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  1. I would dump TD before I rebooted coaching. I still think we have a talent and roster management problem.
  2. You have got it confused that usually happens while the criminal thugs are smuggling children here illegally. You still did not answer my question.
  3. I know right. First hand testimony be ****ed it is all about your precious little feelings, bless your heart.
  4. I know the person following and posting from this account is not trying to insult anyone. Especially not the person who has been correct so far. I do not need Qanon to spot hypocrisy and corruption or to unwind the pathetic operation they were running in 2016.
  5. Seems a lot of them sure like little Jeff. Especially Bill Clinton. You are the one that comes on here and acts like an elite and likes to post images of young women. Maybe you can tell us.
  6. I would call it accurate and why I would never have voted for Romney.
  7. If that was the case then why did Ukraine say they had no idea it was being withheld. Again the President said he felt no pressure. He said they had a conversation about many things. Trump mentioned meddling in the 16 election and Crowd Strike. Rare case where DNC said U can not have the evidence. Obama's FBI said sure we will take your word for it. Not suspicious at all. It was the Ukraine President that brought up Biden. Again one person has been transparent. Pelosi wants secret proceedings to protect the country. Clearly she is feeling good about this when she has to say that Schiff did not misrepresent the transcript in his fake reading of it. This is a joke we all know it. This is Pelosi trying to use House to meddle in our elections. Nothing new from the corrupt authoritarian left. Difference is now we have a President that does not cower to you psychotics!
  8. I would say you are living in fantasy land. It is corrupt to use Clinton opposition research obtained by foreigners and laundered by Obama as intelligence. Why do you think they done it? They do not want their corruption exposed and they know Trump is an existential threat to their idea of democracy. You know the one where they are the ones in power and you only get to make many if you are one of their fellow travelers. Trump is right they are sick people!
  9. This was my point. Now do we know if he specifically used that billion dollars to crush an official corruption investigation. We do not know. We have Quid Pro Joe on tape bragging about getting him fired. We have the persecutor who says it was specifically because of it. I say that it should be investigated. Trump is well within his duties as President. No one expects Biden to be the nominee. Nor should he be if he is that corrupt. For this corrupt DNC wants to impeach Trump. If this was a winner Pelosi would take the vote. Trump wins yet again and the IG and Barr investigations are yet to come. In all fairness many Republicans do this very thing with their own families. Yes it is just as corrupt! In fact McConnell is a bit too beholden to the Chinese as well as some others in Congress who oppose Trumps trade action on China.
  10. No but the State Department is taking a fresh look into her emails. We already know she got dirt from foreign governments then used the Obama Administration to launder it as legitimate intelligence. It will be coming out officially very soon hence we have the **** show launched by Pelosi and the schemers.
  11. Having a legitimate look at corruption is not political dirt. No one has used it in the election. Your framing it as Trump asking for political dirt is very dishonest. That is something you have to prove Trump is the only one that has been Transparent in any of this. You still push lies. Again if it is such a winner and Pelosi believes she has the good and can maintain your perceived public support then why wouldn't she do the honest thing and take the vote? Proof is in the pudding. What Biden did may also be illegal. We do not know all the details because he got the prosecutor fired who claims he was investigating that company his son magically got a high paying job with. It most certainly looks corrupt but we do not know to what level. Sorry public deserves to know if elected officials are selling out the country for personal gain. This is why we have those treaties about corruption and cooperation with investigations. You do know the President enforces the laws and treaties right?
  12. Oh now the wise man that calls himself big_dog on the internet claims to know the heart and intentions of others. You are a total imbecile do you have a cup to catch the drool? Those documented calls prove me right. There was never any pressure. There was a conversation covering many subjects.
  13. If Pelosi really believed this was a winner she would not be handling this the way she is. Schiff would not be lying the way he has. So I must laugh when you start talking about polls for obvious reasons. If this was close to being true then Pelosi would hold the vote and try this honorably. Take the vote I dare you. Stop being moral cowards and hiding behind lies and dramatizations.
  14. Except for the fact we have the Ukrainian President saying there was no pressure and did was expecting to get all payments. Gee I wonder why the Justice Department failed to open an investigation.
  15. Again if it was not a disaster for them they would take the vote and do it publicly. Instead of trying to hide it behind a wall of lies. No one said that anything Biden did was illegal. However it could end up being when this type of behavior gets pushed into the mainstream and the public gets to vote on it. He never asked for dirt on his political opponent. He asked for countries to honor the treaties and look into Biden. We all know how this game is played. How many foreign governments did Clinton and the Obama Administration to take Trump out? So really no leg to stand on there. Please please take the vote is you are so confident. This is a lose lose for Pelosi! It was not Trumps corruption that allowed our country to be hollowed out and peoples lives to get destroyed. It was Biden and a political class that think they did not have to answer these questions. I will stand by my statement.