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  1. Wait.. Duiesel left in shame, yachtman was banned and the guy who wants to anger bang Obamas underage daughters is still here? And wfw just happens to drop into a thread to say he admires this new posters sig. Seems legit.
  2. View PostThe Legendary SB, on 01 April 2014 - 03:27 PM, said: Katy Perry can have an anger bang. And Obama's daughters when they are of age.
  3. what the **** is wrong with the right wingers on this board? This guy lying about his exploits and another one saying he wanted to grudge **** Obamas daughters, who are 12 and 15. That's good family values there.
  4. Man did this thread get entertaining for a while. I went to this diesel's profile and under about me he wrote " trust but verify" that makes the accusations against him even more hilarious. But I gotta say, boy brought it on himself when he made that snarky post about "please pray tell what are these proclamations on high?" If he knew he was lying he should have laid low. Some people are too arrogant to know that. Pride goes before the fall they say.
  5. <p> Remember how cold that beer was the second time at the summit? Whoo!
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