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  1. <p> I haven't been online much, so I'm behind on the soap opera here. So basically you are just admitting you are yachtsman now?
  2. Why are the pink girls sweats soaked in the back right before the other girl says " Its a BB gun" but when she gets up and walks away after the shovel they appear dry? Was there a film edit there somewhere?
  3. I hear Dodge is working on a hip hop fueled hybrid .
  4. Linda Blair in the exorcist when she does the spider crawl down the stairs.. **** me.
  5. <p> Can't fit 99,999 into 10,000 bro.
  6. <p> Sorry friend, I am not familiar with that song. Were you referring to Buddy Holly and the Crickets? If so which particular tune? Thanks in advance.
  7. I feel like we got off to a bad start in the other thread. My guess is the conversation turned too quickly to politics and homosexuality. So lets start off again with a clean slate. In your opinion, what is the coolest tune? For me, its hard to beat The Final Countdown by Europe to get my blood pumping and ready to face the day. Looking forward to your reply,friend.
  8. Wait.. Duiesel left in shame, yachtman was banned and the guy who wants to anger bang Obamas underage daughters is still here? And wfw just happens to drop into a thread to say he admires this new posters sig. Seems legit.
  9. Can anyone explain retailers like Costco, who pay their employees an average of 40% more than competitors as well as good benefits, and Trader Joes, the starting pay for full time employees is 40-60,000 dollars. I have never shopped Costco, but I shop trader Joes often. They are swarming with employees while I am there so I know they aren't running bare bones.Their workers are beyond friendly and helpful. And I never got the people who say they are expensive. They are no more than any other store so far as I have seen. I mean, if you by specialty or pre prepared, sure. Same as everywhere. My point is, these retailers treat employees with dignity AND their customers with care and they are not going bankrupt, draining the government of welfare or selling 10 dollar loaves of bread. Whats up with that?
  10. 16. “Outstanding leaders go out of their way to boost the self-esteem of their personnel. If people believe in themselves, it’s amazing what they can accomplish.”
  11. It would be a blast if all the simpleminded among us got their wish and everyone simply "got education" to avoid low paying jobs. Because then everyone would qualify for the higher paying jobs and then employers could simply treat you like a warm body who they can replace on a whim, you know, the way they now treat low wage workers. and you could then take all your diplomas and after you are replaced.... go work at Walmart. Most people don't quit school because they are too cool for it. Many quit because working for even minimum wage is more important in the short run, when your whole family is struggling for food and rent, than sitting in a class for free.
  12. I would go for that if all black people also had to work as slaves. But on topic, the OP is a steaming pile.
  13. well, the guy who said he would anger bang a 12 year old is on his side anyway, so he has that in his corner.
  14. Actually my field is carpentry but I never got the lawn mowing jokes. You guys do realize by planning it right those dudes can make a few hundred dollars a day, right? I know when I broke a foot a couple of years back I payed a guy 100 bucks to mow ours and he was here an hour, hour and a half tops. And I know they make more than that for commercial type work. So laugh away I guess. And the second thing I don't get, it is wonderful honest work. Why is it the board conservatives , and conservatives in general, love to call people lazy, love to preach making your own way, but then demean an honest job that is by no means lazy work? you wonder why you guys can't get a guy in the White House.
  15. Good dose of spring like weather , business is picking up with the building and repairing. Glad to get the money flowing again. Glad I have a mostly outdoor job so I get to be out in it. How do some of you deal with being in an office on nice days? Working in some places even lets you get a little fishing in on your lunch break. Yeehaw
  16. really really follow high school football and college basketball. Hardly even watched the tourney this year its been years since I watched to know who is who.
  17. <p> No need to get rude because he doesn't like fat chicks and you do, bro
  18. <p> I think you hit your head on one of those forward falls. This is a thread about a yacht, man. And why are you so obsessed with Google Bot that you are in a thread talking about him in which he has never been mentioned and you are doing so after he was banned? Project much, Bro?
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