government. It is only just beginning though.
  14. Shocking new photo discovered in JFK files!