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    Chunkey9 reacted to shock in Do you think the Patriots get special treatment from the referees?   
    In our Super Bowl the Patriots ran just over 100 offensive plays and were called for offensive holding 0 times.
    I rest my case. 
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    Chunkey9 reacted to g-dawg in Get it Done Already.   
    The Grady/Front Office negotiating contest has been going on for over a year.   I doubt they really make any headway until a week from the deadline.
    That is how these type negotiations work.  If a deal is struck, it will be for more than most TATF will like.   Now peeps are beitching about “not getting Grady done” and after we sign him it will get beitching about how much we paid him.
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    Chunkey9 reacted to MAD597 in Devonta Freeman takes verbal hits from Warrick Dunn to avoid real ones   
    Maybe Dunn can talk to Freeman about not being a selfish punk *** ***** about contracts during our SB bye week and also not whiffing blocks on your QB?  
    For his size Dunn was a good blocker something Freeman need to learn about.
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    Chunkey9 reacted to Falcons Fan MVP in What Should We Do With Our Cap Space?   
    I believe King Arthur has already stated Grady is a Falcon 4 life. 
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    Chunkey9 reacted to HASHBROWN3 in Roddy White Arrested   
    With this horrendous traffic in Atlanta nobody should get in trouble for HOV violations.  
    I don’t care what they have to do to get a couple outer loops built around 285, it should be a state emergency for crying out loud.  
    Its unfathomable to me, visiting from Houston, that this many people are still using the original loop around the city!!
    Wtf is going on around here?  Yeah, I get private property rights, but this city is in dire straits.  You can bet it’s preventing people & companies from relocating here. 
    Houston now has an inner loop 610, then another loop, Beltway 8 & now an outer freeway loop called The Grand Parkway-99!!
    Surely something can be done in Atlanta because it’s a fkg joke & it’s unsustainable!
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    Chunkey9 reacted to falken in 3rd Year In A Row   
    The Buccaneers have to travel 18,000 miles between Weeks 4 and 9. That includes trips to Los Angeles, Seattle and London. No home games during that stretch in their own stadium.
    itinerary, with estimated round-trip mileages:
    Week 4 vs. Rams in Los Angeles: 3,750 nautical miles Week 5 vs. Saints in New Orleans: 964 miles Week 6 vs. Panthers in London: 8,796 miles Week 7: BYE Week 8 vs. Titans in Nashville, Tenn.: 1,240 miles Week 9 vs. Seahawks in Seattle: 5,040 miles The Dolphins start the season playing four consecutive 2018 playoff teams. They also play two teams coming off of a bye.
    The Patriots play three teams coming off of a bye.
    Falcons open their season on the road. lol
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    Chunkey9 reacted to ya_boi_j in Mayfield Projected Extension..LOL   
    Nah. Grady still ain’t worth Donald money. I don’t give a **** how much you dislike that opinion lol
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    Chunkey9 reacted to Falconsfan567 in NFL Schedule "leaks"   
    I don't think Nick Foles really torched the Falcons unless you consider 23/30, 246 YDS, 0 TD, 0 INT, as being torched.
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    Chunkey9 got a reaction from Tandy Gossett in Official 2015 Nfl Draft Thread   
    Watch the Browns screw up their pick
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